Jack of Spades

The Jack of Spades is a skillful, clever young man. In some of the older cartomancy meanings herepresents an unsettled, erratic, emotionally inconsistent young man; or simply the thoughts of the Queen or King of Spades. Although Jacks can represent young people of either sex, the Jack of Spades is most often read as a young male.

In coloring, the Suit of Spades is considered the darkest of the deck, and represents people with dark brown to black hair, and dark brown eyes.

The Jack of Spades is a complex, interesting fellow. All Jacks are read as young people; most often “young men,” but they can represent a young person of either sex. Of all the Jacks, the JS is the most diverse in terms of the traditional meanings associated with him.

For example the JS can be:

Positive Aspects:

  • A dark-haired, dark-complected youth
  • A youth from a foreign country
  • A youth in uniform; soldier or cadet
  • Skillful, clever youth
  • An intellectual youth; math whiz
  • Young leader; knows how to take charge

Negative Aspects:

  • A youth in trouble
  • A gang leader
  • Juvenile delinquent; the bad kid at school
  • Cold and calculating youth
  • Gossiping, spying youth
  • Inconsistent, erratic, emotionally immature youth
  • Emotionally controlled and detached

Of course the meaning you choose for this card will depend on the surrounding cards as well as a good dose of your own intuition.

Some combinations with the JS:

JH/JS: The querent’s son or brother or boyfriend is in the military or is a rookie police officer.

Two Jacks: Quarrel or court case pending (especially with 5D)

Three Jacks: Boys night out

Four Jacks: Boys school, boy scouts, organization consisting of all young men

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy