2019 Overview

Your vibe attracts your tribe, Libra! So what does your social network say about you?

With a total lunar eclipse in Leo (January 21), and two full moons in your sign (March 20 and April 19), the first half of 2019 offers plenty of opportunities for self-reflection. Take an honest look at the groups you associate with: Do you genuinely like them? Can you be yourself around them? If not, it’s time to cut ties—but more importantly, to start showing more of your true colors. After all, how else will kindred spirits know where to find you?

Fortunately, with Jupiter in Sagittarius for most of the year, you’ll be eager to share… and two Venus-Jupiter conjunctions (January 22 and November 24) ensure that you’ll find a willing audience. Just make sure you’re speaking your truth—not saying what you think they want to hear. With Jupiter also squaring Neptune in Pisces (January 13, June 16, and September 21), honesty can be a rare and precious commodity.

We know, Libra, “people pleasing” is a hard habit to break… and so is the tendency to second-guess yourself. But the fact is, the less you worry about people liking you, the greater your chances of finding the ones who’ll love you—just the way you are!

And in the meantime, you can take comfort in knowing your own worth. Throughout the year, the “tough love” duo of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn continue to help you thicken your skin and find the strength to be your own authority figure. Three eclipses in Capricorn (solar on January 5 and December 25, lunar on July 16) provide much-needed emotional release, and help you lay the foundations for a more solid support system.

From late September through early November, planets moving through your sign will square Saturn and Pluto. Social conventions may stifle your self-expression—but they can also provide a safe container in which to process complex emotions. Just know when to let your guard down, Libra… with the North Node in Cancer all year, there’s greater strength in vulnerability.


Easy, breezy, beautiful Libra… It takes a lot to make you lose your cool.

But with both Mars and Uranus in Aries at the start of 2019, your patience is wearing thin—especially with loved ones who seem not to care how their actions affect you. By February 12, when Mars and Uranus meet in the last degree of your opposite sign, something’s got to give. Be direct about how you expect to be treated going forward… and what your dealbreakers are.

After all, Libra, you don’t really need someone else to complete you. So why put up with pointless drama? The Aquarius new moon on February 4, with Mercury sextile Mars and Uranus, is a chance to break the cycle. If you’re looking for love this year, try approaching the dating scene with the carefree detachment you usually reserve for platonic friendships. If you’re already in a relationship, try giving each other more space—with a stubborn square between Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus (March 21), it may be your only option!

On March 6, Uranus moves into Taurus, where he’ll spend the next seven years disrupting the status quo in your sex life. In the past, physical attraction was enough to keep you and your partner connected—but feelings and desires can change. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over; it just means you’ll have to get more inventive! Sex isn’t everything, though… so make sure you’ve also got it going on outside the bedroom.

Whatever you do, Libra, don’t take significant others for granted—or you could get some rude awakenings in April and May. You may think you’ve got them figured out, but with the sun, Mercury, and Venus all conjuncting Uranus, they’re likely to surprise you!

In October and November, the same planets (plus Mars) will oppose Uranus from the obsessive sign of Scorpio. Jealousy and possessiveness can rear their ugly heads—but before you go off the deep end, ask yourself what’s really behind these feelings. If you can face the underlying fears and talk about them honestly, you’ll both be better off!


You’re not in it for the money, Libra… your work is a labor of love. Still, you wouldn’t do it if there weren’t something in it for you—ideally, both material and spiritual rewards.

With Mercury in Pisces for two months this spring (February 10-April 16), your job situation inspires some serious soul-searching. Neptune is also in Pisces all year, and his squares with Jupiter (January 13, June 16, and September 21) can reveal a stark contrast between your “dream job” and the reality of your routine. At the end of the day, though, any job will have some aspect you don’t like—so don’t leave yours unless there’s really somewhere better to go.

If you do choose a new path, the Cancer solar eclipse on July 2 is a great time for first steps. Still, for every step forward this summer, you may feel you’re taking two steps back.

From June 14-19, a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Cancer opposes retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Between career goals and family responsibilities, there’s a lot on your plate. Look for ways to lighten your load, possibly by delegating more at home. After all, if you succeed, your family does too!

From July 19-31, retrograde Mercury backtracks into Cancer. Take this opportunity to evaluate the progress you’ve made so far, and get clear on what remains to be done. But be gentle with yourself, Libra—you’re doing your best!

Willpower and resourcefulness are two of your greatest assets. And with Mercury spending extra time in Scorpio this fall (October 3-December 9), you’ll have plenty of chances to use them. Uranus in the opposite sign of Taurus may cut you off from old, reliable sources of support—but don’t worry, Libra, you got this! Drawing upon your own resources will only make you stronger.

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