Four of Hearts

Suit Influence:

Hearts: Love, romance, happiness, peace, contentment, the emotions, family, friends, honesty, trust and goodwill.

Number Influence:

The Number 4: Stability, foundation, solidity, concrete, tangible, buildings, architecture, 4 walls, 4 tires, squaring off, being squared away, fair and square, square deal, etc.

How to Read the 4 of Hearts:

The Suit of Hearts combined with the stability and “squareness” of the number 4symbolizes the 4 legs or 4 posts of the marriage bed.  Specifically, the 4 of Hearts represents a physical union.  It denotes a relationship between two people, such as marriage, sexual relations, or a business partnership.  This card can predict the return of a lover, or denote mending a broken friendship.

The 4♥ can also represent a joyous celebration such as a wedding ceremony, reception, shower, an engagement party, or anniversary celebration.  The 4♥ can indicate entertaining in the home, or throwing a party and having a good time.

The 4♥ can represent comfort and security.  It can denote a festive table, a bed, or soft, cushy furniture.  From the symbolism of 4 walls from the number 4, the 4♥ can represent a bedroom, a wedding suite, or a love nest.

Card Multiples:

Two 4′s: a solid foundation.

Three 4′s: Fours indicate square things such as tables and rooms, etc. Three 4s can indicate places of amusement such as a restaurant or theater.

Four 4′s: Conferences, stadiums, arenas, and other large gatherings.

Card Combinations:

4♥ + 10♣ = A business partnership.

4♥ + A♥ = A family wedding.

5♥ + 4♥ = A wedding engagement or engagement party (can also represent the bride).

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy