By Pranav Kumar Reddy

A rough day, an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding, are all occasions when you can give flowers to your special ones. The list of occasions is an endless one. Giving flowers is an age-old tradition that has the same value today as it did ages back. Unless someone has a genuine dislike for flowers, you cannot rule out a single day when you should not or cannot give flowers. The beauty of flowers is not ephemeral. Rather, their ethereal aesthetics make them perfect for every ordinary day. If you wish to make your special ones feel special, giving flowers is the perfect way. While giving flowers to the special women in your life, Here is a list of flowers for every sun sign so that you don’t make the wrong choices.

Let’s start with Aries, a fire sign. People born under the Aries sign are known to be free-spirited, fierce and passionate. Flowers that grow only under full exposure to sunlight are most suited for people with the sun sign Aries. The intensity of their personality can be matched by the beauty of a tulip bud or by daisies, both of which bloom under ample sunshine. An interesting fact, these flowers die when exposed to heavy rainfall, i.e., when the sun is overwhelmed by the clouds.

Taurus is an earth sign and those born under this sign are sensuous, meticulous at what they do and are very romantic. They appreciate aesthetic beauty, creativity, comfort and pleasure. Poppies and lilies are perfect flowers for them.

Those born under the air sign Gemini are multi-dimensional, versatile and considered good-looking. They also value love and friendship more than others. For them, roses are the perfect flowers. No flowers can elicit as many emotions as roses can.

Cancer is a water sign and those born under this sign are considered to be sensitive and emotional. They get hurt very easily, but also love and share more openly. Iris and passion-flower are the flower counterparts of their personalities.

People who belong to the sun sign Leo, a fire sun, are different from Aries because they are more dominant and extroverted. These people honor their words and commitments, and are confident of their abilities to uphold that honor. For these strong individuals, the sunflower is the perfect flower.

An earth sign, people under the sun sign Virgo are very practical and down to earth. They have an innate quality to seek perfection in everything, while at the same time reaching out to others to do them same. They are humble about their achievements but proud of those of their loved ones. Aster and morning-glory make for perfect flowers.

Libra belongs to the air element and people born under this sign are gentle, kind and are in harmony with nature. Hydrangeas are perfect flowers for this sign.

People born under Scorpio are known to be sensuous and passionate, a mix of Taurus and Aries. These people will love peonies and gardenias.

The Sagittarius sign represents optimism, frankness and zest for living life to the fullest. Narcissus encapsulate the very qualities that people born under this sun sign possess.

People belonging to the sun sign Capricorn are hard-working and responsible. They are ambitious and will get up every time they fall. They will love the carnations that you will send them.

The Aquarius sun sign represents all those people are independent and intuitive. For these spiritual people, orchids will be the perfect flowers. You can also send them bird of paradise.

The last sign, the Pisces represents all those people who are extremely giving by nature and are compassionate. They empathise with people and have a tendency to cross their limits to help people. For them, jasmine and lilies will be the perfect flowers.

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