Name Analysis

From the book The Secrets of Numbers

Name Chart

In Numerology, your full name at birth is the key to past experiences on the cosmic plane and to your basic character on this, your physical plane. Your name is like a cosmic registration card or a genetic chart. In its individual parts, it is a proportionate record of past experiences and knowledge gained in previous cycles on the cosmic plane. In its totality, it indicates a predisposition of character in this cycle of physical life. It is the essence of you, the point on which you base your actions and reactions. It is a symbolic description of the basic tools you have acquired and can use to build with, now and in the future.

Motivation Number

Your Motivation Number is the sum of the numerical equivalents of all the vowels in your name. It represents what you consciously want out of life ‑ the basic motivating force behind everything you do.

Impression Number

Your Impression Number is the sum of the numerical equivalents of all the consonants in your name. It represents the pure fantasy side of you, what you dream of when you are quietly by yourself and allow your imagination to create a world that need not be tested against reality. It is an important aspect of your character because it colors subtly the aspects that are most readily visible to others, and today’s dreams have been known to become tomorrow’s reality for those who dare.

Expression Number

Your Expression Number is the sum of the numerical equivalents of all the letters in your name ‑ both vowels and consonants. It indicates the manner in which you best express yourself, the natural abilities you are best equipped to use in negotiating with others to get what you want out of life. It indicates natural potential.

Inclusion Table

Missing Letters or Karma

If you have no letters which correspond to a number or numbers, that number or numbers is called your Karma. Karma indicates which experiences which you have not met in past lifetimes and are therefore lessons you must learn in this one. Since you have not encountered them before, some difficulty is indicated in the experiences that these Karma Numbers indicate.

Abundance of Letters or Intensification

If there is an obvious abundance of letters corresponding to a particular number of numbers in your Inclusion Table, that predominance of a number or numbers is called Intensification. Intensification indicates experiences which have occurred most frequently in past lifetimes. These experiences should be easy for you to encounter again, because you have learned them well before. But Intensification poses a danger signal as well. If you become too confident and self‑assured, you may become careless, and mistakes can occur in experiences involving your Intensification Number.

Subconscious Response

The Subconscious Response is the way you instinctively react in times of crisis. It is found by subtracting the amount of Karma from 9. If you have no letters corresponding to one number, you subtract 1 from 9; if you have no letters corresponding to two numbers, you subtract 2 from 9. It is not the particular number or numbers that are Karma, but the number of times Karma occurs that you subtract from 9.

There is no Subconscious Response Numbers lower than 3. No one, it seems, is burdened with more than six different Karma.