The individuals belonging to this zodiac sign are proud, assertive, bold, confident and courageous. Just as the lion is the king of the jungle and a natural leader, Leos are also the natural leader among all the other horoscope signs. They will do everything possible to ensure that they get to become the leader and if their work and leadership is not acknowledged, they will display strong reactions. Apart from that these individuals are very generous, honest, charismatic and affectionate.

They are always there to listen to others and help them. They are very compassionate and sensitive about the feelings of others. They have a very strong personality which stands out in a crowd. They are ambitious and have it in them whatever it requires to fulfill their ambitions, be it confidence, intelligence, courage and charisma. With a strong determination and focus they will never deviate from their goals.

A Leo Horoscope helps us to know the various facets of their personality like their character, likes and dislikes, hobbies, strengths and challenges and many more. Most of the Leos are outspoken and loud. Their bluntness might sometimes offend people but they never mean any harm. If they know that someone is offended by them, they go out of way to woo them back. Their generosity and caring nature makes them loved. However sometimes they can become arrogant and proud. Their ego is pretty huge and sometimes becomes a reason why people hate them. They have a very strong aesthetic sense and are good in the field of art, literature, music etc. It is easy for them to adapt to new situations and they are ever ready for a change. They aim to become rich and famous and most of the time achieves their goals. Like Taurus they are also attracted to material wealth and luxury and crave for a well settled life. They want to life their life a king, grand and luxurious. The best way to tame them is by showering unlimited praises on them as they love to hear good things about themselves.

A Leo Horoscope reading is a very easy and effective way of knowing more about these individuals, which will help us, establish a strong rapport with them. In professional field they will do extremely well as managers, leaders and other posts of authority. In fact it is difficult for them to work as subordinates as they hate taking orders and prefer giving orders instead. They work with dignity and their work places are well planned and settled. They hate chaos and confusions and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Some of the important facts related to Leo are –
Symbol – the Lion
Ruling planet – the Sun
Lucky color – Orange, white, gold and red
Lucky day – Sunday

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