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Rat people are notorious for being quick witted. They usually are slow to make true, lasting friendships but once they do, they guard them closely. Rats are normally very loyal, loving and charming. They can hide an aggressive streak as well as stubbornness hard to match.

RATS ARE: Seductive, Energetic, Of good counsel, Charming, Meticulous, Sociable, Jolly, Persistent, Humorous, Intellectual, Lovable, Sentimental, Generous, Honest

BUT THEY CAN ALSO BE: Profiteering, Manipulative, Agitated, Gamblers, Greedy, Petty, Suspicious, Disquiet, Tiresome, Destructive, Power-hungry


The socially adept Rat possesses charisma, charm, intelligence, and the ability to verbally exchange their eclectic knowledge. Sociable and romantic with complex emotions, those born into this 1st sign of the Eastern zodiac form deep emotional ties. The always thrifty Rat, counts their pennies and knows how to spot a bargain. Impatient with those of slower of wit or actions, this soul needs a bright, energetic partner with a good sense of humor. The talkative Rat is also a natural writer and critic. High-strung, curious, and ever alert to their environment, the essence of this intellectual sign is ‘concealment’. Rats gather strength during the midnight hours they rule, between 11:00pm – 1:00am.

Female rats fall in love easily and have a tendency to over indulge their children. They can also be worriers over the smallest details becoming impatient with others who dont see the possible problems.

Male rats may appear social but are actually very protective of their privacy. They are slow to open up to their mates and have an independent streak that may exclude them. It is part of their nature, not a sign of a lack of love. Male rats actually make exceptional fathers although in a no-nonsense fashion. He is ambitious and has high expectations for those around him but he is willing to help loved ones achieve their goals.


Metal:  Self-confident, hardworking, helpful, problem solver, prefers to work alone, and difficult to express their good points.

Wood: Freedom lover, imaginative, highly principled and not many close friends.

Water: Introvert, creative, adventurous until a safe haven found, systematic and believes in justice.

Fire:  Warm-hearted, aggressive, without caring about the consequences to follow after bad-tempered action. “Control” will gain more friends.

Earth:  Materialistic, hard-worker and hates the routine life. Not giving up when facing defeat will lead to success.


Earthly Branch of Birth Year: zi

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): shui (water)

Yin Yang: yang

Auspicious Directions: southeast, northeast

Lucky Colors: blue, golden, green; Avoid: yellow and brown

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3; Avoid: 5, 9

Lucky Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley


People born in the Year of the Rat are charming and talented. They will do well in careers like sales person, shopkeeper, writer, critic, politician, or publicist. They have superior ability to adapt to different environments, thus they often participate in different affairs. Restless and inquisitive may result in jumping too fast to different things, learning to be more focus would increase their opportunity to be more successful.


The Best Love Match: Dragon and Monkey

Rat and Dragon: The Rat will welcome the Dragon’s dominance, and the Dragon will admire the Rat’s intelligence. The union of these two will achieve success, happiness, and prosperity.

Rat and Monkey: Mutual interests and talents draw them to each other for a fun and loving relationship. They admire each other for their intelligence and creativity.

Rat also would do well with Ox and Pig.

Words of Caution: Stay away from Horse. The self-centered Horse may have hard time understanding the sentimental Rat.

Love Affairs

People born in the Year of the Rat are often passionate and are not afraid of showing their true feelings. They tend to be indiscriminate in seeking love affairs, and overflow emotions at the start of a relationship, thus their lives may be stormy and problematical in the aspect of love affairs. They want security in their lives, so they will settle down later in life when they have found the right partner. They can make a good company and love to indulge in life’s pleasures but they can’t stand being rebuked. They have a natural charm, so when they finally find the one that make them feel safe and love, they will make themselves the best partners.

NOTE!! If you are born in January or February, pay close attention to the dates below because you may not be born in the animal year stated above!

5 February 1924 – 24 January 1925: Wood Rat

24 January 1936 – 10 February 1937: Fire Rat

10 February 1948 – 28 January 1949: Earth Rat

28 January 1960 – 14 February 1961: Metal Rat

15 February 1972 – 2 February 1973: Water Rat

2 February 1984 – 19 February 1985: Wood Rat

18 February 1996 – 6 February 1997: Fire Rat

7 February 2008 – 25 January 2009: Earth Rat

24 January 2020 – 11 February 2021: Metal Rat

11 February 2032 – 30 January 2033: Water Rat

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The year of the Pig promises good tidings for Rat natives. You would have untold avenues for growth and prosperity in life during these days. Use the start of the year to start projects or ventures that you have put in the backburner. Also the year would be a good time to clear off unwanted relationships in your life. Your emotional part is in for a roller-coaster ride through the year. Despite delays and hindrances of sorts, find ways and means that would give you peace and happiness in life.


The year of the Pig would be quite a hectic year for Rat individuals. Your hands would be full for most of the year. Learn to prioritize your works. Get the goodwill of authorities or colleagues in workplace. Have a broader perspective and focus on the important tasks that would yield long term benefits. Put in more effort for the first half of the year. Then the latter half would be a cake-walk for you. Around the end of the year you would be able to hog the limelight in the professional arena.


The general finances of Rat natives would be far from satisfactory this year. Much effort and work has to be given in for financial stability all through this year. There might be some good inflow around the second quarter of the year, bank on it wisely. This would be also a good year to plan for your financial future. Be prepared to handle emergency financial expenses that come in by way of medical expenses for the household and the like.


Rat natives would have some troubles in their love life or marriage during the year of the Pig in 2019. A sense of negativity looms around. For some of you this year would be a time to decide whether to continue in an existing relationship or sever the same. If partner seems to be quite loyal, make all amends and try to resolve conflicts amicably. Not a good time to plan for your future course of action with partner though.

Misunderstandings and rifts might creep in occasionally into your love and marriage. Sit down and talk your mind out. Find ways to attract your partner in a positive way. Also make sure that you make things quite compatible with him or her. En-route do not get rid of family and friends. They are your sole source of comfort when love fails. Better times are ahead for Rat people as the year of the Pig unwinds.


Not much goodness can be seen in the health front for Rat folks during the year 2019. Your energy levels would be quite low for most of the period. Natives would feel more stressed out and tired. Use your time wisely to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Most Rat natives would be more mentally fit than physically through the year.