Welcome to 2023!

from Horoscope.com

Can 2023 exceed all of your expectations? Below, we unpack the year’s major planetary events and find out how the Universe is promoting growth and setting you up for success!

Wise Saturn sets the vibe, and as it travels with rebellious Aquarius between January and early March, it encourages you to break free from restrictions and overcome limitations. When Saturn spends the rest of the year in compassionate Pisces, forgiveness, understanding and ultimate healing are the goal.

Tiny Pluto makes a big jump into revolutionary Aquarius in late March, creating life-changing scenarios. This is one of the most anticipated transits of our decade, so be on the lookout for major changes to affect things in an unprecedented way on both a personal and worldwide level!

Revolutionary Uranus, the leader of innovative Aquarius, ironically is accompanied by conservative, practical Taurus again this entire year. It also promotes escaping limitations, especially financial ones. Explore groundbreaking investment strategies, but do so with the long term in mind.

As expansive Jupiter spends time in direct, spontaneous Aries between January and mid-May, life comes at you pretty fast, and good luck is a direct result of not overthinking things too much. From there, steady Taurus takes its turn as Jupiter’s patient host, completely changing up the general energy. Slow down and wait for your destiny to do its thing because, in the second half of the year, all good things come to those who wait.