Six of Coins

Alternative Names: Six of Pentacles

Number: 69/6

Element: Earth

Astrological Association: Moon in Taurus

Key Meaning: Property, family, inheritance

The Six of Coins in Tarot stands for having or not having resources, knowledge, and power. The Six of Coins meaning in a Tarot reading is difficult to interpret. It falls between the extremes of having and not having. The image on the Six of Coins card is of a rich person giving away coins to one beggar while another is waiting his turn. The person is holding the scales of justice in one hand as if to decide who gets coins and who doesn’t. The picture is very clear about who is in charge and who is not, as well as who has and who has not.

Upright Meaning: The upright card shows that money is coming to you. It may arrive as a gift or an award and may be donated by an individual rather than an organization. This allows you to pay off any outstanding debt and/or invest the money wisely in your future. If you have been struggling financially, this card is a welcome sign that your circumstances will certainly improve. Equally, the card can show that you are the benefactor, so you may help a friend in need with a temporary cash-flow problem, or you feel drawn to support a charity that is close to your heart. Whomever you choose to help, you will consider carefully his or her needs and offer the right amount to make a difference.

Overall, this card brings genuine support and predicts you feeling connected and close to your usual circle of friends and family. Together, you may be exchanging small gifts of appreciation.

An additional meaning is receiving help or money from a person from your past or using savings to help another person.

Reversed Meaning: When reversed, the Six of Pentacles shows money coming to you but you cannot keep it—usually due to carelessness or theft. A traditional meaning of the card is having your purse or wallet stolen, and this message is reinforced if the reversed card is placed close to the Seven of Swords, the “thief” card of the minor arcana. Guard your possessions carefully and watch what you spend so that enough money stays in your pocket. The reversed card also suggests there may be envy due to money, so monitor your attitudes and the attitudes of people around you.

An alternative interpretation is an offer of money, but it comes with conditions that are not acceptable to you. The message here is not to compromise and to say no if you need to. There will be other options.

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