The word psychic implies the ability to be capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy. The word medium implies the ability to communicate and sense the spirit realm. To be spiritual would add an element of awareness that is of the divine. Oftentimes, the general public doesn’t understand where a psychic or medium is coming from. For example: how are they getting their information? Is it from their guides? Who are their guides? Is it from the astral plane? What level of the astral plane are they listening to? All things exist on the astral plane from low level entities to angels and everything in between.

It would benefit the person who is looking for answers to ask questions of this nature so they know what that person is channeling and or seeing. Most sensitive people are with one or two abilities. A person that is clairvoyant has the ability to receive information through the third eye center or sixth chakra. The fifth chakra is the center where hearing the spirit realm is possible. Many readers are kinesthetic and feel everything. This feeling ability comes from the second chakra region and is most prevalent in all readers. It is very rare that a psychic medium or spiritual medium has all sensory systems on.

In my own case I am one of the very few that sees the spirit realm, hears the spirit realm, smells the spirit realm and feels everything. With this said it is with great responsibility that a reader must handle these gifts. I feel it is important to deliver information with the four essential bodies in mind. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are constantly trying to align themselves through a variety of experiences. We must first approach a question that has present and futuristic ramifications from a place that everyone has free will and we can take a variety of roads to get to the end result. The question is what road do you want to take? The hard road often the choice when karma is involved or the high road which leads us to trusting God and the Universe have a much better plan for us than we could ever dream up ourselves. This is very important for anyone who is trying to understand the difference in a realm that many do not understand and a wide variety of terminology that has many interpretations.

When I am asked where my information comes from I consult my guides who are from the realm of the guardians of the universe and God. Often spirits will want to talk with their loved one and have opinions on various topics but ultimately because they have incarnated in physical form they have karma and attachments to this plane, so ultimately I ask my guides and God. I feel there are many forces out there that want a voice and carry energy for their own creation here on earth and they are not necessarily the energy you want to get you answers and or healing from. Ask questions about where the information comes from and who they are communicating with. Be aware that many people call themselves spiritual mediums, psychics, clairvoyants but as in all industries you have highly skilled technicians and amateurs.

How do you verify what that person is telling you? You trust your own feelings!