By Tricia M Clark

Among all of the wonderful things Astrology can come in use for, it helps us understand our creative side.

What You Need
Your Venus sign. Do a quick search for natal chart generators on the web to acquire this if you don’t have it. I highly recommend getting a professional chart reading if you haven’t done so. Though each planet alone tells us a lot about ourselves, the natal chart on a whole tells us so much more.

The Signs

Restless. This person is impulsive- creativity should always be accessible. The light quickly comes on and burns out just as quickly. Lack of fixed signs in the chart will suggest “head-first” sort of nature. If creativity and career are linked- maybe should consider assistant for planning.

This creative nature needs ambiance for mood. When creating, perhaps aromatherapy should be used and lighting should be adjusted. Channeling depends on senses for them. Brisk walks and fresh air should be taken daily.

This position begs for freedom and space to grow. This person should be given a safe place, one where they can talk about ideas without filter and turn over even what they themselves find absurd.

Best creativity is done in the home. Most have control to manipulate surroundings encouragement from others always seems to push them in the right direction but they may need to gain confidence in their abilities to improve. Lists and reminders will be great boosters.

This person’s greatness comes from having the appropriate audience. Those that say all the right things to bump this person’s creativity. Fantastic support system. Exploring depth in color.

Having an eye for detailed work, these people benefit by taking things apart. Creations of intricacy are made up of many things that another person would find far too tedious to create.

This placement is forever trying to create something of a feeling, something ethereal/spiritual. These people soar to the highest plateau for beauty and would like to re-create a thing that is utterly astounding and breath taking. Learning the basics or relearning them before jumping right in may be of benefit.

These people need to shut out all other distractions when creating. The journey to masterpiece is picking apart the formula to create the preferred effect.

Travel and freshness of place bring the creative spark when this person is having a creative block. They may plan things out from start to finish- this should perhaps be let rest- just create and forget about the finish line.

This person must have a hobby that puts aside thoughts of material gain and reason. Whatever clears the mind to produce and channel self. May involve the outdoors.

Providing for others in indirect forms. This person needs to be creative with the environment for workplace- this will help creative juices to flow. Forms of inspiration hung on the walls and lying about.

Jewel tones inspire the artist, profound instrumentals devour the musician. This person’s creativity is reached through the unspeakable forces of sound wave, emotion, and flashes of sight.

Tricia Clark is always finding new and exciting ways to integrate Astrology into her daily life.