By Danny Fredricks

What are the most common psychic experiences? Are they all signs of delusion? Hallucination? An over active imagination? Or maybe psychic and paranormal experiences are more emblematic of someone who simply WANTS to believe?

The skeptics and cynics will tell you that psychic abilities are impossible… and that nothing happens in our world that can’t’ be explained by simple science or natural means.

But is that what YOU believe? It is what I once thought… until a series of crazy cool and extraordinary experiences changed what I thought possible, forever.

Now, understand this… because I’ve learned it is true:

In my own case, I had a very clear, very real, very lucid experience with what is known as a “crisis apparition.”

If you don’t know what that means… it simply refers to the experience of being “visited” by someone who has died, at the moment of their death… even though they are physically located many miles away (or at least far enough away that a genuine visitation would be logically impossible).

In my case… I didn’t even know the person was dying, as it was a complete surprise, took place on the other side of the country from me (I was in NYC and my friend was on the West Coast) and it was a completely unexpected freak illness that struck a very young and vibrant person.

Of course while it shook me to my core the next morning when I learned that my friend had indeed passed in the middle of the night, I didn’t tell anyone about my experience, out of fear of being labeled delusional, or making it up, or even seeking out attention in the wake of a tragedy.

After all… how do you tell your co-workers, when everyone is highly educated, very professional and incredibly competitive, that the person that has just suddenly died, actually visited you to say goodbye in the middle of the night?

No thanks, right?

Here is what is amazing about this experience.

Not only did I learn how COMMON this type of visitation is, today… in 2013, it’s becoming more and more “OK” to discuss in public as well!

And –

What really gave me permission to SHARE this experience in articles like this one and other writings (I’ve since quit my job and become a full time researcher and publisher of psychic and spiritual experiences) is the fact that I saw a medium a few weeks after this incident, and she described exactly what happened… and why, in incredible detail.

After my medium reading experience, I knew with 100% certainty I wasn’t going crazy, that there WAS in fact something more to our reality than what we see with our 5 senses, and I finally found something super exciting and inspiring to do with my life!

The truth is, about 50% of all people will have a psychic or paranormal experience that they don’t tell other people about, for fear of being labeled as unstable.

Nurses who work for hospice, for example… are widely known to experience what I described above, or to watch patients who were deathly sick and often unable to communicate for days or weeks, suddenly come BACK to “life” in the moments before they die.

Near death experiences are very common… with about 15% of all people who have been resuscitated after cardiac arrest reporting the common features of leaving their bodies, seeing a light and meeting loved ones who have already died.

What about simpler more everyday psychic experiences?

Ever think of someone you haven’t heard from in months or years, a few moments before the phone rings, or you get an email from them?

Or what about psychic and precognitive dreams?

Feelings of deja vu or even simply feeling like your life has a POWERFUL plan and that there is a guiding force or energy that invisibly plays a role in the things that happen to you, are all examples of profound psychic feelings and an inner sense of knowing that CAN change your life… and make you more confident as you dance in the direction of your dreams.