Ten of Hearts

Suit Influence:

Hearts: Love, romance, happiness, peace, contentment, the emotions, family, friends, honesty, trust and goodwill.

Number Influence:

The number 10 symbolizes completion of the current cycle, endings and new beginnings, reaching the pinnacle, and excesses.

How to Read the 10 of Hearts:

The 10 of Hearts symbolizes the pinnacle of happiness and success.  It represents  all of the good things in life.  Specifically, this card denotes possessing the things most wished for, such as emotional security, love, peace of mind, and success in all endeavors.  This is an especially positive card that favorably influences all surrounding cards.

The 10♥ can represent “marriage,” which represents the pinnacle of success, love and happiness for most people.  This card can represent marriage in general, or the marriage partner specifically.  Unless surrounded by Spades, this card denotes a happy, loving, committed union.  Because nowadays many people choose to live together without the marriage certificate, the 10♥ can represent any long-term, committed relationship.

My grandmother called this card “l’innamorato” which means “the love sick one,” or “the one in love.”  For her this card revealed whatever the seeker was in love with.  If the 10♥  fell next to the card of work, it would indicate that the seeker was in love with his or her job.  Falling under a face card it would indicate someone the seeker loved, and falling on top of a face card indicated that the person represented by the face card is in love with someone or something.  In general, the 10♥  can indicate that this person is “marriage minded.”

The 10♥ represents warm weather, summer time, and the southern regions.

Card Multiples:

Two 10‘s: Travel out of state or out of the province.

Three 10‘s: Travel out of the country.

Four 10‘s: World Travel

Suggested Card Combinations:

10♥ + 9♣ = a honeymoon.

10♥ + 6♣ = marriage counseling.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy