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Chinese Astrology is an ancient Oriental art of character reading and fate prediction upon which the Orient has depended for many, many centuries. Although the Chinese horoscope is different from Western astrology, like all systems of presage, it applies the date of the subject’s birth to a set of predetermined characteristics that help to predict what the basic nature of that person will be. Unlike Western astrology, the Chinese horoscope does not consider the influence of stars and planets upon the human personality. The Chinese horoscope eliminates complication. You don’t have to consult with an old sage in Peking in order to read about yourself. The animal symbol will tell you enough to keep you going through thick and thin for many years.

Every Asian person about to make a great decision about marriage, family, profession, burial, or relocation will first check to see if his sign and those of the people involved indicate that any benefit will result from his prospective move. In Japan and china parents still arrange many marriages. If the family considers that a Rooster son is not well matched to a Rat woman, oftentimes the wedding is called off.

Every sixty years, there occurs a Horse year that is called the Year of the Fire Horse. The birth of a Fire Horse child, though fortunate for the child himself, is thought to be disruptive to a home an family. Since 1966 was a Fire Horse year and many Japanese women did not wish their families to come under malevolent influences, the abortion rate in Japan soared to a dizzying rate in 1965

Certain years are not particularly productive for agriculture. Oxen subjects, who are gifted for farming, do not thrive in these years. Oxen are advised to store up provisions during the period proceeding Goat and Monkey years so as not to suffer from want during these leaner times. You will find similar predictions for your own sign at the end of each chapter.

It is not unusual to see entire blocks of derelict buildings in cities like Hong Kong, awaiting demolition because sages have said the time is not right. The temporary burial of family members is not uncommon in Japan. Ancestors, according to the Oriental horoscope, must be laid to rest under auspicious conditions. Permanent grave sites are decided upon only after due consultation with augurs.

2019: Year of the Earth Pig

… The Pig is patronizing 2019 in accordance with the eastern esoteric tradition. The Pig Year will arrive on February 5, 2019 and will last until January 25, 2020. The element of this period is Earth, and the color is yellow. The annual cycle of the eastern Zodiacal horoscope does not correspond to the traditional European cycle, therefore the beginning of the year does not occur on January 1. Nevertheless, the key trends of this period are also applicable to the first month of 2019.

During the year of the Pig 2019, action dominates over the word. In case of doubt, you should not surrender in fear of messing the things up, but instead continue moving forward hoping not only for luck but also for your own competence and the ability to act fast. In addition, the sign of the Pig represents the energy of the fourth triangle of the Chinese Zodiac. This means that creative beginnings will dominate, and teamwork will be favored.

Just note that 2019 does not gravitate toward spiritual development as this period is more about material rewards, though not totally money-focused. Such qualities as strength, swiftness, optimism and innovation are valued during this time. There will be no wrong methods, but there will be paths that allow you success in a way that won’t be attainable during any other year of this 12-year cycle. Of course, this does not mean that you can act thoughtlessly, relying only on circumstance. Such steps are only valid for critical situations, when there is no other choice. In the overwhelming majority of situations, a scrupulous and precise approach is welcomed. However, this line of behavior does not at all deny the passion and some fanaticism in doing things.

nd will not be able to realize their ideas and dreams. For signs of Water (Rat and Pig), 2019 will bring an unprecedented influx of vitality and will help representatives catch up with their lives. The Signs of the Earth (Bull, Dragon, Sheep and Dog) will have many unique chances to change the world around them in the most cardinal ways. Representatives of the Wooden signs (Tiger and Rabbit) are lucky both in love and in work. Those born under the protection of Metal (Monkey and Rooster) will be able to realize themselves and make good things happen for the people around them. The Fire signs (Snake and Horse) will make some kind of good deed that will not be forgotten neither by themselves nor by others.

2019 will be a fateful period for most of the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. It is necessary to focus on what is really important in 2019 because petty concerns will be resolved by themselves with the flow of time. This is not the period when it makes sense to put things off for a long time. If you need something, you should do it right here and now. If there is a choice, any path will lead to victory. However, the most profitable way is the most original one that may not be the easiest to access. This means that the benefits and victories will not come at no cost, and you will have to fight for those. Although, this will clearly not be a struggle that requires your maximum effort. The Pig will not allow the real problems to occur, except for in situations where the blame is on laziness or short-sightedness.

In love, as well as at work, Yellow Earth Pig recommends keeping a positive mood and keep on moving towards the intended goal. This is a good year for the creation of family unions and the renewal of relations with relatives. In general, 2019 will gravitate towards unity as opposed to individuality. In addition, this is perhaps the main trend that every sign of the Chinese Zodiac should take as a base for planning events of any kind during the year of Pig.

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