Ace of Coins

Alternative Names: Ace of Pentacles

Number: 64/1 (depends on the deck)

Element: Earth

Astrological Associations: The Earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Key Meanings: Prosperity, property, and beginnings

The Ace of Coins in Tarot stands for material force, prosperity, practicality, and trust. It signifies possibility where abundance and security are concerned. The Ace of Pentacles meaning in a Tarot reading is one of new beginnings.

Upright Meaning: The upright meaning of the Ace of Pentacles is auspicious for every aspect of your life. In a spread, it overrules other minor arcana cards close by (just like XIX, The Sun). The Ace predicts happiness and contentment; you can have what you desire. Traditionally, it predicts prosperity, and you find money comes to you quickly, either as a windfall or win, or you are shown the way to achieve it. In this sense, the card presents an opportunity for further attainment, so now is the time to receive the precious gift or opportunity on offer and use it to maximize your potential. You may find a way to use it to build for the future, as property is favored in the suit of Pentacles.

In readings, it commonly arises to show money is coming or a new property; it also predicts foundation and stability, so if you have questions concerning your home or relationship, you will receive what you need in abundance. One message of the card, too, is not to doubt your good fortune. You deserve it.

In a reading, one Ace brings a focus on the life area according to the suit, which can set the theme of the reading.

Reversed Meaning: When the Ace reverses, it reveals greed and holding fast to one outcome. This desperation can cause materialistic thinking, and when you are fixed to one goal, other aspects of your life may suffer. The card can show unwise investment of time or money, so be aware of the motives of those you invest with or work for; this can be a difficult time when you are treated unfairly by an unscrupulous person or organization. Money for work you have done may not materialize. The reversed Ace of Pentacles also shows financial mismanagement and mistakes; as a prediction card in a reading, it advises not to make major financial decisions at present.

In personal relationships, the card can show that someone close becomes grasping and materialistic and selfishly wants to keep everything for themselves. The card can also show gambling and reckless spending.

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