Scorpio 2018 Horoscope



Anyone who knows you well knows that you hold your cards close to your chest, Scorpio, and that isn’t likely to change in 2018. You can’t transform your basic nature (nor would you want to), but you can make improvements. When talkative Mercury merges with secretive Pluto, your home planet, at the end of January, you tend to find out plenty of secrets, but you don’t have to spread them. Communications go underground during this aspect, so your end game isn’t to expose people on social media or any other large public forum. Use the information you gain in a way that benefits you and only you, but not in a malicious or hurtful way.

You may be stuck in the past during the Pluto retrograde in late April, but the sooner you let go of your guilt the better. You haven’t invented that time machine yet, so there’s no way to go back and change anything. Accepting defeat isn’t easy for you, but it may be necessary.

The sun shines in your sign in late October, bringing intensity to all you do. That soul-penetrating stare of yours denotes a strong sense of willpower that conquers anything in your path. Good luck to anyone who tries to stop you in the coming month!

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