Five of Clubs

Suit of Clubs:

The Suit of Clubs symbolizes business, work, social activity, practical matters, teaching, learning, and progress through effort.

Number Influence: 

The Number Five symbolizes active energy, changes, restlessness, communication, the body, and the hands.

How to read the 5 of Clubs:

The restlessness of the number 5, and the progress through effort of the Suit of Clubs combine to make the 5 of Clubs a card of action and change.  The 5 of Clubs can herald changes in a work situation, or a change in social standing.  The change may be positive or negative depending on the surrounding cards.

From the number 5 symbolism of the body and hands, the 5 of Clubs can also represent working with one’s hands, or making something.  It can also denote exercise, physical labor, and providing the extra effort needed to get the job done!

I read the 5♣ as an “action card.”  For me it represents “physical activity,” and always tells me that somebody is taking action in a situation in order to get something done. The 5♣ reveals that the thinking, planning and talking stages are over.  Now is the time to take action and go after whatever is desired.  It might be interviewing for a new job, pursuing a new relationship, starting a new project, or just cleaning up an old mess.  In a health situation, the 5♣ can indicate the need for more physical exercise.

The 5♣ indicates taking advantage of some good luck.  It symbolizes improvement through one’s own efforts. It denotes having the ability to succeed in any endeavor.  The 5♣ can also represent success in a competition.  The seeker may be competing for a job, or for the attentions of a lover.  This card may also denote a sports competition.  Unless surrounded by unfavorable cards, the 5♣ indicates that the seeker has the confidence and fortitude to meet any challenge head on, and come out a winner!

Card Multiples:

Two 5′s – The hands or feet.  Can indicate that something is within reach, or the power is in one’s own grasp.

Three 5′s – Serving the public. Giving of one’s self freely.

Four 5′s – Major change.  Reaching a turning point is one’s life.

Card Combinations:

5 + Face Cards = with a group of Face Cards, the 5 can symbolize a sporting event.

5 + 9♥ = following one’s dreams, a wish is within reach.

5 + 2♥ = dance.

5 + 10 = swimming or fishing.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy