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Dog people are intelligent, caring and loyal. They are usually honorable, faithful people but can be both a worrier and a nag.

DOGS ARE: Magnanimous, Courageous, Noble, Loyal, Devoted, Attentive, Selfless, Faithful, Modest, Altruistic, Prosperous, Philosophical, Respectable, Discreet, Dutiful, Lucid, Intelligent

BUT THEY CAN ALSO BE: Disquiet, Guarded, Introverted, Defensive, Critical, Pessimistic, Forbidding, Cynical, Stubborn, Moralizing


The Dogs are the watchful worriers of the Chinese zodiac, and the champions of the underdog. The Dog is famous for complete loyalty toward their friends and loved ones, but intense ferocity towards the enemies of their loved ones. Anxiety, loyalty and protectiveness characterize the magnanimous Dog personality. Devotion, generosity, and perseverance are the cornerstones of the wary Dogs temperament. This 11th sign of the Eastern zodiac is earnest, sincere and faithful to those whom they love, but being plagued by wariness, can have a sharp tongue, and a tendency to jump to conclusions. Cautious and serious regarding love, the Dog needs a trustworthy partner who has strong family sympathies, and appreciates their tenderhearted virtues. Low on ego, high on soapboxes, the Dogs’ fair-minded humanitarianism is legendary. Best time of day for Dogs is between 7:00pm – 9:00pm.

The female dog is by nature a very giving person and a great listener although quiet about her own problems. Happy and generous to a fault, the female dog makes for a wonderful nurse, counselor, doctor or teacher. Devoted mothers who will go to any lengths to protect their young.

The male dog often thinks he knows best even when he doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on. A hard worker, good provider and wise with his money. Happiest in quiet, peaceful surroundings, the male dog doesn’t need the adrenalin rush to have a good time. Usually he makes a fine family man.

Best matches: Dog, Tiger, Horse, Monkey

Beware of: Goat, Rooster, Dragon


Metal:  Loyal, work with their intuition, calm will lead to success, know how to control outgoings.

Wood:  Independent, creative, protective, if confidence is increased will lead to success.

Water:  Active, charming, sociable, systematic, accept advice from friends and will have numbers of close friends.

Fire:  Intractable, kind-hearted, patient, controlling temper will lead to success.

Earth:  Materialistic ambitious, hard-worker, uses the relationship with friends to gain success, not many close friends.


Earthly Branch of Birth Year: xu

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): tu (earth)

Yin Yang: yang

Auspicious Directions: east, southeast, south

Lucky Colors: green, red, purple; Avoid: blue, white, golden

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9; Avoid: 1, 6, 7

Lucky Flowers: rose, oncidium, cymbidium orchids


People born in the Year of the Dog will do well as a businessman, activist, educator, social worker, counselor, doctor, police officer, scientist, interior designer, priest, nun, charity worker, nurse, Judge, or lawyer. Dogs are often seen as valuable employees, work well as a member of a team, and are also able to become an accessible leader.


The Best Love Match: Horse and Tiger

Dog and Horse: They will make a happy couple. Both respect each other and value loyalty highly.

Dog and Tiger: They have mutual respect to each other. When a balanced and harmonic relationship is established, they will adventure together to achieve a long term success.

Words of Caution: The Dog tends to have frequent conflicts with the Dragon. Both have strong and unyielding characters that happen to be hard to relate to each other. The Dragon is too proud to accept the Dog’s caustic comments and critical approach. The righteous Dog will not give up and compromised.

Love Affairs

Person born in the year of the dog tends to have a tough time when it comes to romance. The Dog’s insecure, worrisome, anxious, and critical nature may scare off their partners. However, when Dogs enter a relationship, they are generous, loyal, honest, and straightforward. And because of this, Dogs may find it more suitable to form a friendship first, and then develop it into a romance. Though Dogs may sometimes be too possessive and protective, they are generally open and trusting their mates.

NOTE!! If you are born in January or February, pay close attention to the dates below because you may not be born in the animal year stated above!

14 February 1934 – 25 January 1935: Wood Dog

2 February 1946 – 21 January 1947: Fire Dog

17 February 1958 – 8 February 1959: Earth Dog

6 February 1970 – 26 January 1971: Metal Dog

25 January 1982 – 12 February 1983: Water Dog

26 January 1994 – 30 January 1995: Wood Dog

22 January 2006 – 17 February 2007: Fire Dog

16 February 2018 – 4 February 2019: Earth Dog

03 February 2030 – 22 January 2031

22 January 2042 – 9 February 2043: Water Dog

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The year 2019, which is the year of the Pig would be quite a dynamic period for Dog natives. This would be a great time to pursue some of your interests in life rather than sticking to routine works. Your intuition and instincts would come in handy these days to plan your future. Got an ambition, then this year would help you to achieve the same. You would also be able to strike a good balance between personal and professional works. The first half of the year would bless you with much energy and stamina to proceed with the latter half as well.


The career pursuits of Dog individuals would be amicably rewarded during this year of the Pig. Confidence and hard work would be the keywords for survival in this arena, all through the year. Make all efforts to get into the good books of your higher-ups these days. Also make achievable goals in your professional life. Lofty aims sometimes take you nowhere, especially for the year ahead. Organizing and delegating your chores also helps in the long run. Do not be a scatter brain if you need to be successful in the career field this year.


This year of the Pig would be quite a troublesome year for Dog people, in that your finances might meet with impediments. Keep a close tab of your expenditure and savings. Being thrifty helps a lot through the year. This way you would be avoiding debts and losses. For the year spend only on your needs and not on your greed. In this way you might avoid a pitfall in finances.


Much love and romance are on the cards for Dog people during year 2019. Those already in a relationship would find the period quite conducive for passionate and sensuous moments with partner or spouse. If you are single, then the year helps you to locate your ideal half. If you are in a marriage, then the period helps you to plan for a baby or for a relocation or for a long trip overseas with partner.

However the middle of the year, might bring about some hitches in your love sector. Dog natives would be able to attract the opposite sex without much effort this year. Natives are advised to be quite understanding and flexible for the relationship to survive. Stop bossing around your partner and give him or her their own private space as well. For some finances might come in as a way of troubling your relationships, beware.


Dog natives would be in good health and cheer as the year of the Pig starts. But then maintain your pace, else you might lose steam as the year unwinds. Involve yourself in social and charity works that would improve your mental and physical health at large. Take ample time off from work to keep yourself mentally and physically fit. In general, the year 2019 promises good health for the Dog folks.