A psychic shield is a layer of energy around you meant to protect you from various psychic attacks. This shield is made up of energy that comes from you. Because it comes from the deeper aspects of yourself, it is important for you to learn how to summon this energy so you can utilize it for psychic protection.

Why should a psychic shield be created? Which psychic attacks and threats could be present? You may think that you have no enemies and you are living in a safe and friendly environment. However, that doesn’t mean you do not require psychic protection. The attacks and threats being mentioned here are not just the ones meant by others to hurt you. A psychic attack may come from any negative source and affect you greatly.

Of course, if an attack is serious and is putting you in terrible danger, perhaps you should seek the help of a professional psychic medium. However, the psychic dangers spoken of here are those which are around you everyday, and may be affecting you without you even knowing it! These can be the negative thoughts, bitter emotions, or feelings of illnesses passed on to you unintentionally. Then, you unknowingly absorb them and you become prone to the same kinds of energies and emotions.

This makes it important for you to create a shield around you – to protect yourself from the unpleasant energies around you. When you do, you are preventing yourself from being distressed by them. A remarkable difference can be noticed if you created a psychic shield around you.

How to Create a Psychic Shield

Just like any other psychic practice, creating a psychic shield needs lot of patience and regular practice. Always remember that each try brings you at least one step closer to your goal. Now, below are 7 steps to be followed for creating a psychic shield around you.

1. Find a quiet spot where you can spend some time undisturbed.

2. Sit down and start relaxing your body. Observe your posture – your back should be straight but not stiff. Arms should fall naturally to your sides.

3. Focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly. Ask the universe to empower you in this exercise with its protective energies.

4. Envision a tiny sphere of pale blue light originating from the area where your heart is. Think of this as your own energy, from your inner resource of psychic abilities. It is your protective energy being utilized. Every time you inhale, this expands, with the help of the universe’s natural protective energies.

5. As it expands, it also chases out any negative energy left in you. It resists negative energies, so it pushes out those still in you, and prevents those outside from entering. Because it is made up of protective energies, it only allows good energies to pass through. Visualize it growing until you are completely surrounded by it.

6. Take some more time seeing yourself inside this sphere of light. Visualize that even when you open your eyes and end the practice, this ball of light is still surrounding you, giving you the protection you need.

7. When you are ready, take a few last deep breaths then slowly open your eyes. Know that your protective sphere is still around you, shielding you from anything that can psychically harm you. Feel free to repeat this exercise whenever you feel that you need to.

Eventually, it will just be a part of your regular practice to place a psychic shield around you. You will notice how it will take less effort than the first time. And then, as you master the creation of a psychic shield, you can enhance your skill by adding layers to the shield. You can add layers or make it thicker and stronger – whichever would suit your need or whichever feels right to you. You can also use natural gemstones and crystals with protective powers in order to complement your own.

Tana Hoy is a natural born psychic who has spent most of his life helping many people using his gift. He also holds psychic development classes.