Number 6


Symbols: Venus, Diana, Janus, the heart.

Sign: a double triangle or circle divided into six representing unity of spirit and body and harmony between man and God.

Positive — domesticated, reliable, harmonious, idealistic, loyal, creative, honest, parental.

Negative — complacent, trivial, selfish, gossipy.

Universal meanings: the Human Soul because six is symbolic of the union between Fire and Water. The number of ambivalance and effort. A ‘perfect number’ because it equals the sum of its divisors (1 + 2+ 3=6) and is divisible by both a 3 (odd) and a 2 (even) thus harmoniously combining the elements of each. The number of the days of Creation and therefore symbolic of the cessation of effort. The number of love, marriage and domestic happiness. A hermaphroditic number.

Personal meanings: Sixes are romantically inclined and lean to the ideal in all matters of the heart. Their outlook on life is very Venusian because they love their homes and beautiful objects around them. They can also derive much pleasure from art, music and poetry. Sixes are imaginative and creative, have excellent colour sense and are at their best when involved in some form of artistic expression. These people are most likely to succeed as painters, musicians or writers because they have double the creative ability of a number three (3 + 3 = 6). Sixes are intelligent, open-minded and well-balanced. They are also dependable, peaceloving and domesticated. They like their lives to run smoothly with the least possible stress and unpleasantness. Everything for a Six must be harmonious. Negative Sixes can carry their desire for pleasant surroundings too far and become fussy and trivial. They can also become complacent, arrogant and selfish. Some negative Sixes are inclined to gossip.

The number six when connected with future events indicates an urgent need to put matters right in the home without further delay. Because the number six rules divorce as well as marriage the adjustments necessary may be between marriage partners.

In personal life Sixes are loyal, faithful and very affectionate. They make loving parents and will do anything they can to help their children prosper and learn. They prefer the company of their partner when married to that of friends and spend much of their leisure time improving their homes. Sixes dislike rows and arguments because they find them distasteful and disruptive. They are fair, considerate and generous to those they love.