You are quite a force in the world, bring splendid skills and mentality to all you do. You are a worker, happy when busy with worthwhile tasks. You like to feel a sense of power over everything in your environment and this means you must get the confidence of others. Working alone behind the scenes pleases you but to win greatest happiness you should aim for coming out of little more with personality and results of endeavor. You are intense when in love and emotional gratification is your highest form of happiness. Winning affluence through use of your unequaled financial wisdom is a challenge that also makes you intensely happy.

Scorpio Overview

The Scorpion is the symbol of this sign and suggests itself in the disposition and character of Scorpio natives. These people are extremists in every way. They are the most dominant, ruthless, self-willed and autocratic of any Zodiacal type. They are passionate and rebellious, tearing down the tenets of God and Man alike to suit their purpose. They WILL RULE, not with the gracious majesty of Leo, or even the sharper authority of Aries, but with the fierce tyranny of the Czar. It is THEIR WAY or no way.

The enigma of all who understand Scorpio temperament is this combination of violent qualities with a fine constructive mind. These people have a true comprehension of life, its difficulties, and problems. They are exceedingly astute, and know how to win out in the difficult battle of life. For to them everything is a battle. Yet with all that superior knowledge, they seldom take the easy way to accomplish anything, but always choose the road of contention and strife. They are contrary and contradictory, and choose to go in opposition to even their own conceptions, if it suits their mood of the moment. This sign was once called the negative side of Mars and Mars was appointed its ruler, but the newest astrological thought has described Pluto, named for the dark lord of the underworld, as the rightful ruler of the sign.

Such a picture of active unpleasantness leads on to wonder how Scorpio natives conform to this world at all. Actually they are often very successful people, of great ability, and high accomplishment.


Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Pluto

House: Eighth

Symbol: The Scorpion

Mode: Feeling

Motto: I control

Birthstone: Opal

Power Stones: Obsidian, garnet

Colors: Maroon, black, blood red, charcoal grey

Body Area: Genitals

Gender: Feminine

Polarity: Yin

Polar Sign: Taurus

Attractions: Capricorn, Leo, Pisces

Scorpio 2021 Horoscope


This is an extremely important year for your powerful sign of the Scorpion. Several transits tug and pull at major points in your personal chart, bringing you brand-new perspectives, and also requiring you to implement decisions that contribute to both, your family and career life.

This combines several areas of your personal affairs and asks you to really look into your long-term arrangements from the perspective of a leader, caretaker, and healer. As 2021 brings along with it an influential square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in your opposing sign of Taurus, this creates a prominent T-square in your own chart. This can be a difficult astrological energy most pointedly experienced during mid-February, mid-June, and the end of December, but leads to radical change in your overall life. There can be many unplanned events that ultimately decide your fate and affect your home and career situations. You might even consider moving for work, or relocating in some capacity.

Pluto, your home planet, enters a retrograde cycle through Capricorn between June 28 and October 7, making this timeframe a key zone to revisit what still needs to be accomplished in order to feel fully empowered and take back your personal authority in certain areas where you felt you lost your confidence. Some see you from the outside that have no idea what’s been bubbling under the surface. Don’t lose sight of the big picture, and always remember that the universe wants you to succeed at anything you set your mind to, and this year is no exception to that rule.


Your relationships experience many changes and shifts in 2021. You are asked to look at yourself from a different perspective than you once even considered. This is where you are taking the reigns of power and being asked to lead.

For those coupled Scorpios, this is a test of whether your partnership can handle this or not. The idea of a balanced and respectful relationship is where this is going to matter the most. If you are with someone who does not look at you with the same amount of care and honor that you look at them, then this is where the cosmic alignments are going to come through and shatter the glass. If your partner supports you and appreciates who you are, then you will know it immediately.

There are pivotal areas where decisions will come into play, and you will have to really make a call on your own. You’ll know, because you always know what is right for you. This holds especially true in the months of February, May, June, and November. Think of these timeframes as a rite of passage for you.

This year you’ve already gone through the mud, but now you are in clean-up mode in various realms of your partnership. The November 19 partial lunar eclipse provides you with a fascinating understanding of someone’s motives. This sets you up for an enlightening love period that will be influential all year long and into 2022.

Overall, this year requires you to be very vulnerable in your communication, which isn’t always the easiest thing to ask of your often private water sign.


2021 can bring forth chance meetings and fated affairs for single Scorpios. The presence of both Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius steamrolls through your fourth house of home and family, shaking your ground and waking you up to some very enjoyable love connections.

There are plenty of opportunities for passionate encounters to begin quickly only to fizzle out or be met with a choice between two people type of vibe. There isn’t a lot you have to worry about if you are not looking for anything serious, because this is a great year to have fun and attract some extracurricular partnerships.

For those Scorpios who want something a little more long-term and committed, you have to look towards aspects of your chart and the other person’s as well. There is a give-and-take between your personal desires and what your love interest is truly showing up to prove to you. May and June are going to be pivotal points for you to really embrace your desires. You might even catch some feelings around this time.

The theme overall this year includes falling in love in an instant, dreaming about the person, and then once you are met with the truth of their reality losing interest in them for the longevity. Uranus is tricky in that sense, and as this chaotic planet shoots lightning bolts through the cosmos, so too will your heart be intertwined in this tumultuous shift.

Each day of this year, you might feel like your feelings are on a roller-coaster where the day prior you made a “final” decision about a person in your life. Remember to ride the waves, and appreciate the adoration!

Money & Career

Your determined sign is always on top of the current market trends occurring in your field of business. You are excellent at self-promotion ready and willing to invest your time into what really counts for your future. You have no problem holding out for a better deal or making sacrifices to get where you need to go.

This year is quite interesting in the fact that squares between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in your opposing sign of Taurus activate certain areas of your chart that require compromise. This can reflect sudden events or changes in career partnerships and tie your family into your career path. If you are worried about supporting your family from a financial perspective, this is a good year to really take a risk and see it pay off. This is going to require a tremendous amount of bravery and following personal guidance beyond belief.

You are really challenging yourself beyond your limits especially with the prominent squares effecting you on or around February 14, June 14, and December 24. These are going to be factors that fully switch it all up in the end. You will be able to break out of a cycle that once held you back, but you’ll also be able to see where you need to improve. This can be a very personal decision, not only for your overall growth, but also for your career revolution!

This year points out that it is time for you to go no holds barred on your dreams. Destiny does await you down the road, and being an effective leader holds you to the highest standards of all!



Zodiac Position:  Approximately 26° Libra —3° Scorpio  Season:  Mid-Fall  Elements:  Air/Water  Qualities:  Cardinal/Fixed  Rulers:  Venus/Pluto (co-Ruler: Mars)  Symbols:  The Scales/The Scorpion  Modes:  Thought, Sensation/Feeling

Also called the Cusp of Drama & Criticism, the Librascorp is an overlapping and admixture of the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra, and the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio.  The Librascorp cusp can be likened to the period around forty-nine years of age in the human life and comes in the middle of fall in the northern hemisphere.  During this period of the year winter crops are planted, animals go into hibernation for the coming winter, days are crisp and nights are frosty once more.  The days grow shorter and the nights longer.  In human development, at the age of forty-nine, the mid-life period is ending and middle age approaching.  This is a period that can be characterized by the themes of Drama and Criticism.  A heightened sense of the drama of life, both in a philosophical and personal sense, leads to an increased awareness of the dynamics of one’s own existence, both past and present, a highly critical attitude emerges which cuts away careless generalizations and sloppy thinking and aims for the essence of truth.  Such an attitude can lead to profound changes in personal relationships, how leisure time is spent and in general to a reevaluation of one’s place in the world.

The days which comprise the LIBRASCORP cusp exemplify various aspects of Drama and Criticism, where the airy, social, theatrical Libra nature confronts the more serious, deeply feeling and critical nature of Scorpio.

THE LIBRASCORP PERSONALITY:  The dramatic LIBRASCORP is one of the most critical individuals of the whole year.  Those born in this period can perfectly embody the spirit of their age but also comment on it.  No matter what walk of life they inhabit, their facile minds and often sharp tongues will mark them as individuals to be reckoned with.  Most often, if asked their opinion they give it straight out, holding nothing back.  Therefore, those born on the Libra/Scorpio cusp may be sought out for honest evaluations, but equally well feared and even avoided for their piercing frankness.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  In the cases of LIBRASCORP, the highly developed social awareness of Libra can be well integrated with the powerfully controlling detachment of Scorpio.  However, conflicts may also arise here between intellectual and emotional energies, which may be extremely difficult to bring into balance.  Primarily thought-feeling types, LIBRASCORP can mistrust intuitive impulses.

On the other hand, those born on the Libra/Scorpio cusp also have a wild side, and can at a moment’s notice drop their objective stance in favor of risk and adventure.  Furthermore, once they are committed to a situation they will usually refuse to stop until the denouement is complete (no matter how painful it may be).  Because of their total involvement, and also their charm and attractiveness, LIBRASCORP may indeed be difficult to unseat from a position of authority or for that matter from a place in a lover’s heart.

ADVICE FOR LIBRASCORPS:  Try to relax and have fun.  Learn to be less picky.  Do not cut yourself off from unusual experiences but maintain your poise and balance.  Continue to battle with life and resist escapism or the throes of self pity.  Leave the past behind and embrace the future.  Cynicism and sarcasm are poison to you.

LIBRASCORP ATTRACTIONS:  Librascorps are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly TAURINI (Taurus/Gemini) and CAPRITTARIUS (Sagittarius/Capricorn) cusps.



Zodiac Position:  Approximately 26° Scorpio — 3° Sagittarius  Season:  Late Fall  Elements:  Water/Fire  Qualities:  Fixed/Mutable  Rulers:  Pluto (co-Ruler: Mars)/Jupiter  Symbols:  The Scorpion/The Archer  Modes:  Feeling/Intuition

Also called the Cusp of Revolution, the Scorpittarius is an overlapping and admixture of the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, and the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius.  The Scorpittarius can be likened symbolically to the period around fifty-six years of age in the human life, and marks the onset of the colder and shorter days of late fall in the northern hemisphere.  The SCORPITTARIUS cusp may be said to represent Revolution.  Astrologically, three important planetary transits occur around this crucial time in life:  the completion of the second full cycle of the planet Saturn (which takes approximately twenty-eight years to return each time to its position at birth), and the movements of the planets Uranus and Neptune (to approximately 240 degrees and 120 degrees from their birth positions, respectively).  All three of these transits point to the beginning of a new period of human life when inescapable changes must take place:  retirement may be coming up, marriages and other relationships which were less than ideal may be forsaken, grandchildren may replace children as the focus of affections, and physical limitations may have to be confronted.  In addition, a greater empathy with one’s fellow human beings and with it an interest in international or even universal concerns (religion, spirituality, psychic phenomena) may manifest now.  Many people at this stage can feel resentment and rebelliousness at not having done what they really wanted to do in life and see this period as a “last chance” for them.  The revolutionary nature of the SCORPITTARIUS cusp can underline the need for total reorganization if crucial changes have not yet been made.

The days which comprise the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp reveal the active social reorganization and attendant conflict that may emerge at this point in life.  The combined energies of the emotionally deep, serious and secretive Scorpio and the intuitive, outwardly-directed, freedom-loving Sagittarius reflect the need to first understand oneself and then to act to institute changes.

THE SCORPITTARIUS PERSONALITY:  The SCORPITTARIUS personality is characterized by rebelliousness against authority.  Strangely enough, those born on this cusp who eventually find themselves in positions of authority are often able to wield power skillfully.  However, generally speaking, Scorpittarius do best in self employed pursuits.  Even those who work in larger companies or organizations, or take part in group endeavors, function most effectively when they are allowed a high degree of autonomy.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  Scorpio (water) and Sagittarius (fire) energies can clash, producing internal disturbances.  Feeling-intuitive types, SCORPITTARIUS may lack the stability of earth and the mental orientation of air, qualities needed to keep them on an even keel.

Many born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp are prone to wildness, particularly in their youth when they are perhaps painfully aware of being unlike other people.  Therefore, they may not even bother to prepare themselves for a more conventional life.  On the other hand, those who are forced by difficult experiences to take stock of themselves in their youth, may actually gain a rare sense of directedness and purpose.

ADVICE FOR SCORPITTARIUS:  Follow your vision of life but don’t lose touch with where others are.  Keep your intentions honest and your motives pure.  Develop the objectivity to stand back and observe yourself living.  Try to be more forgiving and less possessive.

SCORPITTARIUS ATTRACTIONS:  People born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly ARIFISH (Pisces/Aries) and CANCELEO (Cancer/Leo) cusps.

Famous Scorpios

There’s a simmering depth to those born with the Sun in Scorpio that can be intimidating. Often you just know they’re intuitively taking in everything around them and revealing very little. And don’t expect instant friendship here, as it takes time to win the trust of the wary Scorpio.

An outer mask of cool control belies a vast and often turbulent psychic interior from which they draw on. In a word, the Scorpio is intense, and works best in a crucible of pressure and uphill challenges. Without a sense of purpose, the darker emotions can take hold and lead them down the paths of obsession, jealousy and worse.

Click on your birthday to reveal the famous people who share that date with you.

October 23

Scorpios born on October 23 have the charismatic personality often found in those whose birthday falls on the cusp. They have a flair for putting themselves into situations where they will be noticed, then are likely to pull back when too much attention is accorded them.

You should embrace: Artistic fulfillment, finding your soul mate, a positive self-image

You should avoid: Being overly secretive, going to extremes, self-fulfilling prophecies


Michael Crichton [Novelist]

Diana Dors [Actor]

Doug Flutie [Football]

Nancy Grace [Journalist]

Sanjay Gupta [TV Personality]

Ang Lee [Film Director]

Pelé [Soccer]

Sam Raimi [Film Director]

Jasmin St. Claire [Pornstar]

Adlai E. Stevenson [Politician]

Weird Al Yankovic [Musician]

Dwight Yoakam [Country Musician]

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October 24

October 24 Scorpios have great magnetism. In love with life, they possess a highly romantic and sensual nature. People born on this date are talented as well as fiercely competitive. While they have a haughty disposition, they are nicer than they appear. Because they may lack confidence, they find it necessary to act as though they are in complete control.

You should embrace: Experience, activity, subconscious will

You should avoid: Carnality, lordly behavior, hidden agendas


F. Murray Abraham [Actor]

Dennis Anderson [Auto Racing]

Charles Diebold [Business]

Kevin Kline [Actor]

Reg Kray [Criminal]

Ronnie Kray [Criminal]

Kweisi Mfume [Politician]

Monica [Singer]

Scott Peterson [Criminal]

Tila Tequila [TV Personality]

B. D. Wong [Actor]

Bill Wyman [Bassist]

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October 25

The past is never far from Scorpios born on October 25. They compare each new experience to what they have known. With their sensitive and imaginative nature, dreams and illusions are as concrete as reality. There is an ageless quality about them. In youth they may seem older, while aging seems to refine their unique qualities.

You should embrace: Poignant memories, artistic expression, peace

You should avoid: Sadness, regret, addiction


Klaus Barbie [Government]

Georges Bizet [Composer]

Nancy Cartwright [Actor]

James Carville [Government]

Ciara [Singer]

Barbara Cook [Singer]

Tony Franciosa [Actor]

Bobby Knight [Basketball]

Pedro Martinez [Baseball]

John Matuszak [Football]

Minnie Pearl [Singer]

Pablo Picasso [Painter]

Helen Reddy [Singer/Songwriter]

Max Stirner [Philosopher]

Persia White [Actor]

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October 26

October 26 Scorpios are easy to love yet hard to know. They value power and know how to use it to help others rather than glorify themselves. They are self-disciplined. Personal honor means a great deal to them, and they are fanatics about keeping their word.

You should embrace: Cooperation, commitment to excellence, kindness

You should avoid: Sadness, regret, addiction


Mario Biaggi [Politician]

Hillary Clinton [Politician]

Bootsy Collins [Bassist]

Ted Demme [Film Director]

Cary Elwes [Actor]

Jon Heder [Actor]

Bob Hoskins [Actor]

Mahalia Jackson [Singer]

Seth MacFarlane [Actor]

Dylan McDermott [Actor]

François Mitterrand [Head of State]

CM Punk [Wrestling]

Melvin Purvis [Government]

Pat Sajak [Game Show Host]

Julian Schnabel [Film Director]

Jaclyn Smith [Actor]

Lauren Tewes [Actor]

Leon Trotsky [Activist]

Keith Urban [Country Musician]

Rita Wilson [Actor]

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October 27

October 27 Scorpios are complicated individuals who like to walk on the wild side. Their quiet personality seems to hide something dangerous and volcanic. They can make others notice them because they’re magnetic. While some might use this power to manipulate, they rarely attempt that.

You should embrace: Intellect, balance, friendships

You should avoid: Depression, insecurity, making demands


Roberto Benigni [Actor]

Simon Le Bon [Musician]

Jean-Pierre Cassel [Actor]

John Cleese [Comic]

Frederick De Cordova [Film/TV Producer]

Ruby Dee [Actor]

Matt Drudge [Blogger]

Erasmus [Scholar]

Nanette Fabray [Actor]

John Gotti [Criminal]

Lee Greenwood [Country Musician]

Veronica Hart [Pornstar]

Lee Krasner [Painter]

Fran Lebowitz [Author]

Roy Lichtenstein [Painter]

Niccolo Paganini [Violinist]

Robert Picardo [Actor]

Sylvia Plath [Poet]

Emily Post [Columnist]

Ivan Reitman [Film Director]

Patty Sheehan [Golf]

Perry Smith [Criminal]

Dylan Thomas [Poet]

Dick Trickle [Auto Racing]

Scott Weiland [Singer]

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October 28

Scorpios born on October 28 need to exert authority over others, which can result in continuous power struggles. They are strong-willed, precise, and dedicated to doing a good job. They become disgruntled with themselves if they can’t live up to their too-high expectations.

You should embrace: A generous spirit, knowledge, involvement

You should avoid: Dictatorial attitudes, perfectionism, willfulness


Jane Alexander [Actor]

Francis Bacon [Painter]

Charlie Daniels [Country Musician]

Dennis Franz [Actor]

Bill Gates [Business]

Ben Harper [Musician]

Edith Head [Designer]

Lauren Holly [Actor]

Telma Hopkins [Actor]

Bruce Jenner [Track and Field]

Cleo Laine [Singer]

Elsa Lanchester [Actor]

Kevin Macdonald [Film Director]

Brad Paisley [Country Musician]

Joaquin Phoenix [Actor]

Andy Richter [Actor]

Matt Smith [Actor]

Sheryl Underwood [Comic]

Daphne Zuniga [Actor]

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October 29

October 29 Scorpios are quixotic, sprite-like individuals who possess a changeable nature and exciting personality. They always seem to be observing and dislike being the center of attention, though they have the ability to draw the spotlight. Though they’re careful to safeguard their secrets, they love to uncover the secrets of others.

You should embrace: Emotional stability, a hopeful heart, high ideals

You should avoid: Envy, blaming others, troublesome love affairs


Ralph Bakshi [Cartoonist]

Fanny Brice [Singer]

Pierre-François-Xavier de Charlevoix [Explorer]

Richard Dreyfuss [Actor]

Dominick Dunne [Novelist]

Kate Jackson [Actor]

Denny Laine [Musician]

Melba Moore [Singer]

Tracee Ellis Ross [Actor]

Winona Ryder [Actor]

Rufus Sewell [Actor]

Gabrielle Union [Actor]

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October 30

October 30 Scorpios have an adventuresome spirit that manifests itself in a love of travel and distant cultures. These people seek knowledge to gain wisdom. They understand that in order to progress they must have new experiences. To trust instinct over intelligence can be a challenge for them but is a sound goal.

You should embrace: Self-discipline, aptitude, benevolence

You should avoid: Pretense, ambivalence, insensitivity to others


Charles Atlas [Fitness Guru]

John William Dawson [Geologist]

Fyodor Dostoevsky [Novelist]

Edge [Wrestling]

Dick Gautier [Actor]

Ruth Gordon [Actor]

Ed Lauter [Actor]

Nia Long [Actor]

Louis Malle [Film Director]

Eva Pigford [Model]

Ezra Pound [Poet]

Gavin Rossdale [Singer]

Grace Slick [Singer]

Henry Winkler [Actor]

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October 31

October 31 Scorpios are searchers after truth and spiritual oneness. They are loners and have no need of validation from others. Although their personal lives may be characterized by highs and lows, they can always get past disappointment. They display honesty without harshness. They are careful about enforcing emotional boundaries.

You should embrace: Realization, psychology, self-understanding

You should avoid: Questioning existence, disorganization, promiscuity


Marco van Basten [Soccer]

Dale Evans [Country Musician]

Dick Francis [Novelist]

Ronald Graham [Mathematician]

Lee Grant [Actor]

Deidre Hall [Actor]

Vanilla Ice [Rapper]

Peter Jackson [Film Director]

Illinois Jacquet [Musician]

Chiang Kai-Shek [Head of State]

John Keats [Poet]

Michael Landon [Actor]

Buddy Lazier [Auto Racing]

Larry Mullen [Drummer]

Dermot Mulroney [Actor]

Helmut Newton [Photographer]

Jane Pauley [Talk Show Host]

Tom Paxton [Singer/Songwriter]

Piper Perabo [Actor]

Dan Rather [Journalist]

Stephen Rea [Actor]

Rob Schneider [Comic]

Willow Smith [Singer]

John W. Troy [Politician]

Ken Wahl [Actor]

Ethel Waters [Singer]

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November 1

November Scorpios are more intense than their late October cousins, but those born on November 1 are somewhere in between. They have an energetic spirit and are more people-oriented than many of their sign. They are constantly striving for success. Even when they meet obstacles, they have big plans about how to turn things around.

You should embrace: Creative ambitions, constancy, taking ownership

You should avoid: Negativity, apprehension, disenchantment


Umberto Agnelli [Business]

Rick Allen [Drummer]

Bo Bice [Singer]

Antonio Canova [Sculptor]

Stephen Crane [Novelist]

Larry Flynt [Business]

David Foster [Songwriter]

Michael D. Griffin [Government]

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan [Wrestling]

Charles G. Koch [Philanthropist]

Lyle Lovett [Country Musician]

Jenny McCarthy [Model]

Philip Noel-Baker [Politician]

Aishwarya Rai [Actor]

Lee Ritenour [Jazz Musician]

Rachel Ticotin [Actor]

Fernando Valenzuela [Baseball]

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November 2

Scorpios born on November 2 are stubborn individuals who possess emotional and spiritual stamina. Although they often seem quiet and introspective, they are fighters who support the status quo and expect it to support them. Every emotional scene in their lives is high drama. They do not enjoy being disagreed with and so often get their way.

You should embrace: Fairness, good judgment, tenacity

You should avoid: Dogmatic attitudes, hypocrisy, possessiveness


Harry Babbitt [Musician]

Jay Black [Musician]

Pat Buchanan [Columnist]

Steve Ditko [Cartoonist]

Keith Emerson [Musician]

Herman G. Fisher [Business]

Warren G. Harding [Head of State]

Shere Hite [Author]

Shahrukh Khan [Actor]

Burt Lancaster [Actor]

K.D. Lang [Singer]

Sidney Luft [Film/TV Producer]

Marie Antoinette [Royalty]

Nelly [Rapper]

Paul Robeson, Jr. [Activist]

Giuseppe Sinopoli [Conductor]

Georges Sorel [Philosopher]

Richard E. Taylor [Physicist]

Luchino Visconti [Film Director]

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November 3

November 3 Scorpios are sarcastic, inventive, and precocious. Although they enjoy the good things that come their way, they never quite believe their good luck will hold. They are fond of gambling, yet they are far too savvy to take unnecessary chances or draw undue attention to themselves. They place high value on their privacy.

You should embrace: Deep feelings, vulnerability, faith

You should avoid: Rivalries, a desire to rewrite the past, cynicism


Adam Ant [Musician]

Roseanne Barr [Actor]

Vincenzo Bellini [Composer]

Jeremy Brett [Actor]

Charles Bronson [Actor]

David L. Clarke [Archaeologist]

Michael Dukakis [Politician]

Walker Evans [Photographer]

Larry Holmes [Boxing]

Leopold III [Royalty]

Lulu [Singer]

Dolph Lundgren [Actor]

Terrence McNally [Playwright]

Dennis Miller [Comic]

Tom Savini [Film Director]

Tom Shales [Critic]

Phil Simms [Football]

Shadoe Stevens [Game Show Host]

Anna Wintour [Journalist]

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November 4

The need of November 4 Scorpios to create controversy exerts its will in every aspect of their lives. Quick-witted and talkative, they tell the truth without fearing its consequences. Eccentric behavior is the norm with them. They have the integrity to be themselves. They will not deviate from their standards for any reason.

You should embrace: Discretion, fair play, an intuitive nature

You should avoid: Tedium,  feeling blue, looking back


Martin Balsam [Actor]

Laura Bush [First Lady]

Art Carney [Actor]

Walter Cronkite [Journalist]

King Edward V [Royalty]

Benjamin F. Goodrich [Business]

Kathy Griffin [Actor]

Dixie Lee [Singer]

Alfred Lee Loomis [Physicist]

Robert Mapplethorpe [Photographer]

Matthew McConaughey [Actor]

Jeff Probst [Game Show Host]

Doris Roberts [Actor]

Will Rogers [Comic]

Tabu [Actor]

C. K. Williams [Poet]

Gig Young [Actor]

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November 5

November 5 people love things that can be proven by science. These Scorpios are natural researchers and students. They look for answers and cultivate knowledge to better understand themselves. Their clever sense of humor has a cutting edge, but they never deliberately hurt another person. November 5 people can be the life of the party.

You should embrace: Good fortune, solace, facts

You should avoid: Questioning authority, materialism, sarcasm


Bob Abernethy [Journalist]

Bryan Adams [Musician]

Bob Barr [Politician]

Johnny Damon [Baseball]

Charles Dow [Journalist]

Will Durant [Historian]

Mo Gaffney [Actor]

Art Garfunkel [Singer/Songwriter]

Seth Gilliam [Actor]

Jon-Erik Hexum [Actor]

Famke Janssen [Actor]

Vivien Leigh [Actor]

Raymond Loewy [Designer]

Lee Lozano [Painter]

Corin Nemec [Actor]

Peter Noone [Singer]

Tatum O’Neal [Actor]

Gram Parsons [Musician]

Sam Rockwell [Actor]

Roy Rogers [Actor]

Sam Shepard [Playwright]

Tilda Swinton [Actor]

Ike Turner [Musician]

Robert J. Zimmer [Educator]

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November 6

November 6 Scorpios are passionate, romantic individuals who communicate on many levels. Although relationships are the center of their lives, they are self-sufficient. They may seem serious, but they know how to have a good time. They love luxury and all the creature comforts. When they feel blue, they have a tendency to pamper themselves.

You should embrace: Comprehension, ability to reason, fate

You should avoid: Secretive behavior, overwork, worry


John Candelaria [Baseball]

Guy Clark [Country Musician]

Catherine Crier [Journalist]

Michael Cunningham [Novelist]

Brad Davis [Actor]

Marc Dutroux [Criminal]

Cornelius Felton [Scholar]

Sally Field [Actor]

Glenn Frey [Musician]

Ethan Hawke [Actor]

Ana Ivanovic [Tennis]

James Naismith [Basketball]

Thandie Newton [Actor]

Mike Nichols [Film Director]

Rebecca Romijn [Model, Actress]

Maria Shriver [Journalist]

Pat Tillman [Military]

Jerry Yang [Business]

Charles W. Yost [Diplomat]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 6

November 7

Very few people have the potential of the amazing Scorpios born on November 7. They possess intelligence and spirituality in equal measure. Although they have a strong sense of mission, they need a lot of time to concentrate on their personal sense of fulfillment. They are often drawn to New Age studies and attitudes.

You should embrace: Fortitude, a pure heart, innocence

You should avoid: Absolutism, conflict, misunderstandings


Betty Broderick [Criminal]

Marie Curie [Chemist]

Melyssa Ford [TV Personality]

Billy Graham [Religion]

David Guetta [Disc Jockey]

Al Hirt [Jazz Musician]

Lise Meitner [Physicist]

Joni Mitchell [Singer/Songwriter]

David Petraeus [Military]

Johnny Rivers [Musician]

Joan Sutherland [Singer]

Judy Tenuta [Comic]

Bianca Trump [Pornstar]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 7

November 8

November 8 Scorpios walk their own path in life, and, even if it is difficult, they usually resist help. They give advice rather than take it. They see life on a broad, episodic scale. They have a quirky vision that may not accord strictly with reality. If they are bold enough to divulge that vision, they can be handsomely rewarded.

You should embrace: Destiny, spiritual love, one’s true self

You should avoid: Compulsive behavior, spitefulness, disrespect


Joseph P. Albright [Judge]

Eric B [Disc Jockey]

Milton Bradley [Business]

Bonnie Bramlett [Singer]

Dorothy Day [Activist]

Alain Delon [Actor]

Leif Garrett [Musician]

Edmund Halley [Astronomer]

Mary Hart [TV Personality]

Christie Hefner [Business]

Kazuo Ishiguro [Novelist]

Rickie Lee Jones [Musician]

Wayne LaPierre [Activist]

Chi Chi La Rue [Film Director]

Guy Liddell [Spy]

Tech N9ne [Rapper]

Patti Page [Singer]

Parker Posey [Actor]

Bonnie Raitt [Singer]

Gordon Ramsay [Chef]

Minnie Riperton [Singer]

Esther Rolle [Actor]

Morley Safer [Journalist]

Gene Saks [Theater Director]

Bram Stoker [Author]

Roy Wood [Musician]

Alfre Woodard [Actor]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 8

November 9

Scorpios born on November 9 are adventurous and always on the lookout for new experiences. They seem to be constantly in motion, involved in new challenges. They live life on their terms. They don’t mind making mistakes as long as they learn from them. They have great curiosity and never stop investigating the world around them.

You should embrace: Adventure, learning, deep feelings

You should avoid: Risks, a defensive attitude, pipe dreams


Spiro T. Agnew [Politician]

Ingvar Carlsson [Head of State]

Dorothy Dandridge [Actor]

Lou Ferrigno [Body Builder, Actor]

Tom Fogerty [Guitarist]

Bob Gibson [Baseball]

Delta Goodrem [Singer]

Whitey Herzog [Baseball]

Chris Jericho [Wrestling]

Hedy Lamarr [Actor]

Ryan Murphy [Screenwriter]

Carroll Quigley [Educator]

Carl Sagan [Astronomer]

Anne Sexton [Poet]

Roxanne Shante [Rapper]

Sisqo [Singer]

Mary Travers [Singer]

Ed Wynn [Actor]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 9

November 10

Scorpios born on November 10 have so much strength of will that there is nothing they cannot accomplish. They possess a keen intelligence. However, they need to develop their spiritual side; if they do not, it becomes easier for them to be seduced by worldly attractions that bring little satisfaction.

You should embrace: Sagacity, purpose, generosity

You should avoid: Frivolity, weakness, squandering talents


Richard Burton [Actor]

Winston Churchill [Novelist]

Gene Conley [Baseball]

Roland Emmerich [Film Director]

Jacob Epstein [Sculptor]

Eve [Rapper]

Warren G [Rapper]

Neil Gaiman [Cartoonist]

King George II [Royalty]

Shawn Green [Baseball]

Alaina Reed Hall [Actor]

Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov [Inventor]

Martin Luther [Religion]

Russell Means [Activist]

Ennio Morricone [Composer]

Brittany Murphy [Actor]

Big Pun [Rapper]

Claude Rains [Actor]

Tim Rice [Songwriter]

Roy Scheider [Actor]

Vincent Schiavelli [Actor]

Sinbad [Comic]

Carl Stalling [Composer]

U-God [Musician]

Michael Jai White [Actor]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 10

November 11

November 11 Scorpios are the world’s true mystics. Unable to live life on a strictly material level, they depend upon knowledge and experience to take them where they wish to go. They have marvelous creative powers. They are natural storytellers. An interest in all facets of human experience is an illuminating influence in their lives.

You should embrace: Graceful words, positive thinking, the will to win

You should avoid: Inner fears, petty details, power trips


LaVern Baker [Singer]

Marie-François-Xavier Bichat [Doctor]

Barbara Boxer [Politician]

Charles IV [Royalty]

Leonardo DiCaprio [Actor]

Gil de Ferran [Auto Racing]

Calista Flockhart [Actor]

Carson Kressley [TV Personality]

Johann Kaspar Lavater [Paranormal]

Hyapatia Lee [Pornstar]

Bill Moseley [Actor]

Daniel Ortega [Head of State]

Paracelsus [Chemist]

James Renwick [Architect]

Mark Sanchez [Football]

Sam Spiegel [Film/TV Producer]

Kurt Vonnegut [Novelist]

Jonathan Winters [Comic]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 11

November 12

November 12 Scorpios possess a dual nature and may be perceived as a “saint” or “sinner.” Their penetrating intelligence is almost unnerving because it seems able to decipher the others’ motives. They are loners, yet they have a magnetic personality. They can use their appeal to manipulate, though they risk alienating others if they do.

You should embrace: Enchantment, self-reliance, devotion

You should avoid: Unkindness, selfish motives, vindictiveness


Tevin Campbell [Singer]

Nadia Comaneci [Gymnastics]

Ryan Gosling [Actor]

Tonya Harding [Figure Skating]

Tamala Jones [Actor]

Grace Kelly [Royalty]

Charles Manson [Criminal]

Radha Mitchell [Actor]

Omarion [Musician]

Cote de Pablo [Actor]

Wallace Shawn [Actor]

Sammy Sosa [Baseball]

Elizabeth Cady Stanton [Activist]

Booker T [Musician]

DeWitt Wallace [Business]

Naomi Wolf [Author]

Neil Young [Singer/Songwriter]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 12

November 13

Scorpios born on November 13 possess a powerful conscience and a strong desire for personal autonomy. Uniqueness is so important that they may adjust their opinions to deliberately conflict with others! They have a natural dignity and are humorous, spontaneous, and often lucky.

You should embrace: Ethics, appreciation, desire

You should avoid: Irreverence, ill-will, stress


Peter Arnett [Journalist]

Ron Artest [Basketball]

St. Augustine [Religion]

L. L. Bean [Business]

Gerard Butler [Actor]

Whoopi Goldberg [Actor]

Jimmy Kimmel [Talk Show Host]

Joe Mantegna [Actor]

Garry Marshall [Film Director]

Chris Noth [Actor]

Dack Rambo [Actor]

Jean Seberg [Actor]

Maurice M. Shapiro [Physicist]

Francis X. Spina [Judge]

Vinny Testaverde [Football]

Steve Zahn [Actor]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 13

November 14

November 14 Scorpios are introspective and refuse to conform to the worldly standards of success. Of particular interest is the possibility they have healing powers or psychic talents. They have an affinity for nature. They regard themselves analytically and can make objective judgments regarding their motives and inner drives.

You should embrace: Insights, spiritual truth, modesty

You should avoid: Craftiness, immorality, unhappy heart


Travis Barker [Drummer]

Sandahl Bergman [Actor]

Louise Brooks [Actor]

Wendy Carlos [Electronic Musician]

Prince Charles [Royalty]

Aaron Copland [Composer]

Josh Duhamel [Actor]

Mamie Eisenhower [First Lady]

Robert Fulton [Inventor]

Robert Ginty [Actor]

Barbara Hutton [Socialite]

Valerie B. Jarrett [Business]

Veronica Lake [Actor]

Claude Monet [Painter]

Peter Norton [Computer Programmer]

P. J. O’Rourke [Author]

Condoleezza Rice [Government]

Run [Musician]

Laura San Giacomo [Actor]

Curt Schilling [Baseball]

William F. Schulz [Activist]

Sherwood Schwartz [Film/TV Producer]

Ray Sharkey [Actor]

William Steig [Cartoonist]

McLean Stevenson [Actor]

Aleksandr Sumarokov [Playwright]

Obie Trice [Rapper]

Yanni [Musician]

Zhang Yimou [Film Director]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 14

November 15

Scorpios born on November 15 are fun-loving and enjoy being the center of attention. November 15 natives are great conversationalists who enjoy a lively debate on just about any subject. They are avid collectors of facts and trivia who treat their knowledge as a game, not an accomplishment.

You should embrace: Self-control, work ethic, spiritual wholeness

You should avoid: Hysteria, gossip, perfectionism


Ed Asner [Actor]

Ol’ Dirty Bastard [Rapper]

Roberto Cavalli [Fashion Designer]

Petula Clark [Singer]

Beverly D’Angelo [Actor]

William Herschel [Astronomer]

Yaphet Kotto [Actor]

Chad Kroeger [Singer]

Sania Mirza [Tennis]

Georgia O’Keeffe [Painter]

Lorena Ochoa [Golf]

William Pitt the Elder [Head of State]

Bill Richardson [Politician]

Randy Savage [Wrestling]

Rachel True [Actor]

Sam Waterston [Actor]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 15

November 16

Scorpios born on November 16 have the ability to transcend their everyday experiences, gaining wisdom through encounters with others. They may seem wise beyond their years. Their stern attitude makes them appear humorless, yet they have a wonderful personality. They are self-effacing. When they display their less complicated side, they are likable.

You should embrace: Accomplishments, religious faith, good will

You should avoid: Frustration, notoriety, revenge


Nnamdi Azikiwe [Head of State]

Oksana Baiul [Figure Skating]

Lisa Bonet [Actor]

Dwight Gooden [Baseball]

Clu Gulager [Actor]

Maggie Gyllenhaal [Actor]

Marg Helgenberger [Actor]

Dennis Kozlowski [Business]

Diana Krall [Jazz Musician]

Terry Labonte [Auto Racing]

Terence McKenna [Author]

Burgess Meredith [Actor]

Shigeru Miyamoto [Business]

Martha Plimpton [Actor]

Steve Railsback [Actor]

Anton Rubinstein [Pianist]

Miguel Sandoval [Actor]

Tiberius [Royalty]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 16

November 17

Scorpios born on November 17 have the ability to read the hearts and intentions of others. Their great wisdom gives them a spiritual view of life; they refuse to get caught up in life’s superficial aspects. They carry themselves with great personal dignity. Although known for their sense of humor, they know when to display it and when it’s not appropriate.

You should embrace: Evaluation, principle, acceptance

You should avoid: Subjectivity, resentments, false friends


John Boehner [Politician]

Gene Clark [Singer/Songwriter]

Voltairine de Cleyre [Anarchist]

Howard Dean [Politician]

Kat DeLuna [Singer/Songwriter]

Danny DeVito [Actor]

Daisy Fuentes [Model]

Peter Hoagland [Politician]

Soichiro Honda [Business]

Rock Hudson [Actor]

Lauren Hutton [Model]

James Inhofe [Politician]

Roland Joffé [Film Director]

Gordon Lightfoot [Musician]

Louis XVIII [Royalty]

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio [Actor]

Bob Mathias [Sports Figure]

Lorne Michaels [Film/TV Producer]

August Möbius [Astronomer]

Robert D. Orr [Politician]

Bebe Rebozo [Business]

Stephen Root [Actor]

RuPaul [TV Personality]

Martin Scorsese [Film Director]

Tom Seaver [Baseball]

Lee Strasberg [Theater Director]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 17

November 18

Scorpios born on November 18 possess amazing determination and an unbeatable will. They have a need to put their personal stamp on existence. These vibrant, energetic people have a physical nature. They can be aggressive, even pugnacious, at times. While it’s nearly impossible to win an argument against them, they make challenging opponents.

You should embrace: Self-expression, perseverance, plenty

You should avoid: Loss of faith, preoccupation with details, delay


Len Bias [Basketball]

Don Cherry [Jazz Musician]

Imogene Coca [Actor]

Mike Epps [Actor]

Fabolous [Rapper]

George Gallup [Business]

David Hemmings [Actor]

Delroy Lindo [Actor]

Andrea Marcovicci [Actor]

Paul Mockapetris [Scientist]

Warren Moon [Football]

Alan Moore [Author]

David Ortiz [Baseball]

Graham Parker [Musician]

Alan Shepard [Astronaut]

Karla Faye Tucker [Criminal]

Brenda Vaccaro [Actor]

Jason Williams [Basketball]

Owen Wilson [Actor]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 18

November 19

Scorpios born on November 19 are likely to keep their own counsel. These self-controlled, taciturn individuals make good leaders yet do not mix well with others. One of their greatest talents is to make others feel good about themselves. Although seemingly aloof, they possess much charm.

You should embrace: Talent, independence, resoluteness

You should avoid: Scarcity mentality, blunt remarks, injustice


Erika Alexander [Actor]

Carter Burwell [Composer]

Roy Campanella [Baseball]

T. C. Carson [Actor]

Dick Cavett [Talk Show Host]

King Charles I [Royalty]

Peter Cook [Comic]

Ann Curry [Journalist]

Rocco DiSpirito [Chef]

Tommy Dorsey [Musician]

Jodie Foster [Actor]

Indira Gandhi [Head of State]

James Garfield [Head of State]

Allison Janney [Actor]

Larry King [Talk Show Host]

Jeane Kirkpatrick [Government]

Calvin Klein [Fashion Designer]

Ahmad Rashad [Sports Journalist]

Meg Ryan [Actor]

Kerri Strug [Gymnastics]

Gene Tierney [Actor]

Ted Turner [Business]

Charlotte C. Weber [Business]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 19

November 20

November 20 Scorpios are complex and complicated and can be truthful to the point of recklessness. Loyalty is practically a religion to them. Although they dislike change, they are often instrumental in bringing it about in the lives of others. They strive for achievement, eager to prove that “good guys” finish first.

You should embrace: Moderation, self-love, priorities

You should avoid: Showmanship, bragging, harsh judgments


Duane Allman [Guitarist]

Joseph Biden [Politician]

Alistair Cooke [Journalist]

Dominique Dawes [Gymnastics]

Richard Dawson [Game Show Host]

Jim Garrison [Attorney]

Mark Gastineau [Football]

Edwin Hubble [Astronomer]

Aubrey Jones [Politician]

Robert F. Kennedy [Politician]

Benoit Mandelbrot [Mathematician]

Ming-Na [Actor]

Meredith Monk [Singer]

Pope Pius VIII [Religion]

Dick Smothers [Comic]

Joe Walsh [Musician]

Judy Woodruff [Journalist]

Sean Young [Actor]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 20

November 21

Scorpios born on November 21 are humorous and practical. They’re interested in getting the job done and having a good time doing it. A belief in their own abilities keeps them involved in projects that would intimidate others.

You should embrace: Details, compliance, actualization

You should avoid: Hasty decisions, instability, pride


Troy Aikman [Football]

Beryl Bainbridge [Novelist]

Pope Benedict XV [Religion]

Bjork [Singer/Songwriter]

Joseph Campanella [Actor]

Ken Griffey, Jr. [Baseball]

Goldie Hawn [Actor]

Dr. John [Musician]

Stan Musial [Baseball]

Harold Ramis [Comic]

Granville Sharp [Activist]

Nicollette Sheridan [Actor]

Alexander Siddig [Actor]

Michael Strahan [Football]

George Zimmer [Business]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 21

November 22

A Sagittarius born on November 22 is fun-loving but has a serious side. They unhesitatingly put themselves on the line for the people they love and the causes they value, without being self-righteous. They possess a great soul. They have class; it’s impossible for anyone to dislike them.

You should embrace: Redemption, karma, strength

You should avoid: Procrastination, nihilism, divisiveness


Joe Adonis [Criminal]

Boris Becker [Tennis]

Hoagy Carmichael [Songwriter]

Jamie Lee Curtis [Actor]

Rodney Dangerfield [Comic]

Doris Duke [Philanthropist]

George Eliot [Novelist]

John Nance Garner [Politician]

Owen K. Garriott [Astronaut]

Charles de Gaulle [Head of State]

Terry Gilliam [Film Director]

Mariel Hemingway [Actor]

Billie Jean King [Tennis]

Mark Ruffalo [Actor]

Steve Van Zandt [Guitarist]

Robert Vaughn [Actor]

Tina Weymouth [Bassist]

Fusajiro Yamauchi [Business]

Find More Famous Scorpios Born November 22