Rat people are notorious for being quick witted. They usually are slow to make true, lasting friendships but once they do, they guard them closely. Rats are normally very loyal, loving and charming. They can hide an aggressive streak as well as stubbornness hard to match.


RATS ARE: Seductive, Energetic, Of good counsel, Charming, Meticulous, Sociable, Jolly, Persistent, Humorous, Intellectual, Lovable, Sentimental, Generous, Honest

BUT THEY CAN ALSO BE: Profiteering, Manipulative, Agitated, Gamblers, Greedy, Petty, Suspicious, Disquiet, Tiresome, Destructive, Power-hungry

The socially adept Rat possesses charisma, charm, intelligence, and the ability to verbally exchange their eclectic knowledge. Sociable and romantic with complex emotions, those born into this 1st sign of the Eastern zodiac form deep emotional ties. The always thrifty Rat, counts their pennies and knows how to spot a bargain. Impatient with those of slower of wit or actions, this soul needs a bright, energetic partner with a good sense of humor. The talkative Rat is also a natural writer and critic. High-strung, curious, and ever alert to their environment, the essence of this intellectual sign is ‘concealment’. Rats gather strength during the midnight hours they rule, between 11:00pm – 1:00am.

Female rats fall in love easily and have a tendency to over indulge their children. They can also be worriers over the smallest details becoming impatient with others who dont see the possible problems.

Male rats may appear social but are actually very protective of their privacy. They are slow to open up to their mates and have an independent streak that may exclude them. It is part of their nature, not a sign of a lack of love. Male rats actually make exceptional fathers although in a no-nonsense fashion. He is ambitious and has high expectations for those around him but he is willing to help loved ones achieve their goals.

Career Choices

People born in the Year of the Rat are charming and talented. They will do well in careers like sales person, shopkeeper, writer, critic, politician, or publicist. They have superior ability to adapt to different environments, thus they often participate in different affairs. Restless and inquisitive may result in jumping too fast to different things, learning to be more focus would increase their opportunity to be more successful.


Metal: Self-confident, hardworking, helpful, problem solver, prefers to work alone, and difficult to express their good points.

Wood: Freedom lover, imaginative, highly principled and not many close friends.

Water: Introvert, creative, adventurous until a safe haven found, systematic and believes in justice.

Fire: Warm-hearted, aggressive, without caring about the consequences to follow after bad-tempered action. “Control” will gain more friends.

Earth: Materialistic, hard-worker and hates the routine life. Not giving up when facing defeat will lead to success.

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: zi

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): shui (water)

Yin Yang: yang

Auspicious Directions: southeast, northeast

Lucky Colors: blue, golden, green; Avoid: yellow and brown

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3; Avoid: 5, 9

Lucky Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley

The Rat 2021 Forecast

from ZodiacSigns-Horoscope.com

The Chinese year 2020 was that year of the Rat, and it came with lots of challenges and opportunities. The Rat Horoscope 2021 predictions reveal that this year will be a wonderful year for the Rat natives. You should be able to embrace the year of the Ox zodiac. The second half of the year will be a good one for the Rat because of the great things that will start manifesting in his or her life.

The stars are aligned in your favor this year; therefore, nothing should cause you to worry about your situation in life. 2021 Chinese horoscope predictions are telling you to be ready for the positive changes that will be taking place in your life soon.

The Peach Blossom star is shining brightly on you this year. You will create great working relationships with your colleagues in the workplace. You will also get closer to your family and friends. Astrology 2021 predictions reveal that you need to use the Peace Blossom star to your advantage in making lasting personal and professional relationships.

Chinese cosmology reveals that your best Lunar months in the year 2021 are July, December, and March. You should, however, be careful with the Lunar months of June, May, and February because they might stir up trouble in your life.

Love and Relationships

According to the 2021 Rat love horoscope, this will be a good year for you when it comes to your romantic life. You will be popular with the opposite sex because of your kindness, compassion, reliability, and dependability. Chinese astrology predictions are, however, telling you that you might interact well with the opposite sex, but these interactions will not lead to anything serious.

2021 predictions reveal that you should interact and socialize with people in order to forge lasting relationships even though they are not meant for love purposes. It is good to have a circle of friends and family that you can trust and rely on.

If you are single, you should be in no hurry to find love. You should take your time because this year, you need to put your perspectives into place. Focus on healing from the past before thinking of opening your heart up to love again.

Finance and Career

Based on the 2021 Rat forecast, this year, you should be happy with your finances because they will be great. You will be able to enjoy and make good use of the money you saved up for the rainy days. You should use your finances wisely. Prioritize needs over wants. Your income will increase; therefore, you need to invest in projects that will give your financial security in the future.

Your career will be on the right track this year, as predicted by the Rat 2021 Horoscope forecast. Positive energies and major life changes will be coming your way because of the influence of the Year of the Metal Ox. Grasp every opportunity that comes your way and step out of your comfort zone. At all times, be ready to take risks in life because then you will understand what you are capable of doing.

Health and Lifestyle

In 2021, you will not need to worry about minor infections and serious illnesses. You have been taking good care of your body, and you should continue in the same breath. Ensure that you keep fit by visiting the gym twice of thrice in a week. Your lucky stars are on your side; therefore, this year will be a good one for you, and you will visit the doctor’s office only for normal checkups.

You should live a life that best suits you this year. Live according to your budget. Do not let people dictate to you how to live your life. Live a life that makes you happy. Your lifestyle should not change just because you want to impress people.


The Rat Chinese Horoscope for 2021 reveals that you should be ready to be there for your family when they need you. Last year was a busy year for you that you neglected your family for some time. This year, you should try as much as possible to balance your personal life and professional life. Ensure that your family knows that they can count on you always.

Family is important because they will always be there for you no matter what is happening in your life. Take care of your family, and they will, in turn, take care of you.

Feng Shui 2021 Predictions for Rat Natives

Chinese zodiac signs predictions reveal that the best directions on the compass for the Rat natives will be North and South East. These natives will have to walk around with accessories with the colors White, Blue, and Grey because these are their lucky colors. The lucky numbers for Rat natives this year are 1 and 6.

Rat 2021 Luck Predictions

They are some things that will be a sign of luck for the Rat natives. Their lucky days will be the 4th and 13th of every Chinese Lunar month. Lucky flowers will be the Lily and the African violet. They will, however, be unlucky when they encounter the following things; the colors yellow and brown, the numbers 5 and 9, and the South direction.


The Year of the Ox will be mostly great for the Rat natives. As per the Rat Horoscope 2021, the Rat will have to work hard and with determination in order to achieve great things in his or her life. New opportunities will present themselves in your life, and you need to make the best out of them. Ensure that you take good care of your finances and your health.

Your Family should always be your priority. The Peach Blossom star is shining upon you, and you need to take advantage of its great benefits.

The Rat 2021 Monthly Forecast

from SunSigns.org

The rat 2021 horoscope predicts some troubles but also some luck. Below is the year broken down into months. Let’s see how each month will go.

January 2021 will have money flowing into your bank account. However, this doesn’t mean it is wise to spend it. Remember to save!

February 2021 encourages you to stay by yourself. Now is not a great time to make new friends. This could lead to more quarrels than fun.

March 2021 brings good luck your way in nearly every aspect of your life. Embrace this month with an open mind and follow your heart’s desires.

April 2021 can be difficult in terms of finances and love. Try to avoid temptations, such as making large purchases or cheating.

May 2021 predicts some troubles in your finances. If you can, try to save up money before May to prepare for this. Also, avoid getting involved in other people’s problems this month.

June 2021 is a month to spend with your friends, but be careful! Some friends are loyal and true while others may only want to cause you distress.

July 2021 predicts good luck in love, family, and finances. Take the time to enjoy these blessings.

August 2021 continues to provide you with good luck, especially in family matters. Try to spend more time helping others to share your good luck.

September 2021 will be a mixed bag, especially when it comes to your platonic relationships. Some friends will be kind and generous while others will only cause you pain.

October 2021 is a month for introspection. Be grateful for what the year has blessed you with already. Meditate and focus on your health.

November 2021 provides luck in finances. Try to save whatever extra money you earn. It is almost 2022, after all!

December 2021 is another month full of luck. Let your intuition be your guide and everything should go your way.

NOTE!! If you are born in January or February, pay close attention to the dates below because you may not be born in the animal year stated above!

5 February 1924 – 24 January 1925: Wood Rat

24 January 1936 – 10 February 1937: Fire Rat

10 February 1948 – 28 January 1949: Earth Rat

28 January 1960 – 14 February 1961: Metal Rat

15 February 1972 – 2 February 1973: Water Rat

2 February 1984 – 19 February 1985: Wood Rat

18 February 1996 – 6 February 1997: Fire Rat

7 February 2008 – 25 January 2009: Earth Rat

24 January 2020 – 11 February 2021: Metal Rat

11 February 2032 – 30 January 2033: Water Rat

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The Best Love Match: Dragon and Monkey

Rat and Dragon: The Rat will welcome the Dragon’s dominance, and the Dragon will admire the Rat’s intelligence. The union of these two will achieve success, happiness, and prosperity.

Rat and Monkey: Mutual interests and talents draw them to each other for a fun and loving relationship. They admire each other for their intelligence and creativity.

Rat also would do well with Ox and Pig.

Words of Caution: Stay away from Horse. The self-centered Horse may have hard time understanding the sentimental Rat.

Love Affairs

People born in the Year of the Rat are often passionate and are not afraid of showing their true feelings. They tend to be indiscriminate in seeking love affairs, and overflow emotions at the start of a relationship, thus their lives may be stormy and problematical in the aspect of love affairs. They want security in their lives, so they will settle down later in life when they have found the right partner. They can make a good company and love to indulge in life’s pleasures but they can’t stand being rebuked. They have a natural charm, so when they finally find the one that make them feel safe and love, they will make themselves the best partners.

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