Your dual nature, symbolized by the Twins in the zodiac, finds happiness is using swift with to solve problems ingeniously. Your skills also being happiness in artful endeavors, you enjoy using eloquence to charm, perhaps to win fame in your career, a busy life keeps you happy and the more variety the greater is your elation. Idleness or loneliness depresses you. You are happy on a journey, entering a new group, trying some new use for your talents. A new romance exhilarates and pleases. Be wary of too much change, scattered use of talents, for these can lead to futility, lack of joy.

Gemini Overview

The sign of Gemini, light as the air that gives it character, is the sign of the dual personality.

The average Gemini person is not the extreme case of split personality, where the subject dramatically changes from good Dr. Jekyll, to evil Mr. Hyde. But the Gemini native has, more than any other kind of person, two distinct natures. They blow hot and cold, are “with you, and agin’ you,” or they are sunshine and showers. All of these variable dispositions are found in Gemini more than in any other Zodiacal type.

At best, they are many-faceted people, sparkling, brilliant, and hard, like diamonds. They have the mental qualities inspired by the sign ruler, Mercury, fleet-footed messenger of the gods. This influence makes them intellectual, analytical, full of wit and accomplishments. The Gemini mind is impersonal, and never guided in decisions by emotions, or even qualities of right or wrong. But they do have a very wide stripe of common sense in their make up. They can think problems out for other people, for their approach is always rational, though cold.



Gemini 2023 Horoscope


Your curious mind gets distracted easily but will be tuning in to the details lead to more success this year?

Your witty, cerebral ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication, socialization, technology and short trips, so its yearly retrograde cycles can be particularly difficult for you, Gemini. And there are four of them for you to deal with in 2023 (mid-January, late April, late August and mid-December). The good news is it that they all pass through logical, steady earth signs, so staying calm and focused on the details that you can control instead of the ones you can’t help you prepare to navigate these retro slowdowns.

Serious Saturn will be traveling with kindred air sign Aquarius from January to early March, which further brings out your natural curiosity and encourages you to pursue a philosophical train of thought. Your goals are based on your values and morals, and you aren’t into doing anything unethical even if it puts you ahead of your competitors or gets you the fame, success and power that you desire. In this deeply contemplative time, you can get to the heart of what you really want in life and formulate a solid plan to attain it.

You’re always at your best during your birthday month, and you’re ready to celebrate in style as the sun makes its way through your social sign between the end of May and the end of June. No matter what you went through last year, you’ll be ready for a fresh start now, so happy birthday to you, curious, adaptable and expressive Gemini!


Your active, sometimes scattered, brain isn’t always your most supportive tool for being or staying in love, so working on making your partner a higher priority should be near the top of your to-do list in 2023.

Lovely Venus starts the year paired up with fellow air sign Aquarius and your house of innovation, so things definitely won’t be boring. No matter how long you’ve been together, Gemini, this energy encourages you to be experimental and creative. This planetary partnership also emphasizes the importance of falling back on your strong platonic foundation when things aren’t going as well as you’d like, because lust comes and goes, but love built on friendship lasts much longer.

Powerful Mars starts traveling through your communication zone in late May, and you won’t be holding anything back for the next several weeks. This cosmic burst of energy brings out your assertiveness and encourages you to talk about your wants, needs and desires. If you’re not getting what you want out of your relationship, this will be the time to express how you’re feeling and start working on a plan to fix it.

Another beneficial time for your relationship is when the sun moves through balanced Libra, the other sign it rules, from late September until late October. There’s less aggression now, which makes it the perfect time to work on reaching a compromise regarding an important issue you’ve been arguing about. The most important thing to remember now is that being in love means being part of a team, not two individuals competing against each other. Working together to get what you both want is a win/win under this peace-seeking solar transit.


The Twins love versatility, so you enjoy being on the dating scene and flirting with a wide range of people. But when commitment-focused asteroid Juno heads into your house of friendship-based romance in mid-January, one of the potential lovers you’re chatting with and getting to know better could very well have long-term potential. There’s no rush, Gemini, but don’t rule anything out with someone who’s just been in the friend zone up to now.

The months heading into summer really heat up, and with passionate Mars partnered with electric fire sign Leo from late May to mid-July, sparks are ready to fly. You have a very attention-seeking vibe going now, and you want to be pampered and adored. You don’t set out to cause any problems, but you also don’t mind a bit of drama in your love life now either. You’re not afraid to say exactly what (and who) you want and explain what you want to do to them in great detail. Rawr!

More balanced energy enters your love life during the new moon in relationship-focused (and fellow laid-back air sign) Libra in the middle of October, which makes you optimistic that good things are to come. This hopeful lunation supplies the easygoing, charming vibe that’s perfect for attracting other people who are casually looking for love but not in a panic to find it. If it happens, great. But if it doesn’t, it obviously wasn’t meant to be. And that’s totally okay.

Money & Career

Serious, career-focused Saturn spends the first couple of months this year in your house of higher learning, indicating that you’ll be doing some additional training, taking classes or getting certified to either get a promotion, a new position at your current company or a job in a completely new field. This is a time of growth and change that can give you some excellent insight into what you were truly meant to do as a career, Gemini.

In the beginning of March, Saturn plants itself firmly in your career zone, so there won’t be much of a “finding myself” vibe. This hardworking energy is more about putting your energy into climbing to the top, with the main objective of getting the financial rewards that come with it. Your professional image will also be important now, but, tbh, getting raises and promotions (and dominating your competition) are what you’re most proud of.

Lucky Jupiter will be spending the second part of the year in your house of intuition and divine inspiration, so you’ll have excellent instincts about money matters. You know how something lucky happens and you think, “Oh, I should go buy a lottery ticket”? If you have any of those inklings during this time period, follow them! You have big dreams, and your overactive subconscious can lead you toward finding a way to make them come true during this expansive partnership.



Zodiac Position:  Approximately 27° Taurus–4° Gemini.  Season:  Late Spring.  Elements:  Earth/Air  Qualities:  Fixed/Mutable  Rulers:  Venus/Mercury  Symbols:  The Bull/The Twins  Modes:  Sensation/Thought

Also called the Cusp of Energy, the TAURINI is an overlapping and admixture of the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus, and the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini.  The TAURINI cusp may be symbolically likened to the period around fourteen years of age in the human life and literally falls at the beginning of late spring in the northern hemisphere.  The TAURINI cusp may be said to represent Energy.  During this period of the year the prolific growth of plant life is apparent.  The length of days grows increasingly longer and the shorter nights warmer, both of which speed up the growth of vegetables, fruits and herbs.  In human development, at the age of fourteen, adolescence is usually under way and the young teenager bids farewell to childhood.  This is a period in which Energy plays a key role—not only in terms of output, but input as well.  The appetite increases enormously as growth and maturation suddenly take off.  This is generally not an easy time not a well-regulated one.  Both psychologically and physically, early adolescence brings transformative changes that alter an individual greatly, sometimes creating what seems to be a whole new person.

The days which comprise the TAURINI cusp reveal some of this manifestation of Energy not only in the earthly physical nature of Taurus, but also in airy Gemini activities involving thought, communication, nervous excitement and energetic movement.

THE TAURINI PERSONALITY:  In many ways, people born on this cusp may be spoken of as eternal adolescents.  They are energetic convincing and prolific.  Whatever it is they do, they like to do it a lot.  Because TAURINIS are also versatile, however, they may wear themselves out (along with those around them) by seeking to do far too much far too often.  They need to learn to limit themselves, and at least explore one avenue more thoroughly before moving on to another.  However when the dynamos born on this cusp are not actively pursuing something, they love to talk about what is going on around them.  Life without communication would be a dull affair indeed—those born on this cusp thrive on active verbal interchange and are usually talented at it.   Sometimes, however, such interchange becomes a one-way street, with the TAURINI doing all the talking.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  Because the TAURINI personality combines earthy, sensuous Taurus traits with airy, more unstable and expansive Gemini ones, conflicts between physical and mental considerations may surface.  Sensation-thought types, those born on this cusp may lack a certain emotional sensitivity and not trust their intuitions enough.  For this reason they can mull over emotional matters excessively and at the same time seem rather cool or unsympathetic toward the feelings of others.  Because of their frenetic pace, TAURINIS are prone to burnout, both physical and mental.  However, they stand a good chance of achieving lasting success if they can develop self-discipline and direct themselves efficiently.

ADVICE FOR TAURINIS:  Monitor the pace of your activities carefully.  Seek to be more consistent and less casual in jettisoning people and ideas.  Don’t come on so strong.  Turn off your mental motor from time to time.  Confront your fears and insecurities.

TAURINI ATTRACTIONS:  Taurinis are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly those born on the Aries/Taurus (ARITAUR) and Sagittarius/Capricorn (CAPRITTARIUS) cusps.



Zodiac Position:  Approximately 27° Gemini—4° Cancer  Seasons:  Late Spring/Early Summer (solstice)  Elements:  Air/Water  Qualities:  Mutable/Cardinal  Rulers:  Mercury/The Moon  Symbols:  The Twins/The Crab  Modes:  Thought/Feeling

GEMICAN, or the GEMINI/CANCER Cusp, June 19 – June 24:  Also called the Cusp of Magic, the GEMICAN is an overlapping and admixture of the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, and the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer.  The GEMICAN can be symbolically likened to the period around twenty-one years of age in the human life as well as literally marking the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.  The GEMICAN cusp may be said to represent Magic.  During this period of the year many plants are coming into lush, full bloom.  The length of days has increased to its maximum and around June 21 (summer solstice) the day is longer and the night shorter than at any other time of the year.  This is the time of traditionally magical “midsummer’s eve”, a warm enchanted night, replete with bewitching smells and sounds, on which supernatural events take place.  In human development, at the age of twenty-one, adolescence is over and adulthood is said to begin.  This is a period in which Magic plays a key role—particularly in terms of the magnetic power of love and the enchantment of romance.  The young adult experiences an almost childlike wonder and awe at the beauty of the world and the many magical horizons which have opened up.  This is a time for friendships, love affairs and marriages to lend a transpersonal ecstasy to life, in which the individual surrenders to the power of the dyad or to the rapture of the world.

The days which comprise the Gemini/Cancer cusp reveal some of this manifestation of magic, not only in the airy and ephemeral nature of Gemini,  but also in the deep feeling of Cancer, in which emotional refinement, inward exploration and nurturing also play their part.

THE GEMICAN PERSONALITY:   In some ways the GEMICAN may be spoken of as an inspired individual.  Whether their inspiration is more private or public in nature, those born on this cusp have a highly devotional streak in which caring impulses are manifested toward their loved ones, or toward an occupation or cause.  GEMICANS can thus be self-effacing, in that their egos are often put in the service of a higher power.  For this reason, particularly on first meeting, they rarely impress one as brightly lit-up, dynamic individuals but rather profound and thoughtful people with a softer glow that comes from deep within.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  In the case of the GEMICAN personality, however, airy, light and energetic Gemini traits complement the watery, feeling and sensitive aspects of Cancer by lending ethereal grace and charm.  The main conflict arises between the mental logic and precision of Gemini, and the more diffuse, subtle emotionality of Cancer.  Furthermore, as thought-feeling types, those born on this cusp can lack earthiness and fiery or intuitive impulsiveness.  Those born on the GEMICAN cusp are attracted to ecstatic states, and fortunately they are capable of finding inspirational qualities in even the most ordinary of everyday activities.  But their lives are only given full meaning when love and romance are allowed to bloom.

ADVICE FOR GEMICANS:  Exercise your magical powers with care.  You may need to be a bit tougher on yourself.  Keep your eye on the goal and resist any tendency to drift.  Do not lose yourself so readily in ecstatic experiences or you may have trouble finding yourself again.  Beware of repressing your feelings or allowing destructive emotions to control you.

GEMICAN ATTRACTIONS:  People born on the Gemini/Cancer cusp are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly AQUARIFISH (Aquarius/Pisces) and SCORPITTARIUS (Scorpio/Sagittarius) cusps.

Famous Geminis

The Gemini Sun is a chameleon, which makes their personality hard to describe since it changes all the time. Those born under the sign of the “Twins” have at least two personalities, but often many more. Their insatiable curiosity keeps them learning new things, and this makes many of them like walking encyclopedias of knowledge.

You might hear the laughter of Gemini Suns before you see them, since they’re always finding something absurd to giggle over. They’re great wits and their interest in people often puts them in the role of social ice breaker.

Click on your birthday to reveal the famous people who share that date with you.

May 22

Geminis born May 22 have great charisma and the ability to draw attention to themselves. They may be lofty and intellectual one day, earthy and intense another. They also have a spiritual side they seldom reveal to others. For this reason they usually keep personal beliefs to themselves.

You should embrace: A healing spirit, perfection, balance

You should avoid: Being quarrelsome, self-interest, obsession


George Best [Soccer]

Kenneth Bianchi [Criminal]

Naomi Campbell [Model]

William C. Canby, Jr. [Judge]

Annabel Chong [Pornstar]

Judith Crist [Critic]

Johnny Gill [Singer]

Tommy John [Baseball]

Quinn Martin [Business]

Harvey Milk [Politician]

Morrissey [Singer/Songwriter]

T. Boone Pickens [Business]

Maggie Q [Actor]

Sun Ra [Jazz Musician]

Bernie Taupin [Songwriter]

Paul Winfield [Actor]

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May 23

Geminis born May 23 are known for their sense of humor and sense of style. They are fun-loving, free-thinking people who enjoy life on their terms. They embody a youthful attitude that corresponds to their youthful good looks.

You should embrace: The will to win, life-lessons, loss

You should avoid: Flirting with danger, bad memories, artifice


Yigal Amir [Assassin]

John Bardeen [Physicist]

H. Jon Benjamin [Actor]

Marvin J. Chomsky [Film Director]

Rosemary Clooney [Singer]

Joan Collins [Actor]

Scatman Crothers [Jazz Musician]

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. [Actor]

Hans Frank [Military]

Jewel [Singer/Songwriter]

Carolus Linnaeus [Botanist]

Franz Anton Mesmer [Paranormal]

Philippe I [Royalty]

Martin Puryear [Sculptor]

Artie Shaw [Musician]

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May 24

Geminis born May 24 have a strong intellect and rock-hard opinions, despite the pleasant face they turn to the world. They are ably suited to handle the stresses and strains of life, even though they may appear to be emotionally fragile. Although they always manage to get their way, it’s rare for them to be demanding, loud, or argumentative.

You should embrace: Plenitude, joint ventures, negotiation

You should avoid: Emotional temptation, ego trips, writer’s block


Mark Ballas [Dancer]

Jane Byrne [Politician]

Rosanne Cash [Country Musician]

James McKeen Cattell [Psychologist]

Tommy Chong [Actor]

Heavy D [Rapper]

Charlie Dent [Politician]

Bob Dylan [Musician]

Sam Giancana [Criminal]

Patti LaBelle [Singer]

Jean-Paul Marat [Activist]

Alfred Molina [Actor]

Gene Anthony Ray [Dancer]

Kristin Scott Thomas [Actor]

Queen Victoria [Royalty]

Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky [Physicist]

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May 25

Geminis born May 25 are energetic and focused, and they enjoy being in life’s fast lane. They have enormous ambition to succeed and often put career plans ahead of their personal relationships.

You should embrace: Symbolism, appreciation of nature, knowledge

You should avoid: Carelessness with money, a messy house, jealous tears


Claude Akins [Actor]

John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute [Head of State]

Dixie Carter [Actor]

Jessi Colter [Singer]

Patti D’Arbanville [Actor]

Hal David [Songwriter]

K. C. Jones [Basketball]

Robert Ludlum [Novelist]

Ian McKellen [Actor]

Mike Myers [Comic]

Frank Oz [Actor]

Beverly Sills [Singer]

Octavia Spencer [Actor]

Ray Stevenson [Actor]

Gene Tunney [Boxing]

Irwin Winkler [Film/TV Producer]

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May 26

Geminis born on May 26 may appear serious, even stoic. But underneath it all, they are warm-hearted, kind, and even funny when the mood strikes them. These people are aware of their own dignity. Even the way they carry themselves seems to proclaim a sense of decorum.

You should embrace: Comfort, conversations with yourself, solitude

You should avoid: Pragmatism, estrangement from friends, self-pity


James Arness [Actor]

Helena Bonham Carter [Actor]

Philippe de Champaigne [Painter]

Pope Clement VII [Religion]

Peter Cushing [Actor]

Miles Davis [Jazz Musician]

Isadora Duncan [Dancer]

Bobcat Goldthwait [Comic]

Pam Grier [Actor]

Levon Helm [Drummer]

Lauryn Hill [Singer]

Al Jolson [Singer]

Jack Kevorkian [Doctor]

Lenny Kravitz [Musician]

Peggy Lee [Singer]

Abraham de Moivre [Mathematician]

Brent Musburger [Sports Journalist]

Stevie Nicks [Singer/Songwriter]

Mick Ronson [Guitarist]

Matt Stone [Cartoonist]

Philip Michael Thomas [Actor]

John Wayne [Actor]

Hank Williams, Jr. [Country Musician]

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May 27

Geminis born May 27 are masters at reinventing themselves. This is their way of remaining interesting to themselves and others. They never quite let anyone see their true self, not even those individuals who are closest to them. They revel in maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue.

You should embrace: Emotional restoration, quiet joys, mystery

You should avoid: Intimidation, snobbishness, misinformation


André 3000 [Musician]

Jeff Bagwell [Baseball]

Paul Bettany [Actor]

Peter DeFazio [Politician]

Chris Dodd [Politician]

Harlan Ellison [Author]

Joseph Fiennes [Actor]

Lou Gossett, Jr. [Actor]

Dashiell Hammett [Author]

Wild Bill Hickok [Actor]

Hubert Humphrey [Politician]

Jadakiss [Rapper]

Henry Kissinger [Government]

Christopher Lee [Actor]

Ramsey Lewis [Jazz Musician]

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes [Singer]

Barney Oliver [Astronomer]

Vincent Price [Actor]

Sue Simmons [News Anchor]

Siouxsie Sioux [Musician]

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May 28

Geminis born May 28 have absolutely no sense of danger, no fear of failing. These people don’t wait for life to happen to them — they go out and wrestle with it. They are adventurous types who never lose interest in life or confidence in their ability to conquer it.

You should embrace: Safe arrivals, a happy heart, a winning spirit

You should avoid: Bad dreams, revenge, nervousness


Patch Adams [Doctor]

Carroll Baker [Actor]

Sepp Dietrich [Military]

Megalyn Echikunwoke [Actor]

Ian Fleming [Novelist]

John Fogerty [Musician]

Rudy Giuliani [Politician]

Alexander Grothendieck [Mathematician]

Gladys Knight [Singer]

Kylie Minogue [Singer/Songwriter]

Betty Shabazz [Activist]

Nikolai Sokoloff [Conductor]

T-Bone Walker [Guitarist]

Jerry West [Basketball]

Wendy O. Williams [Singer]

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May 29

Geminis born May 29 possess a star quality that is unrivaled by others. Their ability to sway the opinions of others is nothing short of miraculous. They possess charm, intelligence, and wit. If they lack for anything it is an introspective side. These social individuals prefer not to analyze their feelings. They gravitate toward risk and sometimes are foolhardy.

You should embrace: High style, wholeness, humility

You should avoid: Self-parody, aloofness, sins of omission


Annette Bening [Actor]

King Charles II [Royalty]

Danny Elfman [Musician]

Melissa Etheridge [Musician]

Noel Gallagher [Guitarist]

Anthony Geary [Actor]

Bobby Hamilton [Auto Racing]

Bob Hope [Comic]

La Toya Jackson [Singer]

Rebbie Jackson [Singer]

Al Unser, Sr. [Auto Racing]

Fay Vincent [Baseball]

Abdoulaye Wade [Head of State]

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May 30

Geminis born May 30 are like artists who see the entire world as their canvas. These individuals are virtuosos when it comes to putting their imprint on the world around them. They have considerable mettle and can overcome adversity with ease. Their will to succeed is strong, never ruthless.

You should embrace: Good grooming, riches of the soul, attention to detail

You should avoid: Indifference, sleeplessness, poor choices


Mel Blanc [Actor]

Cee-Lo Green [Singer]

Keir Dullea [Actor]

Karl Faberge [Artist]

Benny Goodman [Jazz Musician]

Christine Jorgensen [Photographer]

Wynonna Judd [Country Musician]

Ruta Lee [Actor]

Alexei Leonov [Astronaut]

Manny Ramirez [Baseball]

Remy Ma [Rapper]

Jake “The Snake” Roberts [Wrestling]

Gale Sayers [Football]

Joseph Stein [Playwright]

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May 31

Geminis born May 31 like to push the proverbial envelope, always looking for ways to get close to dangerous circumstances without getting hurt. They like to give others the impression that they have a “bad” streak, but generally they’re not as unconventional as they may appear.

You should embrace: Putting first things first, following your dreams, being at ease

You should avoid: The need for validation, no-win situations, giving up


Laura Baugh [Golf]

D.M.C. [Rapper]

Clint Eastwood [Actor]

Denholm Elliott [Actor]

Susie Essman [Comic]

Colin Farrell [Actor]

Rainer Werner Fassbinder [Film Director]

Henry “Scoop” Jackson [Politician]

Joe Namath [Football]

Archie Panjabi [Actor]

Johnny Paycheck [Country Musician]

Pope Pius XI [Religion]

Prince Rainier [Royalty]

Félix Rodríguez [Spy]

Walt Whitman [Poet]

Wesley Willis [Musician]

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June 1

Geminis born June 1 value their talents and abilities and yet may constantly look to their peers for validation and advice. Feeling that they have the power to please others is as seductive to them as their own success. They wear the thin veneer of Gemini superficiality well, yet they are more complicated than they seem.

You should embrace: Lightening someone’s burden, higher education, posterity

You should avoid: Interdependence, worthless promises, scheming


René Auberjonois [Actor]

David Berkowitz [Criminal]

Pat Boone [Singer]

Powers Boothe [Actor]

Brian Cox [Actor]

Mark Curry [Comic]

Morgan Freeman [Actor]

Andy Griffith [Actor]

Jeff Hawkins [Inventor]

Javier Hernandez [Soccer]

Arthur W. Hummel, Jr. [Diplomat]

Heidi Klum [Model]

Cleavon Little [Actor]

Marilyn Monroe [Actor]

Alanis Morissette [Singer]

Nelson Riddle [Composer]

Tom Sneva [Auto Racing]

Charlie Wilson [Politician]

Ron Wood [Guitarist]

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June 2

Geminis born June 2 live more through their emotions than their intellect. This may not be readily apparent since they are bright achievers with quiet personalities that discourage them from “opening up.” They have a more serious disposition than many Geminis. They give the impression of being emotionally fragile but are strong-willed and independent.

You should embrace: Acts of daring, professional advice, adaptability

You should avoid: Doubts, constant criticism of yourself and others, gloating


Wayne Brady [Talk Show Host]

Dana Carvey [Comic]

Kenneth Chenault [Business]

Constantine II [Royalty]

George Henry Corliss [Inventor]

Marquis de Sade [Author]

Marvin Hamlisch [Composer]

Dennis Haysbert [Actor]

Stacy Keach [Actor]

Sally Kellerman [Actor]

Pope Leo XI [Religion]

Lydia Lunch [Musician]

Jerry Mathers [Actor]

Wentworth Miller [Actor]

Jon Peters [Film/TV Producer]

Pope Pius X [Religion]

John Randolph of Roanoke [Politician]

Martha Washington [First Lady]

Charlie Watts [Drummer]

Steve Waugh [Cricket]

Johnny Weissmuller [Actor]

Cornel West [Activist]

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June 3

Though they may seem conventional on the surface, July 3 Cancers have a deeply mystical nature. At once eccentric and blessed with exceptionally good taste, they enjoy living the good life but never lose sight of their spiritual concerns. They always seem able to balance their material and more esoteric needs.

You should embrace: Social responsibility, tenacity, precision

You should avoid: Intolerance, immaturity, lack of focus


Josephine Baker [Dancer]

Chuck Barris [Game Show Host]

Raúl Castro [Government]

Anderson Cooper [Journalist]

Tony Curtis [Actor]

Colleen Dewhurst [Actor]

Leo Gorcey [Actor]

Ian Hunter [Musician]

James Hutton [Geologist]

Curtis Mayfield [Musician]

Rafael Nadal [Tennis]

James Purefoy [Actor]

Suzi Quatro [Musician]

Edward Winter [Actor]

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June 4

It’s not always easy to get along with July 4 Cancers, who are a strong-willed and determined bunch. Yet they are fair enough to admit when they are wrong and even apologize once in a while. July 4 natives have a humanitarian streak and will do many good deeds in their life, but they prefer to do them secretly.

You should embrace: Discretion, reasonableness, emotional warmth

You should avoid: Materialism, ingratitude, lack of character


John Drew Barrymore [Actor]

Russell Brand [Actor]

Keith David [Actor]

El DeBarge [Singer]

Bruce Dern [Actor]

Freddy Fender [Musician]

Angelina Jolie [Actor]

George Noory [Radio Personality]

Michelle Phillips [Singer/Songwriter]

Bar Refaeli [Model]

Rosalind Russell [Actor]

Horatio Sanz [Comic]

Al B. Sure [Singer/Songwriter]

Ruth Westheimer [Talk Show Host]

Mort Zuckerman [Business]

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June 5

Geminis born June 5 believe in the natural goodness of the world around them. They are more than optimistic — they are altruists who draw their inspiration from everyday miracles. They often exhibit a take-charge attitude that may seem authoritarian.

You should embrace: Fantasy, tears of joy, patience

You should avoid: Wasting time, judging others, feeling overburdened


Kathleen Q. Abernathy [Government]

John Couch Adams [Astronomer]

Laurie Anderson [Performance Artist]

Ruth Benedict [Anthropologist]

Art Donovan [Football]

Kenny G [Jazz Musician]

Federico García Lorca [Poet]

Jade Goody [TV Personality]

Spalding Gray [Actor]

Kathleen Kennedy [Film/TV Producer]

John Maynard Keynes [Economist]

Brian McKnight [Musician]

Suze Orman [Author]

Pancho Villa [Military]

Mark Wahlberg [Actor]

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June 6

Geminis born June 6 are remarkable individuals and have a need to express themselves through artistry and words. They have unbounded curiosity and never tire of learning new things.

You should embrace: Contentment, spiritual peace, tradition

You should avoid: Tension, negativity, hopelessness

David Abercrombie [Business]

Sandra Bernhard [Comic]

Gary “U.S.” Bonds [Singer/Songwriter]

Bjorn Borg [Tennis]

Robert Englund [Actor]

Harvey Fierstein [Actor]

Paul Giamatti [Actor]

Roy Innis [Activist]

Uncle Kracker [Disc Jockey]

Natalie Morales [Journalist]

Bill Moyers [Journalist]

Andrew Napolitano [Pundit]

Cam Neely [Hockey]

Colin Quinn [Comic]

Levi Stubbs [Singer]

Steve Vai [Guitarist]

Max Zorn [Mathematician]

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June 7

Geminis born June 7 have the desire to make their presence felt in the world. They are curious and vibrant, with an ability to keep their level of enthusiasm high no matter what. They have a deservedly high opinion of themselves and will go to great lengths to make themselves seen and heard.

You should embrace: Affection, spiritual escape, wondrous memories

You should avoid: Greed, enviousness, dishonor


Beau Brummell [Socialite]

William Forsythe [Actor]

Paul Gauguin [Painter]

Nikki Giovanni [Poet]

Allen Iverson [Basketball]

James Ivory [Film/TV Producer]

Tom Jones [Singer]

Anna Kournikova [Tennis]

Dave Navarro [Guitarist]

Liam Neeson [Actor]

Prince [Musician]

John Townsend [Mathematician]

Kym Whitley [Actor]

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June 8

Geminis born June 8 are survivors with considerably more emotional stamina than the typical Gemini. No matter how many times they suffer setbacks or disappointments, they come back and start again. They are hard workers who put their whole heart and soul into everything they do.

You should embrace: Confidence, wholesome enjoyment, conversation

You should avoid: Pretense, subjugating your goals, disappointments


Sonia Braga [Actor]

Bernie Casey [Football]

Giovanni Domenico Cassini [Astronomer]

Lexa Doig [Actor]

Gabrielle Giffords [Politician]

Kwame Kilpatrick [Politician]

LeRoy Neiman [Painter]

Rob Pilatus [Dancer]

Nick Rhodes [Musician]

Joan Rivers [Comic]

Boz Scaggs [Musician]

Nancy Sinatra [Singer]

Bonnie Tyler [Singer]

Keenen Ivory Wayans [Comic]

Kanye West [Music Producer]

Frank Lloyd Wright [Architect]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 8

June 9

Geminis born June 9 have a good time in just about any situation and are often the life of the party. These individuals also have a hidden serious side. They are excitable and imaginative, with a great sense of humor. Like most Gemini natives, they are talkative and enjoy a rousing debate.

You should embrace: Innovations, courage, ethical behavior

You should avoid: Self-pity, bossiness, manipulative people


Forrest Bird [Inventor]

Johnny Depp [Actor]

Michael J. Fox [Actor]

T. D. Jakes [Religion]

Tamela Mann [Actor]

Robert McNamara [Government]

Mitch Mitchell [Drummer]

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite [Artist]

Les Paul [Guitarist]

Peter the Great [Royalty]

Cole Porter [Composer]

Aaron Sorkin [Author]

Dick Vitale [Sports Journalist]

Jackie Wilson [Singer]

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June 10

Geminis born June 10 are on an endless roller coaster of highs and lows, which can amaze those who know them well. They are acutely aware of the expectations of others and may often go to great lengths to live up to them. Being at ease with who they are is a trait that they need to cultivate.

You should embrace: Joy of living, moderation, quiet times

You should avoid: Excesses, unwise love affairs, depression


Saul Bellow [Novelist]

Kim Deal [Bassist]

John Edwards [Politician]

Faith Evans [Singer/Songwriter]

Frankie Faison [Actor]

Gina Gershon [Actor]

Bobby Jindal [Politician]

Hattie McDaniel [Actor]

Prince Philip [Royalty]

Jürgen Prochnow [Actor]

Leelee Sobieski [Actor]

Eliot Spitzer [Government]

Howlin’ Wolf [Singer/Songwriter]

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June 11

Although they need a great deal of personal validation, Geminis born June 11 possess an ego strong enough to support their grandiose ambitions. They possess superb leadership qualities and have the potential to make a difference in the world.

You should embrace: Calm, happy memories, yourself the way you are

You should avoid: Going to extremes, dogmatic behavior, hypocrisy


Buddy Baer [Boxing]

Adrienne Barbeau [Actor]

Jacques Cousteau [Activist]

Peter Dinklage [Actor]

Chad Everett [Actor]

Martin C. Faga [Government]

Henry Hill [Criminal]

Alfred Kroeber [Anthropologist]

Shia LaBeouf [Actor]

Hugh Laurie [Actor]

Paul Mellon [Philanthropist]

Joe Montana [Football]

Jackie Stewart [Auto Racing]

Richard Strauss [Composer]

Kiichiro Toyoda [Business]

Greta Van Susteren [Journalist]

Bartolomeo Vanzetti [Anarchist]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 11

June 12

Geminis born June 12 are big thinkers who possess the enthusiasm to go for all the marbles. These incredible optimists believe that everything that happens is for the best. When they must face a setback, they’re never depressed. They are great self-starters who always seem to have a plan.

You should embrace: Advice, work ethic, sense of destiny

You should avoid: Confrontation, poor choices, materialism


Marv Albert [Sports Figure]

Irwin Allen [Film/TV Producer]

George H.W. Bush [Head of State]

Chick Corea [Jazz Musician]

Vic Damone [Singer]

Anne Frank [Victim]

Adriana Lima [Model]

Hideki Matsui [Baseball]

Jason Mewes [Actor]

Robert Mondavi [Business]

Jim Nabors [Actor]

David Rockefeller [Business]

William Appleman Williams [Historian]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 12

June 13

Geminis born June 13 love adventure and prefer living life on the edge. These individuals have a kinetic kind of charm that easily draws others to them. They can even seem a little self-involved, but that is usually due to the fact that they are accustomed to causing a stir wherever they go.

You should embrace: Self-expression, sentimentality, fame

You should avoid: Doubts, rage, guilty feelings


Tim Allen [Actor]

Christo [Artist]

Chris Evans [Actor]

Bruno de Finetti [Mathematician]

Siegfried Fischbacher [Magician]

Paul Lynde [Comic]

Malcolm McDowell [Actor]

John Nash [Mathematician]

Basil Rathbone [Actor]

Mike Smith [Football]

Tim Zagat [Critic]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 13

June 14

Geminis born June 14 combine a winning personality with a penetrating intelligence that is truly disarming. They are “idea” people. They aren’t shy about expressing their opinions yet don’t insist that people agree with them.

You should embrace: Decisiveness, organization, spirit of leadership

You should avoid: Egocentricity, self-doubt, being argumentative


Alois Alzheimer [Doctor]

Yuri Andropov [Head of State]

Rod Argent [Musician]

Cy Coleman [Composer]

Boy George [Singer/Songwriter]

Marla Gibbs [Actor]

Steffi Graf [Tennis]

Che Guevara [Activist]

Burl Ives [Singer]

Jerzy Kosinski [Author]

Faizon Love [Actor]

MC Ren [Rapper]

Donald Trump [Business]

Junior Walker [Musician]

Brad Will [Journalist]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 14

June 15

Geminis born June 15 possess the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove. Even when they choose to play hardball, their opponent may never realize they’ve been in a fight. These individuals are well-mannered, quiet, and seemingly shy, yet they usually manage to get their way.

You should embrace: Variety, focus, the joy of giving

You should avoid: Playing favorites, indecisiveness, incompatibility


Dusty Baker [Baseball]

Wade Boggs [Baseball]

Jake Busey [Actor]

Mary Carey [Pornstar]

Edward Channing [Historian]

Ice Cube [Rapper]

Mario Cuomo [Politician]

Marshall Field IV [Business]

Johnny Hallyday [Singer]

Xaviera Hollander [Author]

Harry Nilsson [Singer/Songwriter]

Andy Pettitte [Baseball]

Edward the Black Prince [Royalty]

Leah Remini [Actor]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 15

June 16

Enthusiasm and a genuine curiosity about life mark the personalities of Geminis born June 16. They have the ability to rise to any social occasion and make exceptionally fine hosts and hostesses. They are perceptive, bright, and as interested in those around them as in their own concerns.

You should embrace: The wisdom of time, happy memories, being yourself

You should avoid: Manipulative people, going to extremes, bickering


Hank Aaron [Baseball]

Albert II [Royalty]

Jacques d’Amboise [Dancer]

Sparky Anderson [Baseball]

Piers Anthony [Novelist]

Giorgio Armani [Fashion Designer]

Peter Arnett [Journalist]

Beryl Bainbridge [Novelist]

Tom Baker [Actor]

Bill Bixby [Actor]

Wilford Brimley [Actor]

Roberto Clemente [Baseball]

Leonard Cohen [Singer/Songwriter]

Paul Crouch [Religion]

Dame Judi Dench [Actor]

Barbara Eden [Actor]

Louise Fletcher [Actor]

Al Freeman, Jr. [Actor]

Yuri Gagarin [Astronaut]

Jane Goodall [Naturalist]

Vartan Gregorian [Educator]

Efraim Halevy [Spy]

Orrin Hatch [Politician]

Roy Innis [Activist]

Sonny Jurgensen [Football]

Graham Kerr [Chef]

Don Kirshner [Business]

Jerry Lewis [Politician]

Calvin Lockhart [Actor]

Sophia Loren [Actor]

Shirley MacLaine [Actor]

John Madden [Football]

Charles Manson [Criminal]

Barbara McNair [Singer]

Robert Moog [Inventor]

Bill Moyers [Journalist]

Ralph Nader [Activist]

Sydney Pollack [Film Director]

Buddy Ryan [Football]

Carl Sagan [Astronomer]

Bud Selig [Baseball]

Del Shannon [Singer/Songwriter]

Maggie Smith [Actor]

Bart Starr [Football]

Gloria Steinem [Activist]

Rip Taylor [Comic]

Edolphus Towns [Politician]

Bobby Unser [Auto Racing]

Frankie Valli [Singer]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 16

June 17

Geminis born June 17 are uncharacteristically serious. They are concerned with making a success in life, yet a spirit of rebellion lurks behind their seemingly conservative and traditional facades. They have a vision all their own but aren’t always sure just how to achieve it.

You should embrace: Forgiveness, a joyous heart, attention to detail

You should avoid: Flights of fancy, irresponsibility, ingratitude


Art Bell [Radio Personality]

Christy Canyon [Pornstar]

King Charles XII [Royalty]

M. C. Escher [Artist]

Tommy Franks [Military]

Newt Gingrich [Politician]

François Jacob [Scientist]

Greg Kinnear [Actor]

Barry Manilow [Singer/Songwriter]

Ted Nelson [Computer Programmer]

Venus Williams [Tennis]

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June 18

Geminis born June 18 are practical, sensible individuals who have high ambitions and clear ideas about what they want to achieve. Although they understand the need for strong family ties and the fulfillment of personal happiness, they will sacrifice that happiness in order to put plans into action.

You should embrace: Sensitivity, participation, inner path

You should avoid: Ruthlessness, stubborn streak, petulance


Bartolommeo Ammannati [Architect]

Roger Ebert [Critic]

Carol Kane [Actor]

E. G. Marshall [Actor]

Paul McCartney [Musician]

Anastasia Nikolaevna [Royalty]

Sylvia Porter [Columnist]

Isabella Rossellini [Actor]

Bruce Smith [Football]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 18

June 19

Geminis born June 19 adore being in the spotlight and will fight to stay there. They are goal-oriented and know their own worth and are eager to prove it. They are exuberant, creative people who light up a room when they enter it. They have personality to spare and are not shy about displaying it.

You should embrace: Moments of solitude, autonomy, kismet

You should avoid: Sadness, selfish motives, being discouraged

Paula Abdul [Singer]

Pier Angeli [Actor]

Lester Flatt [Musician]

Lou Gehrig [Baseball]

King James I [Royalty]

Guy Lombardo [Musician]

Phylicia Rashad [Actor]

Gena Rowlands [Actor]

Salman Rushdie [Novelist]

Zoe Saldana [Actor]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 19

June 20

Geminis born on June 20 have a unique and interesting character. An attitude of emotional instability makes them attractive to others who may feel a need to “take care” of them, although June 20 people are actually much more centered than they appear. They are usually quite attractive and have a great deal of personal charm.

You should embrace: Mysticism, humor, beautiful thoughts

You should avoid: Temper tantrums, bizarre behavior, mood swings


Danny Aiello [Actor]

Chet Atkins [Guitarist]

Paul Castellano [Criminal]

Len Dawson [Football]

Olympia Dukakis [Actor]

Errol Flynn [Actor]

Stephen Frears [Film Director]

John Goodman [Actor]

Martin Landau [Actor]

Audie Murphy [Actor]

Anne Murray [Singer]

Twiggy Ramirez [Bassist]

Robert Rodriguez [Film Director]

Bob Vila [TV Personality]

Boaz Yakin [Screenwriter]

Find More Famous Geminis Born June 20

June 21

June 21 Cancers are happy individuals with a genuine love for others. Fairness is their passion, and they have a personal need to live according to a set of ethical standards. They combine intelligence with a great sense of caring. They do not shrink from situations that challenge their reputation.

You should embrace: Sensuality, psychic awareness, a sense of history.

You should avoid: Pettiness, revenge, feelings of alienation.


Meredith Baxter [Actor]

Benazir Bhutto [Head of State]

Ray Davies [Musician]

Joe Flaherty [Comic]

Michael Gross [Actor]

Mariette Hartley [Actor]

Al Hirschfeld [Artist]

Pope Leo IX [Religion]

Juliette Lewis [Actor]

Yang Liwei [Astronaut]

Nils Lofgren [Guitarist]

Robert Pastorelli [Actor]

Wade Phillips [Football]

Jane Russell [Actor]

Jean-Paul Sartre [Philosopher]

Lana Wachowski [Film Director]

Prince William [Royalty]

Kip Winger [Musician]

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