Inspiration leads you to seek new worlds to conquer. Your happiness lies in a victory over limiting conditions. The conquest is your source of greatest happiness, and you cheer when you win. Once that’s accomplished you’re bored and seek some new way to find challenge and get the best of it. You rejoice at overcoming hindrances, defeating obstacles and opposition. This goes for love, too; watch out a bit for this happiness trend, preferably by marrying someone who give you a constant sense of challenge. You can be joyous when striving to win political position and each step upward in this field can provide splendid challenge.

Aries Overview

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and represents the springtime of life. Mars is the ruler, and starts the battle as a shining young soldier on fire with the principle of the Holy Grail.

Aries people are natural leaders, with the courage, energy, and originally necessary to inspire followers. They are often top-heavy with personality, and are well able to carry out all of their plans. That they begin ventures and leave the finishing to others is also part of the Aries character. They start great things, and are the “Doers” of the world, but other great ideas inspire them before their work is completed. This quality is acceptable when they have become the exalted of the earth, where there are plenty of minions to do the detail work.


Aries 2023 Horoscope


You’re a bold fire sign, but your year doesn’t start out with the bang you might expect. Your outgoing planetary leader Mars is retrograde in versatile air sign Gemini at the beginning of January, giving your personality a more easygoing, laid-back vibe than you’re used to.

Expansive Jupiter spends the first several months of the year in your competitive sign, however, so be sure to assert yourself. It’s time to expand your mind and go for the things you want. Truly believing you can reach your goals and dreams is what this special transit is all about. Other people can do it, Aries, so why not you?!

Wounded warrior asteroid Chiron is traveling with your powerful sign again all year, which helps you work on personal issues that have been holding you back from reaching your true potential. Your family life is extremely complicated in 2023, but this introverted transit can be a major part of your healing process. As a strong fire sign you don’t like to dwell on your feelings, but addressing your very real pain can have an amazingly positive effect this year.

And be sure to mark on your calendar the electric new moon and solar eclipse in your sign in mid-April, because it will be prime time for manifesting what you want this year. Things hardly ever turn out the way you think they will, but this is your chance to reimagine the f**k out of your goals and dreams. Think you can’t conjure up what you want from the Universe? These incredibly determined lunar events say “watch me.”


Love isn’t always smooth sailing for a fire sign like you, but at least your love life won’t be boring.

Love goddess Venus is spending time in your eleventh house of community and future hopes and wishes to start the year, Aries, so while you thrive on your independence, this transit makes it perfectly clear that your love life can benefit from the help of others this year. Making friends with a wide variety of people enriches your relationship and gives you a solid foundation upon which to build your future.

Healing asteroid Chiron spends another year in your first house, and because this powerful transit enables you to focus on important internal issues and self-healing, it can make you appear selfish at times. This duo can bring out some very deep wounds that you’ve never expressed to your partner, so your pain could come as a complete shock to them. It’s not your job to make them understand exactly where you’re coming from, but it would be helpful if you could explain enough so they won’t worry that it’s their fault.

And if you’re wondering whether there will be any time to focus on being together and just having a good time, you can look forward to the sun highlighting your house of fun and pleasure in late July, which gives you a whole month to enjoy each other. Fun summer activities to plan now are weekends at the beach, game nights with other couples and an intimate massage for two.


Things might not progress romantically at the fast pace you’d like them to all year, Aries, but love is in the air and being patient pays off.

As the year begins, the bright sun is shining and highlighting your friendship and networking zone from the end of January until the end of February, so making connections with people won’t be an issue. A relationship that starts out in the friend zone can always turn into more later. Building a love partnership based on a friendship can be quite rewarding, so try not to be disappointed if there aren’t fireworks right away. Also keep in mind that other people can be excellent matchmakers for you now, and letting friends, family and coworkers know the type of partner you’re looking for improves your odds of finding that person.

New moons are excellent times to find romance, and the new moon in your house of aesthetics in mid-May can be electrifying. You’re in search of someone who is beautiful on the inside and the outside now, and you can’t resist people who are indulgent when it comes to self-care. Is it too superficial to be attracted to someone who wears expensive designer clothes and scents? Maybe, but that’s what you’re into now, and you don’t see the point in apologizing for it.

Passionate Venus spends most of December in your transformation and sexuality zone, and mixing business with pleasure will be a very attractive activity now. If you’re romantically drawn to someone you work with, make sure that taking things to another level with them isn’t against any company policies. You love to take risks, but is some hot romantic action worth losing your job over? Probably not.

Money & Career

You like to make money fast and spend it just as quickly, but just like in love, this year is more about patience and moderation. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to boost your bank account, but don’t count on it happening overnight.

Saturn, the serious planet of power and ambition, continues to move along in your house of networking early this year, Aries, which encourages you to make new contacts everywhere you can. Schmoozing with the boss at a company event can lead you down an interesting career path, or chatting it up with the person next to you on a flight can land you a brand-new job opportunity (and a higher salary). Always stay professional, even in a party setting, but find a way to (tactfully) make your true intentions known.

Lucky Jupiter will be spending the first few months of the year in your confident sign, which helps you believe in yourself and your moneymaking potential. Forget about all of your past financial mistakes and start looking ahead. With expansive Jupiter in your first house of the powerful self, there’s no end to what you can do with this energetic force surrounding you.

Money goddess Venus pairs up with money-savvy Taurus from mid-March to mid-April, and this financially focused transit can definitely help you unlock your hidden moneymaking potential. You aren’t that big of a strategist when it comes to making and saving money, but this cosmic partnership shows you how slowing down and considering your long-term goals can pay off big time in the future. If you’ve been thinking about your financial security, this is a good time to finally do something about it.


tn_1-ARIFISHARIFISH (PISCES/ARIES) – March 19 – March 24

Zodiac Position:  Approximately 27° Pisces–4° Aries.  Seasons:  Late winter/early spring (equinox) Elements:  Water/Fire  Qualities:  Mutable/Cardinal  Rulers:  Neptune/Mars  Symbols:  The Fish/The Ram  Modes:  Feeling/Intuition

Also called the Cusp of Rebirth, the Arifish is an overlapping and admixture of the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.  The Arifish cusp can be likened symbolically to the beginning of each human life on earth as well as literally being the beginning of the astrological new year.  Thus, the Arifish cusp may be said to represent Rebirth.  Beginning the year with January 1 has more to do with today’s prevailing calendar than with life cycles – it is a relatively new development in human history, since many civilizations saw the onset of spring (approx. March 21 in the northern hemisphere) as marking the year’s beginning.  This start-up aspect is emphasized by the words for spring in various languages:  Italian – primavera, French – printemps, Dutch – voorjaar.   Wisdom can be seen in this older way of looking at the yearly cycle and instead of arbitrarily naming January 1 as the first day of the year, astrologers and other more traditionally-minded thinkers prefer to consider the spring equinox, March 21, as the first day.

The days which comprise the Arifish cusp reveal not only the uncomplicated, fiery forwardness expected of Aries, but also watery Piscean traits of dreaminess, active fantasy, quietude and sensitivity.

THE ARIFISH PERSONALITY:  Those born on this cusp are unusually direct in their approach to life, and their outspokenness can make them alternately admired or misunderstood.  They are elemental, basic individuals who cannot and will not be denied, no matter what their station in life.  Arifish people rarely see anything wrong with their actions and generally refuse to change their attitude or lifestyle for anyone.  Even the mildest of them seem to carry a sense of infallibility about their person.  Through insistence they tend to get their way.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different, adjacent signs.  Because the Arifish personality combines the watery Piscean traits of sensitivity and deep emotion with the fiery Aries traits of action and willfulness, people born on this cusp may prove puzzling to those unable to understand their curious mixture of passive and active characteristics.  They can be at once dreamers and doers.  However, as feeling-intuitive types, they often lack earthy stability and hard mental objectivity.  For this reason, their lives tend to show a great deal of conflict and flux.

Those who do get to know Arifish better learn not to look for deeper reasons or ulterior motives behind their actions.  Those born on this primal cusp resent being analyzed, feeling either rightly or wrongly that what they so openly present to the world is exactly what they really are—no more, no less.  All self-critical processes are painful for them, but their success in life will be directly proportional to their ability to remain objective about what they do and who they are.

ADVICE:  Learning patience is your most important task.  Develop social skills through working alongside others.  Try to curb your impetuous side—weigh alternatives and consider consequences before speaking or acting.  Get to know yourself better.

ARIFISH ATTRACTIONS:  People born on this cusp are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly those born on the Libra-Scorpio (LIBRASCORP) and Taurus-Gemini (TAURINI) cusps.


tn_2-ARITAURARITAUR (ARIES/TAURUS) – April 19 – April 24

Zodiac Position:  Approximately 27° Aries–4° Taurus.  Season:  Mid-spring  Elements:  Fire/Earth  Qualities:  Cardinal/Fixed  Rulers:  Mars/Venus  Symbols:  The Ram/The Bull  Modes:  Intuition/Sensation

ARITAUR, or the ARIES/TAURUS Cusp, April 19 – April 24:  Also called the Cusp of Power, is an overlapping and mixture of the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus.  The ARITAUR cusp can be symbolically likened to the period around seven years of age in the human life and literally falls at the beginning of mid-spring in the northern hemisphere  The ARITAUR may be said to represent Power.  During this period of the year the forces of nature are fully released with beautiful, sometimes terrifying intensity.  The onset of spring may be seen as heralding an idyllic, pastoral season but has also been the time of violent blood rituals both in primitive cultures and in the Christian Easter or Jewish Passover celebrations.  In spring, the melting snow of the mountains discharges torrents of water, rains come and colorful new life thrusts up through the earth seeking light and air.  In humans, the age of seven usually marks the arrival of many of the second teeth, and the child passes over into a stage in which he/she begins to feel and express new-found powers.  Ideally, identification with the parent of the same sex has occurred by now and the child seeks to assert his/her growing independence and autonomy.  Moreover, the child can act as protector or even surrogate parent to younger siblings or other infants and toddlers.

The days which comprise the ARITAUR cusp reveal some of this manifestation of Power, not only in the fiery forwardness and willfulness expected of Aries, but also in earthy Taurus traits of practicality, endurance and nurturing.

THE ARITAUR PERSONALITY:   ARITAURS are markedly dominant personalities, capable of impacting on their environment with great force and exerting control over those around them.  Whether they choose to be leaders or not, they can achieve solid career results in a variety of ways:  climbing the corporate ladder, establishing themselves as influential freelancers, setting up and running a family or home situation, or building a secure financial base.  ARITAURS become very uncomfortable if they are forced to give up their autonomy or are compelled to submit to another’s authority.  On the other hand, they must avoid being victimized or overwhelmed by their own drive and ambition.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  Because the ARITAUR personality combines fiery, impulsive and intuitive Aries traits with earthy, sensuous and practical Taurus ones, frustrating conflicts between imaginative and realistic considerations may surface.  On the other hand, earthy qualities may also serve to balance, calm and ground fiery energies.  Intuitive-sensitive types, those born on this cusp may at times show a disturbing lack of emotional sensitivity.  ARITAURS are highly strategic in thought and action.  This is demonstrated in their ability to overcome seemingly overwhelming odds, guided by an unerring instinct which tells them when to wait and when to act.   Masters of thorough and painstaking preparation, they are not in any hurry to achieve immediate results.

ADVICE FOR ARITAURS:  Try not to overpower others.  Learn to back off and allow things to happen as they will.  Although your hands may itch to do the job, give others a chance to do it their way, even if they make mistakes.  Try to remain sensitive to the feelings of those around you.

ARITAUR ATTRACTIONS:   People born on this cusp are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly those born on the Taurus-Gemini (TAURINI) and Scorpio-Sagittarius (SCORPITTARIUS) cusps.

Famous Aries

Those with the Sun in Aries are gifted with a direct, fiery nature that makes them one step ahead of the crowd. They take charge of a situation, and their sense of certainty usually makes others fall in line. This makes the Sun in Aries a born leader.

Often larger-than-life, they can light up a room with their charisma. If a gathering is dull, they’ll quickly move on – and they’re among the ones with the stamina to party ‘til dawn. The Sun in Aries craves excitement and their restless spirits seek out the next big thing.

Click on your birthday to reveal the famous people who share that date with you.

March 21 Birthdays

An Aries born March 21 has a proud and adventuresome nature, though this may not be displayed in conventional ways. They have incredible emotional resilience and can bounce back from disappointment more readily than nearly any other individual.


Ralph Abernathy [Activist]

Johann Sebastian Bach [Composer]

Solomon Burke [Singer/Songwriter]

Sam Hardy [Actor]

Russ Meyer [Film Director]

Eddie Money [Singer/Songwriter]

Rosie O’Donnell [Comedian, Actress, Activist, Talk Show Host]

Gary Oldman [Actor]

Ronaldinho [Soccer]

Ayrton Senna [Auto Racing]

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March 22 Birthdays

In the life of the Aries born on March 22, instinct takes precedence over intellect. They are impulsive, fun-loving individuals who see it as their mission in life to test boundaries. They are vibrant, exciting types who can draw people to them on the strength of their personality alone. Their love of daring and risk-taking is the envy of others


William Shatner [Actor]

George Benson [Jazz Musician]

Wolf Blitzer [Journalist]

Bob Costas [Sports Journalist]

Orrin Hatch [Politician]

Cole Hauser [Actor]

Keegan Michael Key [Actor]

Louis L’Amour [Novelist]

Andrew Lloyd Webber [Composer]

Stephanie Mills [Singer]

James Patterson [Author]

Pat Robertson [Religion]

Stephen Sondheim [Composer]

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March 23 Birthdays

The Aries born on March 23 is a self-deprecating, good-natured person who can differentiate between taking their work and taking themselves too seriously. Talkative and outgoing, they give the appearance of being highly organized, but they actually prefer to take life as it comes.

You should embrace: Emotional depth, spiritual goals, destiny

You should avoid: Excessive temperament, ignoring details, intolerance


Akira Kurosawa [Film Director]

Daniel Bovet [Scientist]

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione [Painter]

Kenneth Cole [Fashion Designer]

Erich Fromm [Psychologist]

Bette Nesmith Graham [Inventor]

Maynard Jackson [Politician]

Chaka Khan [Singer]

Jason Kidd [Basketball]

Pierre [Simon Laplace [Mathematician]

Moses Malone [Basketball]

Ric Ocasek [Musician]

Wernher von Braun [Scientist]

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March 24 Birthdays

Creative and sympathetic, the Aries born on March 24 sees their life as an expression of their deep inner creativity. Their good nature extends to everyone around them, and they are unlikely to have enemies. They possess a credible simplicity that attracts enthusiastic admirers.


Louie Anderson [Comic]

Joseph Barbera [Cartoonist]

Clyde Barrow [Criminal]

Lawrence Ferlinghetti [Poet]

Harry Houdini [Magician]

Star Jones [TV Personality]

John M. Lilley [Educator]

Bob Mackie [Fashion Designer]

Peyton Manning [Football]

Renaldo Nehemiah [Track and Field]

John Wesley Powell [Geologist]

Wilhelm Reich [Scientist]

The Undertaker [Wrestling]

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March 25 Birthdays

An Aries born on March 25 is naturally shy, even though they possess the ability to shine at any gathering. At times, they display strong social skills and may be the life of the party. But in reality these individuals draw strength from a rich and creative inner life.


Laz Alonso [Actor]

Hoyt Axton [Country Musician]

Anita Bryant [Activist]

Johnny Burnette [Musician]

Howard Cosell [Sports Journalist]

Ed Felten [Computer Programmer]

Aretha Franklin [Singer]

Elton John

Jim Lovell [Astronaut]

Jack Ruby [Assassin]

Lee Shubert [Theatre Producer]

Simone Signoret [Actor]

Doug Stanhope [Comic]

Arturo Toscanini [Conductor]

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March 26 Birthdays

An Aries born on March 26 will be a bright individual. Although they appear capable, they possess a deep insecurity that can create emotional distress. They are unlikely to reveal these vulnerabilities, preferring to solve their own problems.

You should embrace: Displaying sensitivity, a sense of beauty, being happy

You should avoid: Being secretive, ignoring the needs of others, sarcasm


Marcus Allen [Football]

Christian Anfinsen [Chemist]

Nathaniel Bowditch [Astronomer]

James Caan [Actor]

Paul Erdos [Mathematician]

Sterling Hayden [Actor]

Michael Imperioli [Actor]

Erica Jong [Author]

Vicki Lawrence [Comic]

Leonard Nimoy [Actor]

Teddy Pendergrass [Singer/Songwriter]

Diana Ross [Singer]

Curtis Sliwa [Activist]

Steven Tyler [Singer]

William Westmoreland [Military]

Tennessee Williams [Playwright]

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March 27 Birthdays

An Aries born on March 27 is characterized by strength, tenacity, and the ability to draw upon those traits when needed. They generally go their own way and make their decisions according to their impulsive nature. At times they may seem bossy, even arrogant. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.


Randall Cunningham [Football]

Mariah Carey [Singer/Songwriter]

Louis XVII [Royalty]

Arthur Mitchell [Dancer]

Junior Parker [Musician]

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe [Architect]

Henry Royce [Engineer]

Pee Wee Russell [Jazz Musician]

Talisa Soto [Model]

Quentin Tarantino [Film Director]

Cyrus Vance [Government]

Cale Yarborough [Auto Racing]

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March 28 Birthdays

An Aries born on March 28 will be bubbly, excitable, and somewhat unpredictable. They can be argumentative, but never to the point where it diminishes their personal charm. These people are thoughtful, meditative, and spiritual.


Dirk Bogarde [Actor]

Zbigniew Brzezinski [Government]

John Amos Comenius [Educator]

Bart Conner [Gymnastics]

Conchata Ferrell [Actor]

Maxim Gorky [Playwright]

Reba McEntire [Country Musician]

Emin Pasha [Explorer]

Marlin Perkins [Zoologist]

Brett Ratner [Film Director]

Rudolf Serkin [Pianist]

Mario Vargas Llosa [Novelist]

Sarah Vaughan [Singer]

Dianne Wiest [Actor]

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March 29 Birthdays

The Aries born on March 29 will have a poetic quality about them. They are able to transcend the ordinary aspects of their personality by drawing upon their intelligence and intuition.


Pearl Bailey [Singer]

Martin Fleischmann [Chemist]

Walt Frazier [Basketball]

Vincent Gigante [Criminal]

Terence Hill [Actor]

Lou Hoover [First Lady]

Eric Idle [Comic]

Lucy Lawless [Actor]

Tullio Levi [Civita [Mathematician]

Oscar Mayer [Business]

Mehmed the Conqueror [Royalty]

Annabella Sciorra [Actor]

Vangelis [Musician]

Cy Young [Baseball]

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March 30 Birthdays

An Aries born on March 30 is a bold, generous person who lives life to the fullest and is never afraid to take chances on their self-appointed path to wisdom and enlightenment. They make fine mentors.


John Astin [Actor]

Brooke Astor [Philanthropist]

Warren Beatty [Actor]

Tracy Chapman [Singer]

Eric Clapton [Guitarist]

DJ AM [Disc Jockey]

John Fiske [Historian]

Francisco de Goya [Painter]

MC Hammer [Singer/Songwriter]

Santonio Holmes [Football]

Piers Morgan [Editor]

Paul Reiser [Actor]

Klaus Schwab [Economist]

Vincent van Gogh [Painter]

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March 31 Birthdays

An Aries born on March 31 always seems to be in the path of miraculous good fortune. Because of their unique ability to recognize unusual opportunities, they know how to benefit when these take place. They possess a strong personality and a great deal of charisma.

You should avoid: Unpredictability for its own sake, being late, self-doubt


Herb Alpert [Musician]

William Waldorf Astor [Publisher]

Pope Benedict XIV [Religion]

Lawrence Bragg [Physicist]

Cesar Chavez [Labor Leader]

Liz Claiborne [Fashion Designer]

René Descartes [Philosopher]

Joseph Haydn [Composer]

Henri II [Royalty]

Gordie Howe [Hockey]

Jack Johnson [Boxing]

Vanessa del Rio [Pornstar]

Christopher Walken [Actor]

Angus Young [Guitarist]

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April 1 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 1 is anything but a fool, despite their connection to this questionable “holiday”. Their quiet nature masks an ability to make the best of any situation. Although frequently centered on their own concerns in the way most Aries natives are, they rarely ignore an opportunity to help or inspire others.


Edwin Abbey [Painter]

Samuel Alito [Judge]

Otto von Bismarck [Head of State]

Ferruccio Busoni [Pianist]

Lon Chaney [Actor]

Carl Charlier [Astronomer]

Jimmy Cliff [Singer/Songwriter]

Alberta Hunter [Singer]

Method Man [Rapper]

Toshirô Mifune [Actor]

Randy Orton [Wrestling]

Gil Scott Heron [Poet]

Barry Sonnenfeld [Film Director]

Rusty Staub [Baseball]

Sean Taylor [Football]

Richard Zsigmondy [Chemist]

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April 2 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 2 possesses uncanny powers of imagination and may spend a great deal of their life dreaming with their eyes open. They have a natural dignity that may seem standoffish. This reticence, however, has a lordly resonance and creates an aura of specialness.

You should avoid: Predictability, jealous rages, boredom


Hans Christian Andersen [Author]

Shane Barbi [Model]

Sia Barbi [Model]

Edwin Alonzo Boyd [Criminal]

Walter P. Chrysler [Business]

Dr. Demento [Radio Personality]

Buddy Ebsen [Actor]

Max Ernst [Painter]

Marvin Gaye [Singer]

Alec Guinness [Actor]

Christopher Meloni [Actor]

Camille Paglia [Author]

Prince Paul [Music Producer]

Roselyn Sanchez [Actor]

Peter Schlesinger [Photographer]

Jack Webb [Actor]

Émile Zola [Novelist]

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April 3 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 3 will think of themselves as a social rebel. However, they always manage in some way to draw upon the resources of the status quo in order to fund or support their iconoclastic aims. They have a broad view of life and see themselves as citizens of the world.

You should avoid: An inability to love, envy, empty praise


Lyle Alzado [Football]

Sebastian Bach [Musician]

Alec Baldwin [Actor]

Jamie Bamber [Actor]

Marlon Brando [Actor]

John Burroughs [Naturalist]

Doris Day [Actor]

Jane Goodall [Naturalist]

King Henry IV [Royalty]

George Herbert [Poet]

Mellody Hobson [Business]

Eddie Murphy [Comic]

Wayne Newton [Singer]

Picabo Street [Skier]

Miyoshi Umeki [Actor]

Henri Van De Velde [Architect]

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April 4 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 4 will possess the enviable talent of being worldly and spiritual in equal measure. They inspire through example yet never seek to force others into their way of thinking or behaving. Although a particular talent or ability is often the keystone of their nature, they prefer to see themselves as many-faceted.

You should avoid: Trespassing on someone’s feelings, arbitration, empty calories


Maya Angelou [Poet]

Tom Byron [Pornstar]

Clive Davis [Business]

Robert Downey, Jr. [Actor]

Bill France, Jr. [Auto Racing]

Rémy de Gourmont [Poet]

Hambali [Terrorist]

Gil Hodges [Baseball]

David E. Kelley [Film/TV Producer]

Kitty Kelley [Author]

Heath Ledger [Actor]

Arthur Murray [Dancer]

Barry Pepper [Actor]

Anthony Perkins [Actor]

Jill Scott [Singer]

Muddy Waters [Musician]

Hugo Weaving [Actor]

Isoroku Yamamoto [Military]

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April 5 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 5 is a natural aristocrat, has a high opinion of themselves and may even be self-centered. However, that attitude in no way influences their ability to interact with others or to be likeable. They possess a sense of destiny and may often find themselves involved in unusual circumstances. Their best trait is unabashed honesty.

You should avoid: Self-pity, capriciousness, questioning existence


Albert R. Broccoli [Film/TV Producer]

Roger Corman [Film/TV Producer]

Bette Davis [Actor]

Richard Eberhart [Poet]

Dan Farmer [Computer Programmer]

Frank Gorshin [Actor]

Peter Greenaway [Film Director]

Arthur Hailey [Novelist]

Nigel Hawthorne [Actor]

Nikita Khrushchev [Head of State]

Joseph Lister [Doctor]

Michael Moriarty [Actor]

Gregory Peck [Actor]

Colin Powell [Government/Military]

Judith Resnik [Astronaut]

Gale Storm [Actor]

Nguyen Van Thieu [Head of State]

Spencer Tracy [Actor]

Pope Urban VIII [Religion]

Pop Warner [Football]

Booker T. Washington [Educator]

Pharrell Williams [Music Producer]

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April 6 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 6 is characterized by creativity and imagination of the highest level. They have the ability to convince others of their opinions and aims, yet their manner is subtle. They have true “star quality.”

You should avoid: Constant worry, superficial relationships, gossip


Mickey Cochrane [Baseball]

Ivan Dixon [Actor]

Merle Haggard [Country Musician]

Andy Hertzfeld [Computer Programmer]

Wilhelm Junker [Explorer]

André Previn [Pianist]

John William Waterhouse [Painter]

Billy Dee Williams [Actor]

Zamfir [Musician]

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April 7 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 7 is a fascinating combination of dreamer and doer, and will always put their talents to work in improving the conditions of those around them. They are essentially without ego and have the ability to understand the feelings of others.

You should avoid: Empty promises, selling yourself short, fatalism


Ronde Barber [Football]

Tiki Barber [Football]

Bill Bellamy [Comic]

Charles Burney [Musicologist]

Jackie Chan [Actor]

Pope Clement XII [Religion]

Francis Ford Coppola [Film Director]

Tony Dorsett [Football]

Allen W. Dulles [Spy]

Daniel Ellsberg [Government]

Percy Faith [Musician]

David Frost [Journalist]

Billie Holiday [Singer]

Freddie Hubbard [Jazz Musician]

Janis Ian [Singer/Songwriter]

Makoto Kobayashi [Physicist]

Mongo Santamaria [Drummer]

Ravi Shankar [Musician]

Donald B. Tresidder [Educator]

Stan Winston [Artist]

St. Francis Xavier [Religion]

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April 8 Birthdays

Despite a pleasing personality, an Aries born on April 8 has steel at their core and never misses a chance to learn from their mistakes or miscalculations. They don’t see themselves as catalysts for change but will endeavor to right a wrong if an opportunity presents itself.

You should avoid: Promiscuity, insensitivity, burning your bridges


Kofi Annan [Government]

Patricia Arquette [Actor]

Jacques Brel [Singer/Songwriter]

Gary Carter [Baseball]

Harvey Cushing [Doctor]

Tom DeLay [Politician]

Betty Ford [First Lady]

Shecky Greene [Comic]

John Havlicek [Basketball]

Sonja Henie [Figure Skating]

Catfish Hunter [Baseball]

Julian Lennon [Musician]

Aristide Maillol [Sculptor]

Carmen McRae [Singer]

Philip IV [Royalty]

Mary Pickford [Actor]

David Rittenhouse [Astronomer]

Louis Skidmore [Architect]

Izzy Stradlin [Guitarist]

Vivienne Westwood [Fashion Designer]

David Wu [Politician]

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April 9 Birthdays

Feisty and opinionated, an Aries born on April 9 sees life as a series of missions. More pragmatic than idealistic, these people enjoy the act of striving almost as much as the victories their efforts bring. These intrepid individuals are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

You should avoid: Looking back, saying “I told you so”, blaming others


Jean [Paul Belmondo [Actor]

Élie Cartan [Mathematician]

F. Albert Cotton [Chemist]

John Presper Eckert [Computer Programmer]

Robbie Fowler [Soccer]

Eric Harris [Criminal]

Hugh Hefner [Publisher]

Marc Jacobs [Fashion Designer]

Jenna Jameson [Pornstar]

Tom Metzger [Activist]

Carl Perkins [Jazz Musician]

Paulina Porizkova [Model]

Keshia Knight Pulliam [Actor]

Dennis Quaid [Actor]

Jørn Utzon [Architect]

Jacques Villeneuve [Auto Racing]

Efrem Zimbalist [Violinist]

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April 10 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 10 is an ambitious individual who has their own way of doing things and refuses to change their attitudes in order to accommodate others. They have the capacity to see the world around them realistically, without letting that knowledge cause disillusionment.

You should avoid: Manipulative people, indiscretions, giving in too easily


Jim Bowie [Military]

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds [Musician]

James V [Royalty]

Kasey Kahne [Auto Racing]

John Madden [Football]

Joseph Pulitzer [Business]

Q [Tip [Rapper]

Steven Seagal [Actor]

Brian Setzer [Musician]

Omar Sharif [Actor]

Max von Sydow [Actor]

Bunny Wailer [Singer]

Robert B. Woodward [Chemist]

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April 11 Birthdays

Good-hearted and daring, an Aries born on April 11 has the potential to do a great deal of good in the world. They display the care and compassion that is often missing from human endeavors.

You should avoid: Needing approval, focusing on weakness, controversy


Tony Brown [Talk Show Host]

Oleg Cassini [Fashion Designer]

Ethel Kennedy [Relative]

Richard Kuklinski [Criminal]

Louise Lasser [Actor]

Anton LaVey [Religion]

Macedonio Melloni [Physicist]

James Parkinson [Doctor]

Bret Saberhagen [Baseball]

Andrew Wiles [Mathematician]

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April 12 Birthdays

Aries born on April 12 are in a class by themselves, and are armed with considerable intelligence, curiosity, and plenty of drive. Students of the human condition, they are keen observers who can easily spot deception in a colleague or associate. They have a genuine gift for enjoying life, and their ability to laugh at themselves is laudable and refreshing.

You should avoid: Buying on credit, placing blame, seeing life from a single point of view


Adriaan Blaauw [Astronomer]

David Cassidy [Singer]

Tom Clancy [Novelist]

Marquess of Dalhousie [Government]

Andy Garcia [Actor]

Herbie Hancock [Jazz Musician]

David Letterman [Talk Show Host]

Otto Meyerhof [Scientist]

Ann Miller [Dancer]

Keith Moffatt [Mathematician]

Candy Samples [Pornstar]

Tiny Tim [Musician]

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April 13 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 13 definitely possesses a spark of genius. These are not showy individuals, but people who prefer existence in a humble, even obscure, setting. Although they would never seek fame, it sometimes finds them, and, when it does, it acts as a profound disruption in their lives.

You should avoid: Family disputes, being a people-pleaser, arrogance


Don Adams [Actor]

Michael S. Brown [Biologist]

Peabo Bryson [Singer]

Roberto Calvi [Business]

Butch Cassidy [Criminal]

Catherine de Medici [Royalty]

Guy Fawkes [Criminal]

Al Green [Singer]

Christopher Hitchens [Journalist]

Thomas Jefferson [Head of State]

Garry Kasparov [Chess Player]

Max Mosley [Auto Racing]

Ron Perlman [Actor]

Bruno Rossi [Astronomer]

Lyle Waggoner [Actor]

Max Weinberg [Drummer]

Eudora Welty [Author]

Bokeem Woodbine [Actor]

F. W. Woolworth [Business]

Herbert O. Yardley [Scientist]

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April 14 Birthdays

The great desire of the Aries born on April 14 is to forge a oneness between mind and spirit. They are highly evolved, emphatically intelligent people who are never afraid to question, to search, to dream.

You should avoid: Taking things too seriously, antagonism, brooding over disappointments


Peter Behrens [Architect]

Ritchie Blackmore [Guitarist]

Da Brat [Rapper]

Adrien Brody [Actor]

Robert Carlyle [Actor]

Amy Dumas [Wrestling]

François Duvalier [Head of State]

John Gielgud [Actor]

Richard Jeni [Comic]

David Justice [Baseball]

Loretta Lynn [Country Musician]

Alan G. MacDiarmid [Chemist]

Yukihiro Matsumoto [Computer Programmer]

Bobby Nichols [Golf]

Shorty Rogers [Jazz Musician]

Pete Rose [Baseball]

Chauncey Starr [Physicist]

Rod Steiger [Actor]

Linus Yale, Jr. [Inventor]

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April 15 Birthdays

Gifted and intuitive, an Aries born on April 15 gains inspiration from the natural world. But keeping a balance between the need to be forceful and assertive, while making their world more beautiful and harmonious, can be a tall order for April 15 natives.

You should avoid: Bragging, self-absorption, indecision


Flex Alexander [Actor]

Evelyn Ashford [Track and Field]

Thomas Hart Benton [Painter]

Claudia Cardinale [Actor]

Roy Clark [TV Personality]

Leonardo Da Vinci [Artist]

Émile Durkheim [Sociologist]

Leonhard Euler [Mathematician]

Dodi al [Fayed [Business]

Arshile Gorky [Painter]

Michael Kamen [Composer]

Harvey Lembeck [Actor]

Seka [Pornstar]

Nikolay Semyonov [Chemist]

Bessie Smith [Singer]

Johannes Stark [Physicist]

Suleiman II [Royalty]

Dara Torres [Swimmer]

Harold Washington [Politician]

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April 16 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 16 has a great need to explore their world through a prism of altered reality. They are never content to keep their life-view to themselves but must share it through career achievements or personal relationships.

You should embrace: Fantasies, musicality, taking chances

You should avoid: Needing to win, delegating authority, jumping to conclusions


Kareem Abdul [Jabbar [Basketball]

Ellen Barkin [Actor]

Bill Belichick [Football]

Pope Benedict XVI [Religion]

Charlie Chaplin [Actor]

Merce Cunningham [Dancer]

Martin Lawrence [Comic]

Henry Mancini [Composer]

Herbie Mann [Jazz Musician]

Selena [Singer]

Dusty Springfield [Singer]

Peter Ustinov [Actor]

Bobby Vinton [Singer]

Wilbur Wright [Aviator]

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April 17 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 17 has an innate understanding of the world around them, and they are always ready for an opportunity that comes their way. They are equally adept at recognizing opportunities for others. When they have an opinion, everyone in their circle is certain to grasp its wisdom.

You should avoid: Guilt, self-criticism, danger


Afrika Bambaataa [Musician]

Sean Bean [Actor]

Irene Castle [Dancer]

Kimberly Elise [Actor]

Boomer Esiason [Football]

Jan Hammer [Musician]

Don Kirshner [Business]

Robert Morrison MacIver [Sociologist]

J. Pierpont Morgan [Business]

Gregor Piatigorsky [Cellist]

Roddy Piper [Wrestling]

Harry Reasoner [Journalist]

Artur Schnabel [Pianist]

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April 18 Birthdays

When an Aries born on April 18 sets themselves a task, they will go to any lengths to accomplish it. Opinionated and aggressive, they often find themselves at the center of controversy. They favor involvement on all levels and are not the type to sit idly as long as there are victories to be won.

You should avoid: Anger, hiding from the truth, impugning the motives of others


Maria Bello [Actor]

Geoff Bodine [Auto Racing]

Lucrezia Borgia [Royalty]

Miguel Cabrera [Baseball]

Clarence Darrow [Attorney]

Jeff Dunham [Comic]

Niall Ferguson [Historian]

Robert Hanssen [Spy]

Kenny Ortega [Choreographer]

Eric Roberts [Actor]

Leopold Stokowski [Conductor]

David Tennant [Actor]

James Woods [Actor]

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April 19 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 19 is possessed with a deep sense of their own spiritual significance and has the ability to do great things. They have marked psychic ability. Whether or not they choose to make use of this talent, it serves as a method for them to make a majority of their intellectual decisions.

You should embrace: Second choices, a love of literature, gentleness

You should avoid: Putting things off, being disorganized, alibiing failure


Fred Brooks [Computer Programmer]

Tim Curry [Actor]

Steven Florio [Publisher]

John Grier Hibben [Educator]

Jesse James [TV Personality]

Etheridge Knight [Poet]

Alexis Korner [Musician]

Jayne Mansfield [Actor]

Eliot Ness [Government]

Valerie Plame [Spy]

Glenn Seaborg [Physicist]

Maria Sharapova [Tennis]

E. Clay Shaw [Politician]

The Sundance Kid [Criminal]

Al Unser, Jr. [Auto Racing]

Bernie Worrell [Musician]

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April 20 Birthdays

An Aries born on April 20 will be guided by their emotions. Even when they make decisions based on logic and intellect, they are actually tapping into their subconscious. Because of their rich inner life, they sometimes appear to live in a dream world. Although naturally contemplative, they can summon the social élan needed to shine when the occasion arises.

You should embrace: Daydreams, making intelligent mistakes, true love

You should avoid: Being humorless, distractions, making enemies


Mother Angelica [Religion]

David Chalmers [Philosopher]

Betty Cuthbert [Track and Field]

Daniel Chester French [Sculptor]

Lionel Hampton [Jazz Musician]

Jessica Lange [Actor]

Shemar Moore [Actor]

Philippe Pinel [Psychiatrist]

Tito Puente [Musician]

Edie Sedgwick [Socialite]

George Takei [Actor]

Luther Vandross [Singer]

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