Eight of Diamonds

Suit Influence: 

The Suit of Diamonds represents money, rewards, improvement, energy, electricity, intelligence and government service.

Number Influence:

The Number 8 represents power, prestige, harmony, balance, reciprocation, health, thoughts and time.

How to Read the 8 of Diamonds:

Traditionally, the 8 of Diamonds denotes balance, or the struggle to find balance, in financial matters.

The 8 of Diamonds represents the ups and downs of money management. It may indicate extra money coming from an unexpected source. It can highlight a new source of income, or warn that over-spending is depleting current resources. It can denote “balancing the books,” budgeting finances, and saving for the future.  Specifically the 8 of Diamonds represents anything having to do with the movement and cycling of money including financial planning, stock market activity, e-trading, investment portfolios, tax planning and estate planning.

My grandmother called the 8♦ “Money coming and going.” For her, the card indicated where money would be spent, and where additional money could be earned or acquired.

With a spade it could indicate money spent on bills or on other financial responsibilities- with a club it might indicate saving, gifting or investing money- with hearts the 8♦ indicates money spent on family and loved ones, and the good things in life that money can buy-with other diamonds it indicates winnings or earnings.

From an older symbolic meaning of “spectacles” the 8♦ can denote “being insightful” or “looking into the future.”  In matters of health, this card can symbolize “the eyes.”

Card Multiples:

Two 8s: Pleasure, having a good time.  Can indicate “music” from the symbolism of 88 keys on a piano.

Three 8s: Major change.

Four 8s: Weighing the pros and cons of a situation.

Suggested Card Combinations:

Face Card8♦ = someone involved with money or finances, banker, accountant, etc.

8♦ + 4♦ = balancing the budget, or balancing one’s checkbook.

8♦ + 3♠ = Money problems, not seeing things clearly.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy