By Nicole J Coggan

I get asked so many questions about what astrology is and what it all means that I thought I’d try to answer them with a simple explanation. Your horoscope is a forecast of the influences planets place around you at any given time based on your birth details. Think of it like a weather forecast. Astrology can tell you what the chance of a shower is for the day or if it is going to be bright and sunny, windy etc so you can plan your day/month/life accordingly.

Astrology is about influences. We all have free will. Here is an example: Imagine you make home made cakes and jams to sell at the local markets and the weather forecast for that day is wet and rainy. Now you may choose to still attend the markets, but you probably won’t do as well because less people will come and won’t stay for as long.

Astrology works the same way. Your current forecast may not be that great, but you can still choose what you want to do, you just may not get the results you expected.

Sometimes people ask me why they haven’t got a job yet when their star sign says it’s a great time for their career. You have to signal your intention. Just because the astrology influences are great for job searching at the time doesn’t mean a job will fall in your lap without you putting in the effort.

Back to the weather/market example. Let’s say the weather forecast for market day was bright and sunny, but you decided to stay home instead. Even though people turned up at the markets, stayed a long time browsing and would have brought your cakes and jams, it didn’t happen because you decided not to show up.

In an Astrology context this would mean that the forecast showed that now was a great time to get a new job. Instead of sending out resume’s or applying for positions, you instead sat at home and waited for a new job to fall in your lap. You never got a job. If you had made the best of the astrological influences, success would have been all yours. You have free will and to get the most out of astrology you need to let the universe know that you want what it offers by making an effort.

To get the most out of Astrology you need to “show up”. So if your forecast states that it’s a good time for a career change, send out those resumes and start networking towards the places you want to work at. Signal your intention to the universe and you will be surprised at the rewards it offers.

Nicole Coggan is creator of and has been practicing Astrology for the past 15 years. She writes forecasts for the High Country News amongst other publications and specializes in Natal and Relationship Astrology. We write a whole page for all our monthly forecasts, not just a paragraph so be sure to head over and read your latest horoscope.