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Dragons are often very self-assured, gifted and natural leaders. In fact they often can loose their tempers when their “orders” are not followed. Full of energy, vibrant and flamboyant are all descriptions often used when describing a dragon.

DRAGONS ARE: Scrupulous, Sentimental, Enthusiastic, Intuitive, Shrewd, Tenacious, Healthy, Influential, Vital, Generous, Spirited, Captivating, Artistic, Admirable, Lucky

BUT THEY CAN ALSO BE: Disquiet, Stubborn, Willful, Demanding, Irritable, Loud-Mouthed, Malcontent, Other-Worldly, Impetuous, Infatuate, Judgmental


The powerful Dragon is the physically healthy, sentimental visionary of the Chinese zodiac. Outspoken, lucky and financially fortunate, Dragons show boundless energy and vitality. These proud souls do not like to be challenged, and their nature is that of ‘unpredictability’. Egotistic, high-profile Dragons are assertive, boisterous, and showy. Successful and popular, this 5th sign of the zodiac produces excellent actors and are born to be in the public eye. Lucky, original enthusiastic, and healthy, the infatuate Dragon needs a strong and intriguing partner, or else they may opt to live a solitary life. The Dragon gathers strength during their own morning hours of 7:00am – 9:00am.

The female dragon is highly attractive to the opposite sex. She is independent, loves to entertain, trendy and most definitely an extrovert.

The male dragon likes to break the rules. They are creative and become restless in a “hum-drum” job as they are lovers of the adrenalin rush. The male dragon is also happy to be a bachelor playing the field.

Best matches: Rat, Tiger, Monkey

Beware of: Dragon, Ox, Goat,  Dog, Rabbit


Metal:  Brave, arrogant, frank, bad-tempered, opinionated, few close friends.

Wood:  Peace loving, elegant with a good eye for spotting the latest trends, impetuous and lacking judgment.

Water: Kind-hearted, caring, ambitious, withstands pressure, loves challenge, and uses their good-relationships to succeed when opportunities are recognized.

Fire:  Warm hearted, lack of organization in decision-making and detailed planning.

Earth:  Introvert, hard-working, meticulous planner, puts work ahead of family and friends.


Earthly Branch of Birth Year: chen

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): tu (earth)

Yin Yang: yang

Auspicious Directions: west, north, northwest

Lucky Colors: golden, silver, hoary; Avoid red, green, purple, black

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 6; Avoid 9, 8, 3

Lucky Flowers: bleeding heart vine, larkspur


People born in the Year of the Dragon will do well as an artist, priest, architect, film producer, director, broker, lawyer, or politician. Dragons prefer leading to being led. They will do well in careers that allow them to express their creativity freely.


The Best Love Match: Rat, Monkey and Pig

Dragon and Rat: Best match in the Chinese Zodiac. Both are ambitious and adventurous. While the Rat will welcome the Dragon’s dominance, the Dragon will admire the Rat’s intelligence.

Dragon and Monkey: This is an exciting union. While the Dragon appreciates the Monkey’s ingenuity, the Monkey admires the Dragon’s courage and strength. It is worth to remember that the Monkey is the only Sign that can fool the Dragon.

Dragon and Pig: Excellent complementary marriages. The dragon appreciates the Pig’s support, and the Pig is sympathetic and understanding.

Words of Caution: The Dragon tends to have frequent conflicts with the Dog. Both have strong and unyielding characters that happen to be hard to relate to each other. The Dragon is too proud to accept the Dog’s caustic comments and critical approach. The righteous Dog will not give up and compromised.

Love Affairs

People born in the Dragon year are passionate, they are often loved and also blind to the faults of their love ones. Women born under the Dragon Sign are often surrounded by admirers demanded in marriage. However, romance often does not last. The needs for constant attention and admiration will spoil their relationships and create a series of highs and lows in their love life. The unsatisfactory love life may lead to a string of loves and marriages. There are also one type of Dragon lovers who fall in love and commit themselves to a long term serious relationship when they are fairly young, while other types could be loners that keep on searching. Dragons need a partner who would admire them and give them room to express, yet not threatened by Dragons’ irritable, stubborn, and independent personality.

NOTE!! If you are born in January or February, pay close attention to the dates below because you may not be born in the animal year stated above!

3 February 1916 – 22 January 1917: Fire Dragon

23 January 1928 – 9 February 1929: Earth Dragon

27 January 1952 – 13 February 1953: Water Dragon

13 February 1964 – 1 February 1965: Wood Dragon

31 January 1976 – 3 March 1977: Fire Dragon

4 March 1988 – 5 February 1989: Earth Dragon

31 January 2000 – 7 February 2001: Metal Dragon

7 February 2012 – 9 February 2013: Water Dragon

10 February 2024 – 28 January 2025: Wood Dragon

28 January 2036 – 14 February 2037: Fire Dragon

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The year of the Pig would bless the Dragon natives with much energy and vigor all through the period. Hence natives are advised to make good positive use of the same without expending them for unwanted issues in life. Pace yourself wisely through the year. Things might go out of hand or haywire, but then stay grounded, things shall pass off soon.


The career life of Dragon people would be quite average and without much issues through the year 2019. Do not expect major changes for now. You would have ample time to make good aims regarding your future career path. There would be much freedom in your workplace, your creativity would get a hearing now through these days. Stay away from gossips and lax works for now as it might bring a negative effect on your career during this year of the Pig.


Though the year of the Pig would not be a rosy year as far as your general finances are concerned, you would be able to come out of it unharmed, thanks to your fore-planning. Dragon natives would find the period favorable for making some high-value investments or purchases. There might be unwanted expenditure lurking around all through the year, hence be cautious of your financial moves. Make sure that you save ample money despite heavy spending coming from all quarters this year.


The love life of Dragon folks would grow a lot during this year of the Pig. Communication would be the keyword in this area of your life for the year ahead. Learn to express yourself well to your partner or spouse. Also make sure that you heed to your partner’s needs and desires. Understanding your partner well would go a long way in forging a strong relationship.

Though occasional rifts and misunderstandings cannot be ruled out, better understanding would be much needed. The single ones would be able to locate ideal love in their friendships this year. Lift up your self-esteem and socialize, in this way you would be able to identify loyal and faithful love if you are searching for one. Do not act your way out obsessively, stay as you are.


This year of the Pig would be a healthy period for Dragon folks. All through the year, peace and tranquil would prevail around, which would pave way for a healthy you both physically and mentally. However some Dragon natives are likely to meet with accidents in travel, hence be cautious. Medical intervention should be sought after if minor ailments bother you. Avoid stress and strain from life and practice some spiritual pursuits to stay fit for the year ahead.