By: Danny Fredricks

What is the real secret to being spiritually happy and fulfilled? Why are people who have some sort of spiritual foundation or religious belief happier, healthier and even reportedly live longer than those who don’t share the same alignment with something bigger than themselves? Are psychics and mediums religious, or is being spiritual something different altogether? Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe is the true, authentic secret to being happy, and for living a life of PASSION, power and purpose as well. curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below. First, before we dive into the more spiritual elements of this article, I want to share with you what the actual SCIENCE of happiness is telling us in 2013. There have been many studies now done of what makes for happy lives… and the surprising truth is, it’s a combination of wellness practices that feed the body, and the spirit that lead to a soul that smiles on the inside and out.

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Did you know that the science of happiness can be broken down into a few simple traits? It’s true… and there have been many, many University studies that have demonstrated the 6 qualities below lead to happier, healthier and more hopeful people.

  1. A daily exercise of gratitude
  2. A daily practice of mediation
  3. A healthy diet
  4. At least 20 minutes of exercise every day
  5. A sense of spiritual connection to something bigger than ourselves
  6. Last but NOT least, a belief in some sort of life purpose that puts a sense of importance and power in what you are here to accomplish.

Simply stated, happiness can be cultivated through maintaining a healthy body (diet and exercise) and even more importantly, cultivating a healthy spirit. Now, understand this to be true as well. I’m NOT a religious person. But I do believe in the idea that we are all connected, and that there is a reason we’re experiencing this life together, and that ultimately… we all return to a place of light and love. From my own experiences as a spiritual writer, researcher and professional publisher, I’ve learned incredible life lessons that have transformed my sense of self, and my attitude… from negative and judgmental, to blissful, patient and welcoming to all.

For example – Researching near death experiences for 5 years, and speaking with many people who have had them, has convinced me that we are ALL connected, that we come from a place of light and love… and return to that same place when our purpose on this planet has been fulfilled.

Researching psychic mediums for a decade has taught me that there is something timeless and eternal about each of us, and that every person is imbued with a soul and spirit that transcends death, and continues, after the body no longer does.

This simple realization alone has taught me that there is NOTHING to be sad about.

That happiness and joy is our NATURAL state. That all pain is temporary, and all emotions… even the difficult ones, disappear in the face of a spirit that is bigger than our bodies, is here to learn, love and grow… and will one day know that every problem we faced, was put in front of us as an opportunity to evolve. That is the secret to truer happiness! And it doesn’t come from believing dogma or reading textbooks.

It comes from opening your mind and spirit to the power and potential of what and who you truly are… and being grateful for every experience. Take care of your body – take care of your spirit and embrace the adventure.