By Molly Hall |

Man painting mural on ceiling, low angle view (digital composite)

Man painting mural on ceiling, low angle view (digital composite). Greg Pease for Getty Images.

Fixed signs are gifted at sustained creativity, because they have staying power.  This is the enrichment phase of the triplicity of cardinal, fixed and mutable.

So it makes sense they are creative, and enjoy the fruits of their creative labors.

Okay, in truth every sign is creative in its own way.  So the question is a bit provoking, but why is that often said about fixed signs?

The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

The cardinal signs kick things off, as the initiating signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

Then comes the modality of the fixed signs, to flesh things out and develop to fruition.  I like the word behavior for modalities — how does the sign behave?

After the concentrated focus of fixed signs, comes the dispersing effect of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

Fixed signs are to do with cultivating, deepening and seeing it through to its natural culmination.  It’s the behavior of concentrating energies for a purpose.

Make the most of these energies in your chart, and when they’re “in season,” to enrich your creativity.

And the element of the fixed sign (fire, earth, air or water) shows the medium in play, with this maturation process.

Fixed Earth – Taurus

Taurus has the instinct to create tangible forms, and to develop a craft patiently over time.  Taurus’ creativity is often expressed through their livelihood.

I know a Taurus salon owner whose work of art is her work space, which is constantly being re-imagined with new swirly designs, or a whole different color scheme.

She likes to use natural elements — like a wall made of sticks — as well as art works of people she knows.

Taurus is especially inspired to be a master of form, and is Venus-ruled, which is why it’s a sign associated with the performing arts of dance and music.  A special challenge for the set-in-their ways Bull is to take risks, and to keep the creative passion alive.

Fixed Fire – Leo

Leo reigns in the area of creativity that springs from natural enthusiasms and the very personal story that’s unfolding.

A secret to Leo’s genius is the instinct to play and be playful.  All children have that naturally, and Leo is the sign that keeps that youthful spirit alive.  And in that role of the actor on the stage of life, spontaneous gifts burst forth.

Leo’s creative style is an organic outflow of who they are, which they offer up as a treasure to the world.  The Lion’s creative juices get flowing with a smiling, appreciative audience.  And the proud Leo is disheartened in situations where they feel treated like nobody special, or worse, an automaton.

Leo shines when it finds it medium, for all that radiant, outgoing energy.  A key is staying close to the personal, and keeping to your own highest standards.

Fixed Water – Scorpio

Scorpio’s creative palette is full of both light and dark hues, and they parlay in themes of mystery and what lies in the shadows.

They deepen their creations with psychic and emotional layering.  And Scorpio’s are apt to be at home in the process, and find it cathartic.

Scorpio uses its gifts of penetration to sense a possibility, and sets out to investigate, not knowing what will be found.  Scorpio is a seer in that way, moving into unknown terrain, and in the process, releasing enormous amounts of energy — for healing or to move an audience.

This sign is emotionally courageous, and this is where we see them go beyond, with great risks, during which they undergo their own metamorphosis.  Scorpios might say each creative project is like an initiation, where they emerge wholly new.

Fixed Air – Aquarius

Aquarius is a stabilizer of the amazing, and so has a built in paradox.  There’s a wild streak here that busts up what’s been, after the staid and settling energies of Capricorn.

Aquarius’ fixedness is in the plane of airy ideas, or thought matrices.  The jolts that scramble reality are what Aquarius is famous for, and why they get to wear the crazy genius mantle.

So the creativity comes from being so original that it’s stunning in some way.  Aquarius is a sign that’s embodying the wake-up call, and often themes are woven in that are to do with the human story.

Aquarians create a buzz, and their art is tweaking reality, so the rest of us see with new eyes.