Queen of Coins

Alternative Names: Queen of Pentacles

Number: 76/13

Element: Water of the suit of Earth

Astrological Associations: Sagittarius and Capricorn

Key Meaning: A reliable woman

The Queen of Coins in Tarot stands for nurturing, bigheartedness, resourcefulness, and trustworthiness. The Queen of Coins meaning in Tarot is that something needs to be done, and she’s here to help make it happen. Her personality is a combination of the positive earth energy of the Pentacles suit and the inward focus of a Queen. She is warm and generous, and she takes great pleasure in caring for and nurturing others. Sensible and practical, she ensures everyone is happy and secure. The Queen of Pentacles is always ready to calm your fears and share all your troubles.

Upright Meaning:

As a person: The Queen of Pentacles is usually well off, generous, and supportive. She has a strong maternal instinct, is affectionate and wise—and she may be an older woman, or a younger female with wisdom beyond her years.

Her vocations include public office, ecology, agriculture, politics, sports coaching, food and catering, and business—any work that benefits large numbers of people. She may be a homemaker, as she loves caring for her home and garden. She likes the good things in life and knows how to spend money well—on beautiful objects, on gifts for loved ones, and of course, on herself. She is physically affectionate and hands-on in her projects; rather than dictating from the sidelines, she will lend practical help.

In readings, she commonly shows up as a benefactor.

As an influence: In addition to practical support, wisdom, good financial management, and financial help, the Queen of Pentacles can show marriage and money coming to a couple. It is also a positive card for good health, a sensual sex life, fertility, and children.

Reversed Meaning: When this card is reversed, finances can suffer. Money you relied upon doesn’t roll in or funds are misappropriated. You may have to deal with the impact of someone’s financial mishaps. This is temporary, however. An additional meaning is your home is neglected while other concerns take over.

As a person, the reversed Queen can be stubborn and unimaginative. She can be mean with money, or at the other extreme, an emotional spender. Her erratic behavior is for self-comfort, or she uses money to buy other people’s affection.

About the Deck: “Ciro Marchetti’s Tarot of Dreams” from Tarot.com.