Number 1


Symbols: the Sun, the Unicorn.

Sign: the Point.

Positive — Pioneering, powerful, masculine, aggressive, creative, independent, original, dominant.

Negative — intolerant, obstinate, tyrannical, egotistical.

Universal meanings: the number of God, the Prime Masculine Number, the Yang, God/Man, Adam or the Paradise State. The number of consciousness, unity, light, Genesis, Creation, Ego, Being, the Active Principle, the Father, Jehovah in the Old Testament. Energy in a state of perpetual motion. Sometimes the number of egoism, eccentricity and tyrants. It is the beginning—that by which all the other eight numbers were created. One can be divided into any number leaving it unaltered and so represents the spirit which can enter all things without changing their outer forms. It is immoveable and unalterable because whether multiplied or divided by itself one remains the same — this does not happen with any other number.

Personal meanings: Ones are pioneers, explorers and innovators, powerful individuals capable of great achievement. Their tenacity and aggression enables them to rise to positions of power and authority where they are respected and looked up to by others. They are popular. One is the number of aim, ambition and action and if these qualities are used positively ones can be very successful in life. They have dynamic personalities, are prepared to work hard and get things done. They are also prepared to encourage and advise others less courageous than themselves.

Ones are decisive, born leaders, single minded and totally in control of themselves and any situation they may happen to be in. They rarely turn to others for help and prefer to handle problems in their own way. Once a One has chosen a particular course of action, even if it leads to disaster, their obstinacy makes it almost impossible to divert them. Negative Ones can be lazy, lacking in confidence and indecisive. At the other extreme they can also be too positive when they become egotistical, intolerant, domineering and eccentric. The number one, when connected with future events, indicates a time to be determined. Also it’s a, time for fresh starts, launching new projects and ideas, and to leave the past behind — if you want to succeed. In their personal life Ones have a great sense of responsibility for those they love, and are often over-generous to their partners. They are not jealous by nature but should they discover that their partner has been unfaithful they can be totally ruthless in the way they handle the situation. Generally they dislike arguments and are usually prepared to compromise. Ones are loyal, sincere, charming, affectionate and good company. They are also extremely self¬controlled.