By Danny Fredricks

Let’s start with the good news first…

Everyone has a spirit guide. We all have ancestral protectors in spirit, or energy bodies who are “tasked” with ensuring that we stay happy, healthy and in perpetual pursuit of our PASSION and purpose on this planet.

Does that mean that nothing bad will EVER happen to you if you have a spirit guide?

Of course not. As a matter of fact, this probably is the most frustrating myth and misconception about guardian angels and the idea of our KARMIC connection to those who are here to protect us.

We ALL have a “dharma”. There is a truth, and a path, and a destiny that every single soul is here to discover in the finite amount of years we’ve got.

The paradox of PURE spirit truth is this.

Everyone dies… , and yet, NO ONE really dies.

Your spirit guides can’t help you live forever, but they CAN help make sure you get the most out of the time you’ve got, to achieve and accomplish that which you are here to do.

(and if you’re time is more limited that you think, one of the MAJOR functions of a spirit guide is actually to help you transition over from this life to the next, and allow you to recognize the spiritual secret that you are NOT a body. You have a body. And when that body is no more… you still will, and do!)

The 3 spiritual signs that you’ve got a spirit guide?

1 – Most important – You are ALIVE. Aware, and “awake”. Every living being is infused with the energy of the eternal, and the fact that you are reading articles like this one demonstrates that you are “awake” to this idea, at least in part, and are open to learning more.

2 – You have had experience of “other” or of being watched or witnessed. This is a very common spiritually transformative experience, the idea that you feel suddenly and acutely aware of being bathed in a beautiful light, for example. Or cradled in the arms of some unseen energy. Or even have heard a voice call out to you warning you of a coming crisis or calamity. (adventure seekers and extreme athletes like mountain climbers, deep water divers have a name for this “guide” – the 3rd man as captured by this famous phrase – Who is the third who walks always beside you? When I count, there are only you and I together. T.S. Eliot)

3 – Lastly, a spirit guide will often show him or herself in the form of what are called ADC’s – or after death communications. These are very common… and happen to MANY people who will often not report them due to fear of looking crazy. Ghosts, apparitions and visitation experiences are amongst the best evidence for guides, angels, and etheric protectors, and I have atheist, skeptical and spiritually argumentative friends who have quietly confided in me that they’ve had an experience like this as well. (even though they’re rarely admit it in public or out loud!)

The BEST way to discover who your guides are?

Ask. Open up. Inquire of your own intuition. Let spirit speak. He (or she) always will when you are open to the experience, and ask for a sign. A good medium or spiritual intuitive can help open you UP to the experience as well, and once you do… your world view is often radically changed forever!