Queen of Clubs

Traditional Meanings:

Traditionally, the Queen of Clubs represents a female of medium coloring with brown hair and brown, blue or hazel eyes. She is a reliable friend and trusted adviser.

Suit of Clubs:

The suit of clubs symbolizes Business, work, social activity, practical matters, teaching, learning, and progress through effort.

Pip Influence:

The Queen: A woman over 18 years of age.

How To Read the Queen of Clubs:

The Suit of Clubs represents business, work and social activities. Therefore the Queen of Clubs can be a business woman, a female co-worker, a good adviser, a trusted female friend, or a social butterfly. She can represent a socially active woman who enjoys clubs, societies, and other social functions. She runs her home efficiently, and she likes to keep busy. She is a hard worker, and prefers to be an active participant in life.

My Grandmother called the Queen of ClubsThe Successful Woman of Business.” When I first learned to read, I had a difficult time with the Face Cards. I found it hard to try to place the people into the seeker’s life.  I would stumble over trying to describe the person’s complexion and coloring. It helped me to think of the Face Cards as stereotypes or cardboard cutout figures, and then to allow the surrounding cards to flesh out the description. Now I almost never read the Face Cards as coloring unless I’m using a significator, or the seeker specifically asks for a physical description.

I usually read the Queen of Clubs as a female work associate. If she represents a love interest about to enter a male seeker’s life, she is someone he will meet at work or in a work environment. When I read for a female, the Queen of Clubs most often represents the seeker’s best friend. Of course the Queen of Clubs can represent the female seeker herself. In that case, I know I’m reading for an active, industrious, reliable woman who is well-liked and has great business sense.

Card Combinations & Multiples:

  • Queen + Jack:  an old female friend or girlfriend is returning to the seeker’s life.
  • 2 Queens:  sharing confidences, gossip, can be catty with Q of Spades.
  • 3 Queens: a group of female friends, a night out with the girls.
  • 4 Queens: Girl’s school, sorority, any organization consisting of mostly women.
Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy