Two of Cups

Number: 37/2

Element: Water

Astrological Association: Venus in Cancer

Key Meanings: Love and partnerships old and new

The Two of Cups in Tarot symbolizes the beauty and power of the sexual attraction between two people. This is the card couples want to be dealt. This card also represents the union of any two entities. There is always a potential for bonding whenever two forces are drawn together, whether it’s people, groups, ideas, or talents. This is the deeper meaning of this card.

Upright Meaning: The Two of Cups represents harmony, peace, partnership, and love. In relationships, the card signifies a deeper commitment in an existing relationship, such as an engagement, moving in together, or getting married (particularly when it appears with the “marriage” cards, V, The Hierophant, and the Ten of Pentacles). There’s a great connection between you two, so your emotions are freely expressed and reciprocated; you feel whole and content. The Two of Cups also predicts new romance and strong passions, which may be all-consuming just now. Inspiring partnerships are favored too, so this is an auspicious card for getting together with a study partner or anyone with whom you share similar creative interests, such as writing, crafting, and other hobbies, or psychic and healing work. Whomever you hook up with, the relationship will be mutually supportive and understanding.

If friendships have been difficult territory for you recently, the Two of Cups shows harmony will return, and in general, this Two shows reconciliation. Old arguments will be resolved as you put the past behind you. Any ongoing negotiations will go in your favor, too—contracts, financial settlements, custody issues, or rearranging your working hours or schedule, for example.

If the Two represents you in your reading, the focus is on feelings and your intuition. Nurture all your relationships and enjoy the love and pleasure they bring. As a prediction card, it shows love: Deeper love is coming—and you deserve all that is on offer.

Reversed Meaning: When reversed, the Two reveals relationship stress. A new romance may turn sour as your hopes for love are disappointed. Also, the card asks you to rely on your intuition; there may be a secret you don’t yet know, and traditionally, the reversed Two can show infidelity. Although on the surface everything may appear to be ticking along, pay attention to your instincts; there’s a reason for doubt, and it’s time to communicate openly about any fears rather than ignore them.

Generally, in established relationships, the Two can also indicate an unavoidable glitch simply due to the ongoing stresses and strains of leading too-busy lives. If it seems like this is the case, try to keep communicating—there may be a lack of understanding between you just now, but with work on both sides, you can rekindle your connection. Passion may be on hold just now, but it can return.

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