By Danny Fredricks

What is the best evidence for reincarnation? Is the idea that we have a soul that can reincarnate or transmigrate from body to body a real possibility… or is it just a whole bunch of new age nonsense and spiritual silliness that only the gullible believe?

And how do I get personal PROOF that this stuff is real, rather than having to believe what I see on TV, or read in books or blogs?

The truth is, as someone who has practiced the art and science of karma “cleaning” for going on a decade with amazing results, I’m still skeptical of much of what I read about in the spiritual space.

After all…

Many of the psychics, healers and spiritual advisors I come across are teaching and preaching something that is NOTHING like what I believe is true and authentic spiritual truth.

The easiest way to get evidence of your own past lives without having to believe anything that feels too far fetched to be true?

First, look at the REAL literature.

The scientific studies that have been done on children who remember past lives, for example. Kids who are between the ages of 4-8 who describe previous personalities in vivid detail and with exceptional lucidity that later proves to be true.

(There are thousands of these cases, and a little known fact that surprises many people is that the University of Virginia, a prestigious institution of higher learning has a whole department that studies and documents them)

Next – look at the healing that has been documented from past life recall.

People have been cured of lifelong phobias in 90 minutes through various types of past life therapy, including regression, visualization exercises and other simple spiritual techniques that have an incredible transformative effect on the mind, body and “soul”.

Whether you believe in past lives or NOT, it’s hard to explain how in a matter of moments, people who remember a trauma in a past life are INSTANTLY cured of a problem in a current life, especially when you consider those people have often spent decades in traditional therapy without any improvement.

Lastly, the best way to get personal proof you’ve lived before?

Open your mind and be willing to explore and experiment with the various types of techniques that are available to try to remember one of our own!

For example?

In my own practice, there are many gentle ways to guide a person through the process of clearing karmic blockages and crisis by using a technique I call “polar perspectives”, which is a very simple role reversal exercise, where you switch places with a problematic person in your life to get a fresh look at why they may be causing you so much pain. (be it a boss, a spouse, a parent, a child, etc)

Simply by looking at the relationship through a karmic lens… and imagining that the roles were reversed in a previous lifetime is a GREAT way to break through blockages, and visualize how the “victim’ in this life may have been the more dominant partner in a previous lifetime.

This simple shift can bring great clarity and compassion to your relationship… and allow you to see things through THEIR eyes as well, often for the first time. (and even people who DON’T believe in past lives can get an incredible amount of insight and clarity by using this approach… even YOU!)