Nine of Cups

Number: 44/9

Element: Water

Astrological Association: Jupiter in Pisces

Key Meaning: Happiness

The Nine of Cups in Tarot stands for wish fulfillment, satisfaction, and sensual pleasure. The Nine of Cups is also known as the Wish Card in certain Tarot traditions. The tone of the Nine of Cups card is smugness, that feeling the cat gets when it manages to catch the canary! The figure on the Nine of Cups card is a man with contentment written all over him. He sits confidently, arms folded, with a smiling face. He seems to exude happiness, and he looks as though he has everything he ever wanted. He seems to say that he could not be happier.

Upright Meaning: The Nine of Cups is known as the wish card of the tarot because it foretells a dream come true. Whatever you hope for can now come to fruition. Joy comes from prosperity, generosity, and optimism, alongside parties and entertainment.

In relationships, the Nine of Cups reveals new romance and rewarding friendships. Whatever feelings have been nurtured in the past can now be expressed as others show their hearts. The time for waiting for love is over; if love has grown, it will be declared fully. Friends will step closer to you as you feel more connected to your own heart. When fully living your truth, others respond. In the spirit of sharing, there is now an easy connection with others as projects begin and existing work becomes more rewarding. This is a time to communicate, laugh, and appreciate all you have.

If you are nurturing a new project or idea, the Nine of Cups heralds its growth, so listen to your intuition, make time for the activities that make you happy, and see them flourish. Astrologically, this card is linked with Jupiter in Pisces, which promotes imagination, artistic flair, and generosity—so it is time, also, to share and own your ideas. Independence will also be important at this time.

The Nine also favors good health, as old tensions dissolve, flowing away in the waters of the past. Now is the time to appreciate the joy of the present.

Reversed Meaning: When reversed, ego steps in—and with it self-centredness and emotional disconnection. This can manifest as smugness. More commonly in readings, the Nine reversed tells a tale of narcissism: You are faced with others’ inability to see beyond their own immediate needs. This influence can infect personal and professional relationships, which suffer as others forge ahead with their agendas for short-term gain, leaving you bruised. However, it’s also worth asking yourself if you are the one overstriving for recognition, sidelining others in the process.

In personal and business projects, uncertainty rules due to misunderstandings, and your plans may be delayed. Creativity can suffer at this time, too, with stop-start-stop frustration. Focus on maintaining balance and routine to help you navigate these difficult waters and hold on to those dreams and schemes. This may not be the right time for new ideas idea to flourish, but this doesn’t diminish your worth or the strength of your concepts.

Take extra care of yourself and your relationships now, as energy levels may be low; hibernate a little until that spark returns.

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