When you are happy in home and family conditions, you really ask little beyond  that in the way of pleasure. Good friends and frequent entertainment in your home add to happiness. You find joy when preparing delicious meals in the kitchen, in children whom you can instruct and bring up in fine tradition. When your children do things to make you proud, you are in your glory with radiant happiness. Taking part in community events fills you with happiness and being able to help others with sympathetic understanding also rates your happiness list. Travel pleases when the family is along. You are happy in work with home essentials in your career, working with food, furnishings, running a motel.

Cancer Overview

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and is exceedingly sympathetic to Neptune influences as well. In consequence, the Cancer types (and there are two distinct types) are the most moody, sensitive, impressionable of all the people of the Zodiac. They are whimsical, brooding, fanciful personalities, strongly instinctive, but every timid, and unwilling to face realities.

This is especially true of the feminine Cancer type. Perhaps at this point it might be advisable to classify the two varieties of this sign. One type might be called the masculine, the other the feminine. The masculine, or active type, differs in positive or active ways from the feminine or passive type.

The feminine type finds the harsh struggle for existence too much for its soft make-up. These people cannot find the strength to pit themselves against the world, and they seek the security of something stable upon which to pin their faith as well as their place in the world.

The home with its background of protective mother love is a sacred shrine for the Cancer person of both types. The feminine type feels safety and a haven from the harsh world of reality. The masculine type reveres the meaning of home in all of the traditional suggestions of the word.

Both types have a great reverence for the past, and an exaggerated idea of its virtues. They see only glamorous living conditions in the Golden Age; the past means the “good old days,” no matter how clear it is to the world of today that they were also “the bad old days.”


Cancer 2023 Horoscope

from Horoscope.com

You’re a very deep-feeling, intuitive, sensitive soul, Cancer, and because your ruler is the emotional moon, your moods go up and down like the tides. In 2023, making a conscious effort to pay attention to the moon’s rhythm can help you understand yourself much better, so take special note of the following special lunations.

In mid-April, a new moon and solar eclipse in your career zone can help you step up to the plate and hit a new project, assignment or interview for a new job or position out of the park!

In early May, a full moon and lunar eclipse in your house of pleasure can send you on a quest for things that feel good. Creativity and drama abound!

In mid-October, a new moon and solar eclipse in your home sector can have you seeking comfort and security where you live. Redecorating or having a baby satisfies your urge to improve your home life.

In late October, the full moon and lunar eclipse are associated with the future and social settings, so be careful not to make social media posts that could be taken the wrong way. It’s so hard to detect tone when you’re not talking in person!

And, of course, like every year you have your birthday celebration to look forward to at some point between the end of June and the end of July, and 2023 is the perfect time to grab the reins and take control of your own party! If you’d like to lay low and pamper yourself with a couple of close friends or family members, do it! If you’d rather have a full-on blowout and invite everyone you know, start sending out the invites! Make this year’s celebration exactly what you want it. You deserve it.


You’re usually all in when it comes to love, Cancer, but as this year starts with love goddess Venus absorbing the detached vibe of air sign Aquarius, your romantic year gets off to a bumpy start. With a full moon also appearing in your moody sign around the same time, there is a lot of emotional conflicts to deal with now, and your feelings could become completely confused from one minute to the next. If you’re trying to make any major decisions during this time, stick to logic. The mind knows what the heart doesn’t.

You’re a very caring lover and partner, and you desire respect and equality in return during the full moon in your house of partnerships and commitment at the start of July. Your desire to be fair and your willingness to compromise go up, but your tendency toward codependency goes up as well. Balance is a very important part of this lunation because it affects your decisions about the future and your feelings about how your partner is treating you in the present. Mutual respect is a must.

Romantic Venus is in your house of fun and pleasure at the start of December, so why not come out of your shell, drop your inhibitions and just let loose for a change?! And if you dare to be the sexual instigator, you’ll soon realize how magical it can be to take control. Games—sexy or not—are really fun now. Role-play or just be silly together. You’re under no obligation to do anything that anyone expects of you now.


If you’re looking for love this year (and honestly, when aren’t you?!), you’ll want to acknowledge the new moon in mid-February. This is your one big chance to really grow and expand beyond what you typically experience, Cancer, and you can come out of this lunation with some serious self-awareness, a new bae, a commitment ring or maybe all of the above and more! “Transformation” is the keyword now, and the future looks extremely bright when you’re willing to leave the past behind and take another chance on love.

Powerful, sexual Mars spends time in your house of wealth at the end of May, and we’re not saying you’re a gold digger, but you’re also not messing with anyone who’s broke, are we right?! If power dating is a thing, then you’re completely into it. Is it wrong to go after someone just because of their status? We’re definitely not going to judge you. And if you have people in your life who will, that’s their problem.

There’s also an expansive full moon in your adventure zone at the end of August that puts you on the path to some amazing new experiences via travel or just opening your mind to new possibilities. If you do have a trip planned, be on the lookout for other singles you vibe with. Meeting your soul mate in another country or while in a completely strange place is very likely now, so don’t be too shy to start a conversation and see where it goes.

Money & Career

Determined, serious Saturn highlights your house of other people’s money and inheritances between January and early March, which could indicate you’re in for a power struggle during this time period, Cancer. Great, right?! And while you can’t think of anything you’d rather not do than to fight with family members or close friends over money, it might be necessary. Debt can also be a factor, so you might be dealing with a friend who said they’d pay you back and hasn’t or a family member who’s asking for a loan. It’s not a good idea to mix personal business with money, but if you do, be sure there is documentation in place that protects you if things go south.

Saturn is in your house of expansion from early March through the end of the year, however, giving you the green light to be a little more financially adventurous. You’ll want to do in-depth research before acting on any opportunities. And educating yourself about the stock market and new types of currency can increase your wealth a great deal. And because there is a lot of wisdom surrounding you now, this is an excellent time to align yourself with financial professionals or older people who have more experience than you. Be like a sponge soaking up knowledge from every source imaginable!

And with experimental Uranus in money guru Taurus and your networking zone all year, this is a great time to meet people who can help boost you into your next career position. You never know who can help you make a big career move, so smile big, shake hands and schmooze with the best of them! The person sitting next to you at the movies could have an incredible celeb connection to help promote your brand, or the neighbor who just moved in might be in the hiring department at a company you’ve been dying to work for. You just never know!

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Zodiac Position:  Approximately 27° Gemini—4° Cancer  Seasons:  Late Spring/Early Summer (solstice)  Elements:  Air/Water  Qualities:  Mutable/Cardinal  Rulers:  Mercury/The Moon  Symbols:  The Twins/The Crab  Modes:  Thought/Feeling

GEMICAN, or the GEMINI/CANCER Cusp, June 19 – June 24:  Also called the Cusp of Magic, the GEMICAN is an overlapping and admixture of the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, and the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer.  The GEMICAN can be symbolically likened to the period around twenty-one years of age in the human life as well as literally marking the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.  The GEMICAN cusp may be said to represent Magic.  During this period of the year many plants are coming into lush, full bloom.  The length of days has increased to its maximum and around June 21 (summer solstice) the day is longer and the night shorter than at any other time of the year.  This is the time of traditionally magical “midsummer’s eve”, a warm enchanted night, replete with bewitching smells and sounds, on which supernatural events take place.  In human development, at the age of twenty-one, adolescence is over and adulthood is said to begin.  This is a period in which Magic plays a key role—particularly in terms of the magnetic power of love and the enchantment of romance.  The young adult experiences an almost childlike wonder and awe at the beauty of the world and the many magical horizons which have opened up.  This is a time for friendships, love affairs and marriages to lend a transpersonal ecstasy to life, in which the individual surrenders to the power of the dyad or to the rapture of the world.

The days which comprise the Gemini/Cancer cusp reveal some of this manifestation of magic, not only in the airy and ephemeral nature of Gemini,  but also in the deep feeling of Cancer, in which emotional refinement, inward exploration and nurturing also play their part.

THE GEMICAN PERSONALITY:   In some ways the GEMICAN may be spoken of as an inspired individual.  Whether their inspiration is more private or public in nature, those born on this cusp have a highly devotional streak in which caring impulses are manifested toward their loved ones, or toward an occupation or cause.  GEMICANS can thus be self-effacing, in that their egos are often put in the service of a higher power.  For this reason, particularly on first meeting, they rarely impress one as brightly lit-up, dynamic individuals but rather profound and thoughtful people with a softer glow that comes from deep within.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  In the case of the GEMICAN personality, however, airy, light and energetic Gemini traits complement the watery, feeling and sensitive aspects of Cancer by lending ethereal grace and charm.  The main conflict arises between the mental logic and precision of Gemini, and the more diffuse, subtle emotionality of Cancer.  Furthermore, as thought-feeling types, those born on this cusp can lack earthiness and fiery or intuitive impulsiveness.  Those born on the GEMICAN cusp are attracted to ecstatic states, and fortunately they are capable of finding inspirational qualities in even the most ordinary of everyday activities.  But their lives are only given full meaning when love and romance are allowed to bloom.

ADVICE FOR GEMICANS:  Exercise your magical powers with care.  You may need to be a bit tougher on yourself.  Keep your eye on the goal and resist any tendency to drift.  Do not lose yourself so readily in ecstatic experiences or you may have trouble finding yourself again.  Beware of repressing your feelings or allowing destructive emotions to control you.

GEMICAN ATTRACTIONS:  People born on the Gemini/Cancer cusp are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly AQUARIFISH (Aquarius/Pisces) and SCORPITTARIUS (Scorpio/Sagittarius) cusps.

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tn_5-CANCELEOCANCELEO (CANCER/LEO) – July 19 – July 25

Zodiac Position:  Approximately 26° Cancer–3° Leo  Season:  Mid-summer  Elements:  Water/Fire  Qualities:  Cardinal/Fixed  Rulers:  The Moon/The Sun  Symbols:  The Crab/The Lion  Mode:  Feeling/Intuition

Also called the Cusp of Oscillation, the CANCELEO is an overlapping and admixture of the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, and the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo.  The CANCELEO can be symbolically likened to the period around twenty-eight years of age in the human life, and literally arrives during the full heat and long days of summer in the northern hemisphere.  The CANCELEO could be characterized as having Oscillating energy.  Astrologically, this time marks the completion of one full cycle of the planet Saturn (which takes twenty-eight or twenty-nine years to return to the position in the zodiac it occupied at the time of one’s birth) and also to the planet Uranus having moved to occupy a position approximately 120 degrees around the zodiac from its position at birth.  Both of these important planetary transits correspond to a point in human development, around the age of twenty-eight, when childhood, puberty, adolescence and young adulthood may be viewed for the first time to take stock of their lives – to evaluate them, and to attempt to plan for the future.  Often this is a time of identity crisis, and a time of change.  Marriages, breakups, seeking new jobs, moving to another city or setting up a new house are often encountered here.  The cyclic nature of the Cancer/Leo cusp underlines the oscillating energies found at this point in life, and the uncertainties and indecisions which manifest.

The days which comprise the CANCELEO cusp reveal some of the instability felt during this period and also emphasize the need for decisiveness.  The conflicting energies of more inward, sensitive Cancer (ruled by the Moon) and more outward, fiery Leo (ruled by the Sun) are also reflected here.

THE CANCELEO PERSONALITY:   Those born on the Cancer/Leo cusp tend to have rather volatile personalities that can quickly swing from one extreme to the other.  Actually, many forms of movement, change and flux typify those born on this cusp.  Not only physical movement (travel, change of address, adventure, sports, etc.) but also oscillations in the realms of thought and emotion are characteristic.  CANCELEOS can appear shy and retiring one moment and dynamic and active the next, reflecting a clash of the watery sensitivity of Cancer with the fiery assertiveness of Leo.  An obvious task for those born on this cusp will be to dampen the extremes of their fluctuations, flattening out their activity curve to more of a straight line, and to reconcile and integrate conflicting tendencies.

CANCELEOS tend to be vibrant, energetic, exciting individuals who feel a need to seek out challenges and overcome them.  Often, physical disciplines and the mastery of the body play a great role in their development.  Not only strength but also grace of movement can be a focus for them.

ADVICE FOR CANCELEOS:   Even out the highs and lows; the rewards of stability are great.  Cultivate self-discipline but never lose your spontaneity.  Build a calm center which bolsters your confidence and remains at the heart of your being.  Concentrate more on living in the moment, free of past problems and future expectations.  Pace yourself for the long haul.

CANCELEO ATTRACTIONS:   CANCELEOS are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly LIBRASCORP (Libra/Scorpio) and AQUARICORN (Capricorn/Aquarius) cusps.

Famous Cancers

Those with the Sun in Cancer have a changeable nature, which makes them something of an enigma, even with those closest to them. They’re ruled by the Moon, and are similarly known to glow brightly one moment, and hide their faces the next. A highly emotional sign, they can sink into a mood and fully inhabit it, so that it seems to permeate the atmosphere around them.

The Cancer imagination is so vivid that it’s like they’re watching home movies inside their heads. For them, every life experience can be replayed again and again in Technicolor, and the same internal landscape revisited. This is the raw material for both creative genius, and the tendency to get stuck in emotional eddies. And because they’re psychic sponges, they need plenty of space to unravel the little dramas of the day, or they’ll get cranky.

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June 22

Cancers born on June 22 may seem sociable but they are actually shy and seek their own company as much as possible. They are extremely sensitive to the emotional climate around them. Not given to displays of ego, they prefer to remain in the background where they perform their daily responsibilities in their own quiet way.

You should embrace: Truth, understanding, your own limitations

You should avoid: Deception, lecturing subordinates, feeling superior


Peter Asher [Musician]

Bill Blass [Fashion Designer]

Uwe Boll [Film Director]

Ed Bradley [Journalist]

Klaus Maria Brandauer [Actor]

Erin Brockovich [Activist]

Dan Brown [Novelist]

Bruce Campbell [Actor]

Randy Couture [Wrestling]

Carson Daly [TV Personality]

John Dillinger [Criminal]

Clyde Drexler [Basketball]

Donald Faison [Actor]

Dianne Feinstein [Politician]

Brit Hume [Journalist]

Julian Huxley [Biologist]

Kris Kristofferson [Actor]

Cyndi Lauper [Singer/Songwriter]

Giuseppe Mazzini [Activist]

Hermann Minkowski [Mathematician]

Joseph Papp [Theater Director]

Freddie Prinze [Actor]

Todd Rundgren [Musician]

Tim Russ [Actor]

Meryl Streep [Actor]

Michael Todd [Film/TV Producer]

Lindsay Wagner [Actor]

Kurt Warner [Football]

Dan Wheldon [Auto Racing]

Billy Wilder [Film Director]

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June 23

June 23 Cancers are intelligent, common-sense types with an unexpected streak of eccentricity. They appreciate a funny story and have the reputation for playing practical jokes on their friends and family members. They are also generous to others.

You should embrace: Punctuality, logic, a sense of history

You should avoid: Insensitivity, lack of humility, bossiness


Richard Bach [Author]

Selma Blair [Actor]

Memphis Bleek [Rapper]

Lizzy Borden [Singer]

June Carter Cash [Country Musician]

Glenn Danzig [Musician]

King Edward VIII [Royalty]

Bob Fosse [Choreographer]

Alfred Kinsey [Scientist]

Frances McDormand [Actor]

Art Modell [Football]

Jason Mraz [Musician]

Martin Rees [Astronomer]

Clarence Thomas [Judge]

Joss Whedon [Film/TV Producer]

John E. Zuccotti [Business]

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June 24

Cancers born on June 24 have a great need to break with tradition and the past. These creative, artistic souls have something to prove to themselves and others. They possess great personal charm, which may give others the impression that they are mellow and not very driven. They sometimes sacrifice personal happiness in order to achieve their goals.

You should embrace: Probity, a sense of decorum, protective love

You should avoid: Costly mistakes in love, economic stress, jealousy


Brooks Adams [Historian]

Nancy Allen [Actor]

Jeff Beck [Guitarist]

Georg Stanford Brown [Actor]

Jack Dempsey [Boxing]

Mick Fleetwood [Musician]

Pete Hamill [Journalist]

Mindy Kaling [Actor]

Michele Lee [Actor]

Lionel Messi [Soccer]

Petra Nemcova [Model]

Joe Penny [Actor]

Terry Riley [Composer]

Curt Smith [Musician]

Peter Weller [Actor]

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June 25

Cancers born on June 25 are unusually sensitive and apt to find themselves at odds with their true nature and the bold persons they hope to be. They are dreamy and inexact, giving others the impression that they are not focused. Actually, they are more centered than they appear. They are charming people who are often physically attractive.

You should embrace: Serenity, progress, self-discipline

You should avoid: Dangerous choices, anger, petty limitations


George Abbott [Playwright]

Anthony Bourdain [Chef]

Ernest R. Dickerson [Film Director]

Tim Finn [Musician]

Robert Henri [Painter]

Craig Johnston [Soccer]

Michael Lembeck [Actor]

June Lockhart [Actor]

Sidney Lumet [Film Director]

George Michael [Singer/Songwriter]

George Orwell [Author]

Willis Reed [Basketball]

Carly Simon [Singer/Songwriter]

Sonia Sotomayor [Judge]

Jimmie Walker [Comic]

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June 26

June 26 Cancers are blessed with brilliant and creative minds. They enjoy conversation yet feel frustrated with its limitations. It is easy to mistake these loner types as being unhappy since their disposition is incredibly solemn. Yet under the calm and quiet surface is a wicked sense of humor that can cut their scholarly reputation to ribbons.

You should embrace: Forgiveness, lasting love, integrity

You should avoid: Insincerity, troubled heart, wounded spirit


Pearl S. Buck [Author]

Robert Davi [Actor]

Abner Doubleday [Military]

Sean Hayes [Actor]

Chris Isaak [Musician]

Derek Jeter [Baseball]

Mick Jones [Musician]

Peter Lorre [Actor]

Charles Messier [Astronomer]

Colonel Tom Parker [Business]

Chad Pennington [Football]

Shannon Sharpe [Football]

Patty Smyth [Musician]

Michael Vick [Football]

Gedde Watanabe [Actor]

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June 27

Although they possess a great sense of their own importance, Cancers born on June 27 are not naturally egotistical people. They have a strong, almost overbearing, personality, yet they wear it with ease and grace. They have a dynamic charm and are usually quiet and unassuming.

You should embrace: Solace, religiosity, carefree spirit

You should avoid: Envy, lack of respect, self-pity


J. J. Abrams [Film/TV Producer]

Isabelle Adjani [Actor]

Charles IX [Royalty]

Ted Haggard [Religion]

Bruce Johnston [Singer/Songwriter]

Christian Kane [Actor]

Ravi Kapoor [Actor]

Helen Keller [Activist]

Tony Leung [Actor]

Peter Maas [Author]

Willie Mosconi [Sports Figure]

H. Ross Perot [Business]

Vera Wang [Fashion Designer]

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June 28

June 28 Cancers have a marvelous sense of fun. Although their attitude may shock others, these individuals are determined to wring every bit of humor out of even the most unlikely events. They are democratic in their attitude and have the ability to laugh at themselves.

You should embrace: Common sense, good nature, placidity

You should avoid: Hasty actions, hurting others, mendacity


Tichina Arnold [Actor]

Kathy Bates [Actor]

Gil Bellows [Actor]

Mel Brooks [Film Director]

John Cusack [Actor]

Bruce Davison [Actor]

Kurt Eichenwald [Journalist]

John Elway [Football]

King Henry VIII [Royalty]

John Inman [Actor]

Pat Morita [Actor]

Aileen Quinn [Actor]

Gilda Radner [Comic]

Peter Paul Rubens [Painter]

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June 29

There is something almost preternaturally sensitive about June 29 Cancers. They are ruled by emotion and refuse to give up their idealism even in the face of facts and realism. Yet they are more determined than their nature makes them seem. They have a great reservoir of faith and strength.

You should embrace: Time for yourself, rules, exhilaration

You should avoid: Guilt, self-doubt, needy people


Maria Conchita Alonso [Actor]

Prince Bernhard [Royalty]

Gary Busey [Actor]

Stokely Carmichael [Activist]

Dan Dierdorf [Football]

Don Dokken [Singer]

Nelson Eddy [Singer]

Robert Evans [Film/TV Producer]

Oriana Fallaci [Journalist]

George Goethals [Architect]

Colin Hay [Musician]

Sharon Lawrence [Actor]

Richard Lewis [Comic]

Little Eva [Singer]

Slim Pickens [Actor]

Hiram Powers [Sculptor]

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry [Author]

Nicole Scherzinger [Dancer]

Ruth Warrick [Actor]

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June 30

June 30 Cancers have an exceptionally well-balanced nature. They are materialistic in a good sense because they wish to help others. They are sensible yet fun-loving. They strive for success yet never lose sight of their personal commitments.

You should embrace: Peace, ingenuity, love of humankind

You should avoid: Being judgmental, greediness, sense of superiority


Fantasia Barrino [Singer]

Harry Blackstone, Jr. [Magician]

Jacques Dominique Cassini [Astronomer]

Stanley Clarke [Jazz Musician]

Cheryl Cole [Singer]

Vincent D’Onofrio [Actor]

David Frum [Pundit]

David Alan Grier [Comic]

Joseph Dalton Hooker [Botanist]

Lena Horne [Singer]

Yngwie Malmsteen [Guitarist]

Sterling Marlin [Auto Racing]

Pat McCormick [Comic]

Tony Musante [Actor]

Peter Outerbridge [Actor]

Tony Rock [Actor]

Willie Sutton [Criminal]

Mike Tyson [Boxing]

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July 1

Cancers born on July 1 are extraordinary people who spend their entire lives striving for perfection. They have great emotional fragility, yet their spirit is actually strong. Even though they are good-hearted and generous, these people seem to draw complications and controversy into their midst.

You should embrace: Structure, appearance, appeasement

You should avoid: Self-criticism, self-consciousness, destructive habits


Wally Amos [Business]

Pamela Anderson [Actor]

Dan Aykroyd [Actor]

Karen Black [Actor]

Andre Braugher [Actor]

Geneviève Bujold [Actor]

Olivia de Havilland [Actor]

Lady Diana [Royalty]

Missy Elliott [Rapper]

Claire Forlani [Actor]

Farley Granger [Actor]

Debbie Harry [Singer]

Shirley Hemphill [Actor]

Estée Lauder [Business]

Carl Lewis [Track and Field]

Sydney Pollack [Film Director]

George Sand [Author]

Fred Schneider [Singer]

Henry Simmons [Actor]

Twyla Tharp [Dancer]

Liv Tyler [Actor]

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July 2

Although their creative gifts may, out of necessity, be subjugated to the needs of their day-to-day existence, Cancers born on July 2 will always find a way to use their abilities to shine. They often have marginal psychic ability and are extremely adept at self-analysis. They will go to great lengths to understand their most profound inner drives.

You should embrace: Spirituality, financial acumen, integrity

You should avoid: Stinginess, lack of imagination, stubbornness


Michelle Branch [Singer/Songwriter]

Yancy Butler [Actor]

Jose Canseco [Baseball]

Medgar Evers [Activist]

Vicente Fox [Head of State]

Jerry Hall [Model]

Hermann Hesse [Author]

Meyer Lansky [Criminal]

Imelda Marcos [First Lady]

Thurgood Marshall [Judge]

Brock Peters [Actor]

Richard Petty [Auto Racing]

Lynn Forester de Rothschild [Business]

Ron Silver [Actor]

Alan Webb [Actor]

Johnny Weir [Figure Skating]

Owain Yeoman [Actor]

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July 3

Though they may seem conventional on the surface, July 3 Cancers have a deeply mystical nature. At once eccentric and blessed with exceptionally good taste, they enjoy living the good life but never lose sight of their spiritual concerns. They always seem able to balance their material and more esoteric needs.

You should embrace: Social responsibility, tenacity, precision

You should avoid: Intolerance, immaturity, lack of focus


Gloria Allred [Attorney]

Julian Assange [Hacker]

Dave Barry [Columnist]

John Singleton Copley [Painter]

Tom Cruise [Actor]

Thomas Gibson [Actor]

Louis XI [Royalty]

Audra McDonald [Actor]

Ken Ober [Game Show Host]

Hunter Tylo [Actor]

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July 4

It’s not always easy to get along with July 4 Cancers, who are a strong-willed and determined bunch. Yet they are fair enough to admit when they are wrong and even apologize once in a while. July 4 natives have a humanitarian streak and will do many good deeds in their life, but they prefer to do them secretly.

You should embrace: Discretion, reasonableness, emotional warmth

You should avoid: Materialism, ingratitude, lack of character


Calvin Coolidge [Head of State]

Bobby Cremins [Basketball]

Al Davis [Football]

George Everest [Explorer]

Giuseppe Garibaldi [Military]

Nathaniel Hawthorne [Author]

Leona Helmsley [Business]

Gina Lollobrigida [Actor]

Michael Milken [Business]

Geraldo Rivera [Journalist]

Neil Simon [Playwright]

George Steinbrenner [Baseball]

Abigail Van Buren [Columnist]

Bill Withers [Singer/Songwriter]

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July 5

July 5 Cancers have a profound need to live in the “now,” and yet they desire to transcend time through their own actions and plans. Intelligent, shrewd, and canny, they put their own stamp upon events. They have a great love for the art of conversation. They can talk themselves into almost any situation and impress others with insightful thinking.

You should embrace: Gentle persuasion, acts of kindness, scruples

You should avoid: Emotional encumbrances, self-pity, bluntness


P. T. Barnum [Hoaxer]

Jean Cocteau [Poet]

Edie Falco [Actor]

Goose Gossage [Baseball]

Brooke Hayward [Socialite]

John H. Northrop [Chemist]

Warren Oates [Actor]

Pauly D [Disc Jockey]

Georges Pompidou [Head of State]

Cecil Rhodes [Business]

Robbie Robertson [Musician]

The RZA [Music Producer]

David E. Sanger [Journalist]

Claudia Wells [Actor]

Edward Woods [Actor]

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July 6

July 6 Cancers are extremely tactile and draw immense pleasure from a well-decorated and harmoniously maintained environment. While status often plays a big role in their need to be surrounded by luxury, they are basically down-to-earth and derive pleasure from helping those with fewer resources.

You should embrace: Spiritual transcendence, charity, objectivity

You should avoid: Pretense, snobbishness, needing to win


Ned Beatty [Actor]

Valerie Brisco-Hooks [Track and Field]

George W. Bush [Head of State]

Pierre Cardin [Fashion Designer]

50 Cent [Rapper]

Dalai Lama [Religion]

Merv Griffin [Talk Show Host]

Bill Haley [Musician]

Kevin Hart [Comic]

Frida Kahlo [Painter]

Janet Leigh [Actor]

Maximilian [Royalty]

Vince McMahon, Sr. [Wrestling]

Tamera Mowry [Actor]

Tia Mowry [Actor]

Della Reese [Musician]

Geoffrey Rush [Actor]

Jennifer Saunders [Comic]

Sylvester Stallone [Actor]

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July 7

July 7 Cancers are dedicated to self-improvement in all its forms, yet their most profound concern is to express themselves through group involvement. They have great spirituality but may be confused as to what they actually believe.

You should embrace: Dedication to family, glamour, instinct

You should avoid: Anger, guile, playing with people’s feelings


Billy Campbell [Actor]

George Cukor [Film Director]

William Kunstler [Attorney]

Michelle Kwan [Figure Skating]

Allen Payne [Actor]

Ted Radcliffe [Baseball]

Doc Severinsen [Conductor]

Ringo Starr [Drummer]

Nettie Stevens [Biologist]

Cree Summer [Actor]

Oscar Wyatt [Business]

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July 8

July 8 Cancers are more serious-minded than they appear because their quirky personality gives them a carefree, eccentric aspect. But in truth, they have a powerful need to display their abilities. Their idealistic streak is powerful, but they don’t expect things to come to them easily. They want to earn everything they have.

You should embrace: Moral character, spiritual energy, faith

You should avoid: Prejudice, patronizing remarks, cheating


Kevin Bacon [Actor]

Hugo Boss [Fashion Designer]

A. Whitney Brown [Comic]

Kim Darby [Actor]

Marty Feldman [Comic]

Lance Gross [Actor]

Anjelica Huston [Actor]

Toby Keith [Country Musician]

Robert Knepper [Actor]

Jean de la Fontaine [Poet]

Steve Lawrence [Singer]

Nelson Rockefeller [Politician]

Milo Ventimiglia [Actor]

Ferdinand von Zeppelin [Business]

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July 9

Although July 9 Cancers are extremely ambitious, they’re likely to experience a period in their lives when their greatest talents are subjugated to the daily needs of making a living. They are great role models. They have the ability to be happy with few material possessions.

You should embrace: Fun, good fortune, a sense of the ridiculous

You should avoid: Negativity, jealousy, controversial issues


Brian Dennehy [Actor]

Lindsey Graham [Politician]

Trent Green [Football]

David Hockney [Painter]

Dean R. Koontz [Novelist]

Courtney Love [Singer]

Kelly McGillis [Actor]

Samuel Eliot Morison [Historian]

Richard Roundtree [Actor]

Fred Savage [Actor]

Bon Scott [Musician]

O. J. Simpson [Football]

Jimmy Smits [Actor]

Mighty Sparrow [Singer/Songwriter]

John Tesh [TV Personality]

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July 10

July 10 Cancers are more conventional than they appear. Although willful, they also possess considerable self-discipline. They surround themselves with expensive possessions, yet what really dazzles them is the realization that it’s all been made possible by their hard work.

You should embrace: Dynamic change, generosity, positive energy

You should avoid: Manipulation, gossip, bad manners


Mary McLeod Bethune [Educator]

David Brinkley [Journalist]

Jacky Cheung [Singer]

David Dinkins [Politician]

Ronnie James Dio [Singer]

Chiwetel Ejiofor [Actor]

Bela Fleck [Musician]

Arlo Guthrie [Singer/Songwriter]

Fred Gwynne [Actor]

Gale Harold [Actor]

Camille Pissarro [Painter]

Cindy Sheehan [Activist]

Jessica Simpson [Singer]

Nikola Tesla [Inventor]

John Wyndham [Author]

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July 11

Though kind and generous people, July 11 Cancers may not always appear to be on top of the world, because their happy nature is something they often keep within themselves. Although they love people, they have the temperament of a loner.

You should embrace: Realism, encouragement, great expectations

You should avoid: Excessive solitude, unhappy memories, unprofitable associations


John Quincy Adams [Head of State]

Giorgio Armani [Fashion Designer]

Alfred Binet [Psychologist]

Herbert Blomstedt [Conductor]

Yul Brynner [Actor]

Jeff Corwin [TV Personality]

Samuel Goudsmit [Physicist]

Karen L. Henderson [Judge]

Tab Hunter [Actor]

Lil’ Kim [Rapper]

Peter Murphy [Singer]

Bonnie Pointer [Singer]

Richie Sambora [Guitarist]

Hugo Sánchez [Soccer]

Kellita Smith [Actor]

Brett Somers [Actor]

Leon Spinks [Boxing]

E. B. White [Author]

Jack Wrangler [Pornstar]

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July 12

July 12 Cancers are sociable folks who still manage to retain a wholesome set of values. They have a great need to connect with others on a profoundly emotional level. Even though they have a love of material things, they understand the spiritual realm as well.

You should embrace: Your own limitations, self-love, direction

You should avoid: Cynicism, lack of focus, fair-weather friends


Milton Berle [Comic]

Claude Bernard [Doctor]

Lisa Nicole Carson [Actor]

Bill Cosby [Comic]

George Eastman [Inventor]

Robert Fisk [Journalist]

Brian Grazer [Film/TV Producer]

Oscar Hammerstein II [Musician]

Amedeo Modigliani [Sculptor]

Denise Nicholas [Actor]

Beah Richards [Actor]

Michelle Rodriguez [Actor]

Richard Simmons [Fitness Guru]

Jay Thomas [Actor]

Steve Young [Singer/Songwriter]

Herbert S. Zim [Author]

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July 13

July 13 Cancers have a charismatic personality that complements their gentle soul. They have a fear of change yet understand that it is only through change that they are able to discover their true nature. They realize all experience is a rite of passage toward spiritual transcendence.

You should embrace: Truth, mental toughness, sophistication

You should avoid: Vacillation, foolish choices, disapproval


Catherine Breillat [Film Director]

Julius Caesar [Head of State]

Stanislao Cannizzaro [Chemist]

Pope Clement X [Religion]

Cameron Crowe [Film Director]

David Duke [Activist]

Harrison Ford [Actor]

Gerald Levert [Singer]

Cheech Marin [Actor]

Roger McGuinn [Musician]

Margaret Murray [Archaeologist]

Robert Nix, Jr. [Judge]

Donald E. Osterbrock [Astronomer]

Paul Prudhomme [Chef]

Wole Soyinka [Playwright]

Michael Spinks [Boxing]

Patrick Stewart [Actor]

Liu Xiang [Track and Field]

Carl Zimmer [Author]

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July 14

July 14 Cancers are quick-witted, highly verbal, and prone to react in a haughty manner when crossed. Although social and fun-loving, they are more serious than they appear. They understand the structure needed to maintain tradition.

You should embrace: Distinction, dedication to duty, acceptance

You should avoid: Feelings of inferiority, inertia, doubts


Polly Bergen [Actor]

Ingmar Bergman [Film Director]

Bebe Buell [Model]

Albert “Happy” Chandler [Politician]

Jean-Baptiste-André Dumas [Chemist]

Gerald Ford [Head of State]

Rosey Grier [Football]

Paul Guilfoyle [Actor]

Woody Guthrie [Singer/Songwriter]

Sid Haig [Actor]

Jackie Earle Haley [Actor]

Gustav Klimt [Painter]

Yoshiro Mori [Head of State]

Tommy Mottola [Business]

Jerry Rubin [Activist]

Joel Silver [Film/TV Producer]

Owen Wister [Author]

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July 15

July 15 Cancers understand better than most people just what the harmonics of day-to-day relationships signify in their lives. These people are sensitive yet strong. They have a powerful attraction to beauty in all its aspects and seek to replicate it in their own lives. Despite their charming personality, they are extremely sensitive and easily hurt.

You should embrace: Elegance, fearlessness, shared responsibilities

You should avoid: Overwork, destructive behavior, crabbiness


Kim Alexis [Model]

Walter Benjamin [Philosopher]

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini [Religion]

Scott Foley [Actor]

Eddie Griffin [Comic]

Arianna Huffington [Columnist]

Inigo Jones [Architect]

Dan Lipinski [Politician]

Brigitte Nielsen [Actor]

Joe Satriani [Guitarist]

Jesse Ventura [Wrestling]

Forest Whitaker [Actor]

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July 16

July 16 Cancers are spiritual, with an innate sense of self. Although quiet, introspective, and seemingly shy, they have a strong will. They use the power of their positive attitude to get them through tough times. They hope for good things to happen but are never surprised when the opposite occurs.

You should embrace: A joyful heart, fortitude, direction

You should avoid: Isolation, a lack of commitment, feeling blue


Reinaldo Arenas [Novelist]

Ruben Blades [Actor]

Stewart Copeland [Drummer]

Peter Dobson [Actor]

Michael Forbes [Politician]

Faye Grant [Actor]

Alexis Herman [Government]

Shoeless Joe Jackson [Baseball]

Jesse Jane [Pornstar]

Jimmy Johnson [Football]

Bess Myerson [Model]

Orville Redenbacher [Scientist]

Ginger Rogers [Dancer]

Andrea del Sarto [Painter]

Barbara Stanwyck [Actor]

Robert D. Steele [Spy]

Frits Zernike [Physicist]

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July 17

July 17 Cancers are committed to excellence and achievement. Although they may have a decided weakness for flattery, they are not self-assured and often hide behind a facade of sophistication. They also have a wickedly entertaining sense of humor.

You should embrace: Individuality, social skills, a happy disposition

You should avoid: Procrastination, judging others, self-righteousness


Lucie Arnaz [Actor]

James Cagney [Actor]

Diahann Carroll [Singer]

Paul Delaroche [Painter]

Phyllis Diller [Comic]

Erle Stanley Gardner [Novelist]

F. Gary Gray [Film Director]

Carey Hart [Sports Figure]

David Hasselhoff [Actor]

Nicolette Larson [Singer]

Art Linkletter [TV Personality]

Phoebe Snow [Jazz Musician]

Donald Sutherland [Actor]

Terence Tao [Mathematician]

Piero Umiliani [Composer]

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July 18

July 18 Cancers are high-energy individuals with a psychic bent. They understand the ways karmic forces can facilitate self-realization. Deeply in touch with their own subconscious drives, they’re usually able to achieve their aims through focusing on those inner desires.

You should embrace: Irony, conviction, a dynamic spirit

You should avoid: Fear of abandonment, bewilderment, self-blame


Kristen Bell [Actor]

Vin Diesel [Actor]

Dion [Musician]

William Donohue [Activist]

Nick Faldo [Golf]

Steve Forbes [Business]

John Glenn [Astronaut]

Victor Gruen [Architect]

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins [Musician]

Anne-Marie Johnson [Actor]

Machine Gun Kelly [Criminal]

M.I.A. [Rapper]

Nelson Mandela [Head of State]

Clifford Odets [Playwright]

Ricky Skaggs [Country Musician]

Red Skelton [Comic]

Mark Udall [Politician]

Paul Verhoeven [Film Director]

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July 19

July 19 Cancers are quiet and inscrutable. They possess a generally sweet temperament and a true love of people. They don’t try to grab the spotlight, though they’re often thrust unwillingly into it.

You should embrace: Vitality, self-worth, intelligent choices

You should avoid: Belligerence, attitude problems, moodiness


Phil Agee [Spy]

Alexander Dallas Bache [Physicist]

Lizzie Borden [Criminal]

Vikki Carr [Singer]

Benedict Cumberbatch [Actor]

Edgar Degas [Painter]

Atom Egoyan [Film Director]

Neelie Kroes [Government]

Lisa Lampanelli [Comic]

Brian May [Guitarist]

Ilie Nastase [Tennis]

Edward Charles Pickering [Astronomer]

Barry Seal [Criminal]

Rosalyn Sussman Yalow [Physicist]

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July 20

Integrity is everything to Cancers born on July 20. Although critical by nature, they never seem self-righteous. They have a gentle yet determined nature, possess a loving heart, and can see the positive side of any situation.

You should embrace: High ideals, sensitivity, a broad viewpoint

You should avoid: Periods of depression, negative thoughts, shyness


Gerd Binnig [Physicist]

Gisele Bundchen [Model]

Kim Carnes [Singer/Songwriter]

Chris Cornell [Musician]

George II [Royalty]

Xanana Gusmão [Head of State]

Billy Mays [TV Personality]

Sandra Oh [Actor]

Carlos Santana [Musician]

Ted Schroeder [Tennis]

Andrew A. Sorensen [Educator]

Natalie Wood [Actor]

Elliott Yamin [Singer]

Find More Famous Geminis Born July 20

July 21

July 21 Cancers experience a unique conflict between a need to be conventional and a desire to be original. At the core of their being, they are extremely sensitive and may suffer much more than is apparent to others.

You should embrace: Acceptance, flamboyance, happy pastimes

You should avoid: Destructive behavior, bad moods, fatalism


Wendy Cope [Poet]

Josh Hartnett [Actor]

Ernest Hemingway [Author]

Herbert E. Ives [Physicist]

Norman Jewison [Film Director]

Ali Landry [Actor]

Gene Littler [Golf]

Jon Lovitz [Comic]

Dan Malloy [Politician]

Damian Marley [Singer]

Janet Reno [Government]

Tony Scott [Film Director]

Pope Sixtus IV [Religion]

Ken Starr [Government]

Isaac Stern [Violinist]

Cat Stevens [Singer/Songwriter]

Edolphus Towns [Politician]

George Wallace [Comic]

Robin Williams [Comic]

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July 22

July 22 Cancers are intellectually brilliant yet somewhat emotionally unstable. Their sharp wit and sharper tongue have a way of getting them into more than their share of verbal scrapes. Their edgy charm makes them appealing, yet their personality is an acquired taste.

You should embrace: Career satisfaction, candor, true self

You should avoid: Bias, gossip, being too critical of others


Albert Brooks [Actor]

Pope Clement XI [Religion]

George Clinton [Singer]

Willem Dafoe [Actor]

Bob Dole [Politician]

Colin Ferguson [Actor]

Danny Glover [Actor]

Selena Gomez [Actor]

Don Henley [Musician]

Steven LaTourette [Politician]

Emma Lazarus [Poet]

John Leguizamo [Comic]

Lonette McKee [Actor]

Petey Pablo [Rapper]

Philip I [Royalty]

Oscar de la Renta [Fashion Designer]

Paul Schrader [Film Director]

David Spade [Comic]

William Archibald Spooner [Educator]

Terence Stamp [Actor]

Keith Sweat [Musician]

Alex Trebek [Game Show Host]

Amy Vanderbilt [Columnist]

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