Knight of Cups

Number: 47/12

Element: Fire of the suit of Water

Astrological Associations: Aquarius and Pisces

Key Meaning: A proposal

The Knight of Cups in Tarot stands for being romantic, imaginative, and sensitive. The Knight of Cups meaning in a Tarot reading can also be somewhat moody and temperamental, but also a thing of great beauty, both the creation of beautiful things and the appreciation of them. It is charm, affection, and big, big emotions.

Upright Meaning:

As an influence: The Knight of Cups heralds an emotional time—you may be bewitched by a new love interest (or even more than one), enjoy more romance with an existing partner, and/or other sweet things that capture your imagination: beauty, nature, time away from work or your usual routines, or creative pursuits. New friends may enter your circle.

As a person: Idealistic and dreamy, artistic and sensitive, this Knight is a true romantic. His arrival in a reading shows a love prospect and even a proposal—which is wonderful if you have an established relationship. However, as a new love interest, tread carefully. This Knight is an idealist and, while wanting a relationship, finds it hard to articulate his true feelings. He may be stuck behind a persona of the perfect partner—gallant and generous—but unable to drop the act to let you see who he really is. While this is understandable in the early days of a romance, if the actions don’t match the words of passion, take care; don’t be swept away just yet.

Reversed Meaning: The Knight reversed means disappointment—an offer that at first glance appeared perfect does not materialize, leaving you feeling confused and pushed out. As a person, the reversed Knight is untrustworthy and unreliable. He is hooked on the chase, the romantic or sexual ideal, but has no intention of going beyond the honeymoon phase of a relationship. He may also be looking for the thrill of new romance elsewhere, continuing the cycle of manipulation.

This card often appears in a reading to denote a lover who has intimacy and commitment issues. His behavior may be inconsistent and unpredictable, but when challenged, he may protest that this is not the case and try to deflect the problem onto you. It is of course best for you to step away, as this knight has little to offer other than ongoing drama.

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