Leo 2018 Horoscope

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With the brilliant, shining sun as your ruler, Leo, you live for attention and love the limelight. However, showing the world that you’ve got substance to add to your style will be your big challenge in 2018. Your decision-making capabilities are thrown off by a sun-moon conflict early in February, and not overreacting (drama much?!) will be your biggest test. This is your chance to let everyone know that you can choose the right path even though you’re being pulled in other directions.

A big-hearted Leo moon in the middle of June makes having a good time a top priority, and it’s nice to shed some of the restrictions you’ve been under lately. You’re drawn to all things sparkly, so high-end jewelry shopping, over-the-top parties, and bright, flashy outfits are all yes, please!

You really hit your stride when the dazzling sun rolls into your dignified sign at the end of July. That’s when the party turns up and you’re fully ready to embrace all things Leo. There’s no apologizing for who you truly are. Let your ego soar and be proud of your accomplishments. You’re dynamic and bold, and there is no reason you can’t be the first one to realize and acknowledge your brilliance!

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