King of Spades

Suit Influence:

Spades: Problems, challenges, delays, frustrations, loneliness, anger, secrets, mysteries, sickness, negative emotions, force, movement, karma, and the mind.

Pip Influence:

The King: A man over 35 years of age.

How to Read the King of Spades:

The King of Spades is a man of authority, ambition and power.  In some of the older cartomancy meanings herepresents a power-hungry man with evil intentions.

In coloring, the Suit of Spades is considered the darkest of the deck, and represents people with dark brown to black hair, and dark brown eyes.

The court cards of the Suit of Spades are perhaps the most symbolic of the deck. The cards surrounding the King of Spades will offer clues as to which meanings apply.

The King of Spades  can represent:

  • A man from a foreign country

  • A divorced or widowed man

  • A doctor or lawyer

  • An old man

  • A leader who knows how to take charge of any situation

When surrounded by other Spades, the King of  Spades can be:

  • Arrogant

  • Opportunistic

  • Deceptive

  • A rival in business or love

  • Cold and calculating

  • shrewd

  • Possessive

  • Emotionally controlled and detached

Card Combinations & Multiples:

  •  King + Jack:  a male friend from the past is returning to the seeker’s life. With the J♥ it could be an old love interest.

  •  2 King:  a man in uniform – policeman, fireman, etc. Shaking hands on a business deal.

  •  3 Kings: success, making a name for oneself.

  •  4 Kings: public recognition, and organization consisting of mostly men such as a men’s club.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy