Nine of Spades

Suit Influence:

Spades: Problems, challenges, delays, frustrations, loneliness, anger, secrets, mysteries, sickness, negative emotions, force, movement, karma, and the mind.

Number Influence:

The Number 9 represents philosophy, metaphysics, travel, fortune, dreams, ambitions, attainment, fulfillment, accomplishment, and achievement.

How to Read the 9 of Spades:

Traditionally the9 of Spades is a card of sadness, adversity, failure, suffering, grief, and malice.  This is a very unfavorable card.  It forebodes tragic events including accidents, serious injury, serious illness, self-injury, and harm to one’s self or another.

The 9♠ can indicate feeling pressured or forced to do something.  It can indicate a loss of control, or feeling “out of control.”   The 9♠ can denote a breakdown of established patterns.  It can represent a disappointment, or a broken heart.

The 9♠ also represents karmic debts, obligations, and duty to self and others.

Card Multiples:

Two 9‘s: higher education or the travel industry.

Three 9‘s: Changes in philosophy or attitude.

Four 9‘s:  Highest level of attainment, fame and celebrity.

Suggested Card Combinations:

9♠+ 8♠ = serious illness or injury.

2♣ + 9♠ = a duty or obligation.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy