Knight of Coins

Alternative Names: Knight of Pentacles

Number: 75/12

Element: Fire of the suit of Earth

Astrological Associations: Leo and Virgo

Key Meaning: Improving prosperity

The Knight of Coins in Tarot stands for being unwavering, cautious, thorough, realistic, and hardworking. The Knight of Coins meaning in a Tarot reading is that, on the one hand, the Knight of Coins is hardworking, with tremendous stamina and high dedication, and on the other hand, he may be obsessive about little details and stubborn, refusing to admit he’s wrong. The Knight of Pentacles is prudent and never wasteful. He is inflexible, he does not like change of any kind, and he sometimes can take the gloomiest view. He’s a pessimist, though he would call himself a realist.

Upright Meaning:

As an influence: Showing financial growth and good investment, this card means plans concerning property progress. With strategizing and setting a realistic goal, you will succeed. Pay attention to the practical details now, and future benefits are assured. Day to day, this Knight asks you to get through boring and routine, but essential, tasks. In work, the card can indicate more money coming to you due to a raise, bonus, or promotion, but you may need to work harder in return.

An additional meaning of the card is finding a secure home, potentially with a partner.

As a person: This Knight is loyal and dependable. He is a natural protector, and security is very important to him. He may work in property or finance.

As a potential partner, he has much to offer and is genuine. For some, he may lack excitement, as he plans rather than reacts; he can be slow to judge and to express his feelings, and keeps on safe subjects. Depending on what you need from a relationship, he could be a gift—your rock through thick and thin. If you crave excitement, he won’t be entertaining enough to capture your heart.

Reversed Meaning: When reversed, the card advises that you avoid complacency and check out all financial arrangements. The most negative interpretation of the card is financial mismanagement and misleading advice.

As a person, the reversed knight is stubborn and cannot see others’ viewpoints. He is plodding and pessimistic, reluctant to take action and unwilling to go beyond his comfort zone. He may tend to be materialistic and secretive and, in extremis, dishonest.

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