Aquarius 2018 Horoscope



Your quirky, endearing personality makes you a popular invitee to parties and events, Aquarius, but you tend to take potential personal connections lightly. One of your tasks for 2018 is to go a bit deeper emotionally, because what you find in your inner sanctum might be surprising and satisfying in ways you hadn’t imagined.

However, as you begin the year with the brilliant sun in your sign starting in mid-January, you are very much into being your unpredictable self. You’re a natural schmoozer and networker, and you collect contact info left and right. Technology is your jam, and for the next month you love checking out the latest techy gadgets and gizmos.

Aggressive Mars passes through your sign starting in mid-May, and you may not be able to stop sudden changes. Yours is a fixed sign, so you don’t adapt well to plan variations, and you could be thrown off course by one too many surprises in the coming months.

The end of July generates a problematic square between Mars and Uranus (your power planet), when personal relationships could reach the boiling point. You don’t like rules and limitations, but bucking the system could have serious consequences.

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