By Augusta Ryder

In our solar system there are nine known major planets, and thousands of minor ones which we call asteroids. Planets orbit the Sun, and the orbit of a planet is called its cycle. The planets are at different distances from the Sun and so it follows that, from the Earth’s perspective, they vary in the amount of time they take to complete their orbits. In order of distance from the Sun these major planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Some planets are known to have satellites-such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune-in the same way that the Moon is a satellite of the Earth (although for practical purposes in astrology the Moon is usually referred to as a planet). The Sun is actually a star, moving in an undetermined orbit around some remote galactic center. The Sun and the Moon are sometimes also called luminaries because they give light.

Planet Million Miles from Sun Orbit Number of Satellites
Mercury 35 88 days 0
Venus 67 225 days 0
Earth 93 365 days 1
Moon 93 27 days –
Mars 141.5 687 days 2
Jupiter 483 12 years 11
Saturn 886 29 years 9
Uranus 1782 84 years 5
Neptune 2793 165 years 2
Pluto 3675 248 years 0

The planets all revolve on their own axis, and appear to move at varying speeds-some faster, like the Moon, and others much slower, such as Pluto. The Moon, Mercury and Venus, residing between the Earth and the Sun are called the inner planets; while the others are referred to as the outer ones. These terms-inner and outer planets-are frequently used by astrologers, because these two categories of planets have different effects upon our lives. The inner planets, moving quickly through our charts, mostly influence our moods, thoughts and feelings, while transits of the outer planets through our birth charts have a much more profound effect upon our lives.

The Planets and You
The planets are great teachers to those interested in knowing how these energies influence their lives. It is possible to profoundly increase your knowledge of yourself by knowing the significance of the planets’ positions in the heavens at the time of your birth, your birth chart. It is possible to significantly increase your control over your life, and use the planets energies for personal growth, by knowing how the daily movements of planets aspect your birth chart – their transits and progressions. Also, great insight can be gained into how you relate to others, and to improving close relationships through the comparison of two persons’ birth charts.

The knowledge of planetary activities and energies and how they affect your life is a most valuable tool for living-a gift to mankind-which can be used on many levels.


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