By Janni Thorpe

Here’s a two-card reading featuring the Magician and the Five of Swords. The message reminds us we have to stand firm for what we believe in!

In a two card reading, we’ll draw one card, then a second. The first card offers some positive message or attribute — the second card offers suggestions as to how we might best implement the attributes suggested by the first card.

Sometimes, our first card doesn’t offer a positive message — in that case, we’ll look at the reading as suggesting how we might best avoid a negative situation.

We’ll start our reading with our first card, The Magician.

The Magician suggests someone who won’t take “no” for an answer. He knows what he wants to achieve — and he’s going to make it happen. He doesn’t get discouraged if things don’t work out initially — he’s too focused on his goal to worry about that. He’ll deal with temporary “bumps” along the road and wills himself forward when others might give up.

The Magician doesn’t give up. Frankly, he’s too much of a hard head to do so!

If you wanted to portray The Magician in a phrase, it would be “will-power.” The Magician uses all resources available to him — he manages and controls those resources in his effort to achieve his goal.

Let’s see where this is heading — with our second card, the Five of Swords.

Interestingly enough, this card kind of emphasizes this message — don’t give up when you encounter difficulties.

Some folks see this card as a negative one — I always see it as someone who has faced greater odds and overcame them. The image itself portrays a young person who has faced two-to-one odds against him and has beaten those odds. We can see the spirit of The Magician in this card — temporary difficulties or obstacles are not going to stop this card from achieving his objective.

When we put these two together, we’re reminded that if we really want to achieve our desired goal — and we really want to put the effort in to make it happen — then we’re not going to be discouraged by what may seem to be difficult challenges. Rather than seeing them as obstacles that can stop us, we should see them as temporary issues that need to be resolved so that we can move forward towards our goal.

So — put on your hard head, dig your heels in the ground, and willfully press forward to your goal. That’s the big picture you want to focus on!

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