By Danny Fredricks

Am I psychic? Do I have special intuitive gifts? Do those strange coincidences that keep adding up in my life MEANS something, or are they all just dumb luck? And what about those strange sensations I get that almost ALWAYS turn out to be true?

Should I keep pushing them down and ignoring them… or is it finally time to recognize I’ve got something special inside? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some of the most common psychic abilities, and look at a list of experiences that literally happen to MILLIONS of people, each and every day. (and possibly, if you are reading this… including YOU!)

Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Without question, the most common psychic experience is precognition, or a sense of a future event that has yet to happen, but invariably comes to pass as you pictured it.

There are MANY different types of precognition, and many different levels and layers of the depth and detail of the experience as well.

For example –

Thinking about someone in the morning that you haven’t heard from for YEARS… and later that day, you get an email, or Facebook request, or phone call from that person. (or you bump into them in the store)

That happens to EVERYBODY, right? We’ve all had those experiences, and tend to dismiss them as luck, or the law of probability, or just the goofiness of life itself.

But what about when you take that same experience and add a layer of meaning to it?

For example, you think about that person in the morning with a feeling of dread or danger, and even though you haven’t thought about them in a long time or spoken to them in forever… you find yourself shaken up with a sense of foreboding about that particular person.

And THEN you find out later in the day, via email or Facebook or a phone call… that this person has been in an accident… or worse?

This happens ALL the time by the way… and this exact experience happened to ME, and was what started me on my now spiritual path that has led me to embrace psychic and paranormal experiences fully as well.

What about some other very common psychic experiences?

What about the ability to see, sense or feel energy or auras around people? I’ve studied with some of the very best aura readers in the world… and the sort of stuff I’ve learned to do, I would have once thought impossible!

Did you know that about 1 in 10 people will have an out of body experience in their lifetime?

Or, the powerful sense of deja vu, or feeling that you’ve been somewhere before, or that you’ve known someone in the past… even though you are 100% sure you’ve never crossed paths in this life, before?

Or, seeing or sensing the spirit or energy or emotion of someone you’ve loved and lost? About 50% of people claim to have had a very distinct, very powerful, and often VISUAL experience of a loved one who has died.

Or what about the idea of synchronicity, or that your life seems to have a script, or some sort of karmic plan that is unfolding… and we often feel like actors in the play that IS our lives. The famous late writer and intellectual Joseph Campbell (who famously coined the phrase “follow your bliss”) wrote at the end of his life that when he looked back on it, it was as if there was a guiding force or Universal power that sort of scripted his entire life, and that he was simply acting the part and playing his role.

Many of us feel that way pretty often… and you don’t need to be religious to believe that’s true… you just need to tap into an energy that is BIGGER than you or I, and trust that it’s there and that there is magic, and meaning in the world that is ONLY invisible if you ignore it.

(and when you STOP ignoring it… life starts to get exciting, exhilarating and amazingly inspiring as well!)