Leo Gold Mine

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August means “inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic.” (1) And that sums up the driving demands of this high energy month!

There’s a Leo bonanza all month, for some hearty cheer, to lift our world-weary spirits. The vitality of Leo, ruled by the Sun, has no match, and as a fixed sign, is a sustained fire, an enthusiasm that holds. That’s big energy for bringing things to fruition, or standing your ground.

The stellium (three or more) planets in juicy Leo includes the Sun (life giver), Jupiter (beacon) and Mercury (the lens, perception). Now is the time for burning impressions, and to burn off all that dazes, entrances and binds you to time-sucking distractions. The way forward is to answer the clarion call, what’s stirring and clear, and vitalizes your being.

Venus (love) lights up the Leo scene on August 11th, taking passions to a fever pitch. This concoction is so rousing, that anything that’s marked social obligation is eclipsed by that person or happening that grabs you in the moment. It’s a good month to be surprised by love. Or to be revived by having off-the-charts good times with friends or family (especially children).

Big Bang

Leo is a sunny fire sign, but also associated with predators, the Big Cats. And August has some seriously provocative energy, for taking a stand or defending your territory (or right to be who you are). There’s a time to be fierce and roar!

There’s more than a touch of the untamed spirit in Leo, whose namesake is the roaring King of the Jungle. The Lion’s roar is heard from five miles away, and he leaves a scent as he walks around the territory of the pride.

Leo’s pride has us wanting more, to win our own respect, but get recognition for the unique presence and gifts we offer. It’s a month for action. When actions are heart-led and with a sense of timing, the stifling social mask is eclipsed by your truer nature.

All through August, Mars is in the potent sign of Scorpio, for strategic action that cuts through to the heart of the matter. Though there’s tension to Leo here, there’s also exciting friction to strike at and free up what’s stuffed down or denied.

Searing Visions

I wonder if there will be more exclamation points this month, or screaming all caps? Mercury is in emphatic Leo to mid-month, and will be coming across loud and clear.

It’s going to be interesting, to say the least! August starts with some curious Leo-Scorpio clashes involving Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. If a big, dramatic message is broadcast, it’ll have to match psychic reality or it will likely backfire spectacularly.

Mercury gets an inspired megaphone early in August, with an alignment to Jupiter on the 2nd, only to be held to account by Mars (2nd) and Saturn (8th) in Scorpio.

Even if your enthusiasms meet a reality check, the brilliance of Leo’s messages meet the genius of Uranus (August 8th) for illuminating vantage points. Use this mercurial punchiness to be awoken by new possibilities, and to take note of shadowy terrain where more light is needed.

Stability Through Meaning

The rousing month of August also begins with lover Venus (in Cancer) in an emotionally fortifying trine to Saturn (Scorpio). This is a parallel to what’s described above, and complementary — all roads in August lead to emotional authenticity.

The higher octave of Venus is Neptune, and there’s an activating angle to Mars on August 7th. The motivation (Mars) is to what aids us in transcending (Neptune) the low vibes and the demonic that threatens to engulf the world.

M. Kelley Hunter shares this in her newsletter: “In Letters to a Young Poet, R.M. Rilke speaks to that artist and appreciator of beauty in each of us:

‘As you unfold as an artist, just keep on, quietly and earnestly, growing through all that happens to you. You cannot disrupt the process more violently than by looking outside yourself for answers that may only be found by attending to your innermost feeling.'”

Harvest Time

Later in August, we transition to earthy Virgo, for a more alert awareness of what’s happening in detail, and right around us. It’s the next stage, of applying the Wow of Leo to the Now of Virgo. It’s living the passions, in a real, day-to-day way.

The Sun goes into Virgo on August 22nd, and then the passion turns to the process, the doing. The big dreams of Leo turn into the making it happen, step-by-step of Virgo.

Mercury is never far from the Sun, and goes into Virgo first on August 15th. This shifts us into precise thinking, to corral all that vitality into everyday heroism and organized risks.

August Highlights

  • Aquarius Full Moon on August 10th at 18 Aquarius. Sun and Moon are square to Saturn, for breakthroughs that challenge our psyche’s core understandings. A “Supermoon,” at its closest point to the Earth.
  • Virgo New Moon on August 25th at 2 degrees Virgo.

(1) August is named for the first Roman Caesar (31 B.C. to 14 AD).