Two of Clubs

Suit Influence:

The Suit of Clubs symbolizes business, work, social activity, practical matters, teaching, learning, and progress through effort.

Number Influence:

The Number 2: duality, balance, compatibility, agreement, opposition, exchanges, partnerships and interactions.

How to Read the 2 of Clubs:

The Suit of Clubs represents business, work, social activities, and practical matters. The Number 2 represents interactions and exchanges between two people or two things. Therefore the 2 of Clubs can indicate a social or business invitation, business or social correspondence, or any kind of benefits being given, received or exchanged.

My grandmother called the 2♣ “Il Dono,” which means “gift” or “favor” in Italian.  This card  might represent a birthday or anniversary present, or something being given or received for any special occasion. But the idea of “the gift” is not limited to material things. The gift could be someone else’s time or energy given freely.  It may be some helpful advice, a special favor, or even a piece of good news!

From an older symbolic meaning of a clock, the 2♣ can also be read as a time card.  Usually it indicates something of short duration.  With the 9♣ it denotes a short trip.  With the 2♥ it can indicate trivial feelings, or a passing flirtation.  When surrounded by spades, it can indicate that “time is running out.”

Card  Multiples:

Twos in multiples can mean double the fun or double the trouble. They can represent things coming in twos-couples, twins, socks, shoes, etc.

Two 2s: Things coming in pairs.

Three 2s: Can indicate lots of activity and everything happening at once.

Four 2s: Teamwork, co-operation, group activity.

Suggested Card Combinations:

2♣ + 2♦ = a gift of jewelry, a wrist watch, a pair of earrings or matching necklace and bracelet.

5♣ + 2♣ = repairing or fixing something.

2♥ + 2♣ = Child care.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy