By Danny Fredricks

What can a psychic, medium or spiritual professional tell you about past lives? Should you seek out a hypnotist to remember a previous lifetime? Or maybe it’s smarter to simply try to work them out on your own? What about meditation, dream visualization, regression therapy or even using natural “herbs” like Auwaska to remember a previous lifetime? Are they recommended… or destined to disappoint?

As someone who has written about, recorded, watched, witnessed and performed hundreds of past life readings in my own life, I can honestly tell you that there is NOT a one sized fits all solution.

As a matter of fact…

Some people respond far better to some spiritual interventions than others.

For example?

A psychic reading that is designed to have you remember a past life is often the easiest, most effortless and most gentle way to be guided to recall memories that transcend a current incarnation.

At the same time… a full blown regression session, with a licensed or certified past life therapist (or psychologist) can be an amazing, in-depth and deeply interactive experience that a simple psychic reading can’t provide.

I know other people who prefer to have experiences that involve small groups of “soul mates” or spiritual partners, to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to experience previous lifetimes together, in a community setting. (the idea being that if you have recurring lifetimes with the same group of people, and are karmaically connected to those you currently love, the BEST benefits will emanate from readings that are done collectively, so that all can clear or correct their karma at the very same time)

One of the safest ways for skeptics to explore past life memories without doing anything weird?

There are great guided meditations that will lead you gently backwards in time, and have you “step back” from your earliest current memories into the LAST memories from a previous incarnation, or the most poignant memories from a past life, so that you can figure out how those experiences impact your present one as well.

In the end?

I’ve seen people of all backgrounds, all cultures, from all countries and continents get first hand experience with powerful memories that change their lives forever… once they’ve had the experience firsthand. You don’t need to get proof from a book, or an article like this one – you can (and should!) seek out these experiences on your own, using simple personal growth and spiritual exploration techniques, to learn that you are NOT your body. You are NOT going to die. And you ARE a timeless spiritual being with infinite opportunities to explore, express and inspire others during each lifetime… and THAT’S the sort of transcendent wisdom that wakes UP when you have a past life experience for yourself. (no gurus required!)

Have YOU lived before?

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