By Danny Fredricks

Who else is sick and tired of feeling stuck, under appreciated and victimized by the people in your life? Do you often wonder if you’ve been saddled with some sort of spiritual baggage or bad karma that you find impossible to overcome?

If that sounds like you…

I’m going to give you the simple secret to transforming ANY situation from a karmic perspective, and give you a few very simple empowerment tools and techniques that WILL work wonderfully well for your life.

But understand THIS before we begin.

It’s not magic.

But it DOES work amazingly well – and in just about every area of life you can imagine. (even the most difficult of life conditions can be transformed using this simple technique)

Curious? Let’s take a closer look immediately below.

Let’s start with a very simple, and common “crisis” that many of us face – interpersonal problems with others who are important parts of our lives.

( could be a spouse, a sibling, a boss, a co-worker, a child, a parent, or a friend – it matters not)

First, look at your relationship with another person that is problematic in your life.

Then – filter ALL information through the perspective of life as a bigger and broader spiritual journey. (I’m going to assume you are open to that idea, by virtue of the fact that you are reading THIS article to begin with)

Then ask yourself –

How does this current relationship help, hinder or heal as you take that journey?

For example –

If you are in an abusive relationship – for many people it’s common to either get stuck – or angry – or feel victimized and frozen in indecision.

They blame themselves – their abuser – their life circumstances that make them feel trapped, and so forth.

Yet – that very SAME situation… looked at through the power and perspective of your spiritual journey – of your higher “spiritual” self – and filtered through whatever beliefs you have…

Can EMPOWER you, and embolden you to take action.

The secret is, to ask yourself empowering questions from an elevated position. To wake UP the wisdom that always lives within.

For example – Looked at from a place of pity… any obstacle you face can look like too much to overcome.

However – Looked at from a place of POWER… that very same obstacle can look like a necessary niggle in the direction of your destiny.

I don’t care how challenged you feel right now in ANY relationship, in any conflict, in any big challenge, decision or area of anxiety in your life.

There is a reason it’s there.

Ask yourself empowering questions.

Ask what IF questions.

What if, from a KARMIC perspective… this is EXACTLY the set of circumstances I bargained for, or agreed to, or requested… long ago?

What if I chose the very challenges that I believe are holding me back from living the life I love?

What is this trying to teach me?

What SINGLE lesson is this circumstance designed to teach me on a spiritual level?

What ONE big action could I take that would move me foreword in a way that honors (and overcomes) this challenge… and opportunity to evolve.

And then TAKE it.

And be grateful.

Because You can be (and should be) grateful for ANY lesson, any challenge, any obstacle and any opportunity that affords you the ability to evolve.

Without resistance – we’d all be destined to stay in stuck.

Once you understand that the only REAL reason we are here is to grow – everything becomes infinitely easier to understand.

Because you are MUCH bigger than your body.

And your current set of circumstances.

And in a karmic level – from the spiritual plane… no matter how difficult the challenges you face may be – if you channel it the right way, it’s serving your greatest good

Ask yourself this –

How does this relationship serve my ultimate passion… path… and purpose?

If it disempowers you – use that to grow, and flow to where you KNOW you are supposed to go.

After all, empowerment is not automatic. It takes ACTION. And it takes resistance to develop any sort of muscle. Spiritual toughness is no different.

If it empowers you… and fills you with happiness, hope and makes you feel FREE On the inside – ride it like a wave.

I love the quote by Wayne Dyer.

How people treat you is their karma.

How you react is yours.

The truth is, you can move ANY situation from karmic negative to neutral… to powerful and positive, simply by changing your perspective.

IT really IS that easy.

And that is what I often get paid $300 an hour to help people overcome – that exact same process – is yours above, totally free:-)

Ask What IF questions.

What if my abusive, unappreciative boss is in my life SPECIFICALLY because I chose him to teach me how to speak of for myself and NOT be a victim?

If I stay silent – how does that serve my higher self’s growth and goals?

It doesn’t.

Or – maybe I’m in my bosses life to teach him how to treat people with care, compassion and supreme sensitivity. What if I agreed to do that in a karmic contract long ago… and by staying silent, and being victimized NOW, I’m doing us both a supreme spiritual disservice?

The truth is, looked at through the karma of connection, we all have a spiritual responsibility to ourselves – and each other.

THAT is the spiritual secret that can save your life.

The wisdom is within you. Always.

Trust it and let gratitude be your guru.