You are happy when reading informative material, gaining educational goals. You never crease to learn, never cease to win improvements in  your work and environment. Happiness comes with each step you feel is successful, but you go right on toward even further steps to help create perfection. Happiness is never a stagnant matter but you seek it further on in making new efforts. You actually find happiness in monotonous difficult work as you keep control of its complexities. Fame does not attract you but you will win much praise for capabilities and tireless effort of diligent nature. This will bring quiet happiness, mental joy.

Virgo Overview

People born in the sign of Virgo, the Virgin, are a blend of two forces, not entirely harmonious. These forces are Earth and Air. Virgo is an Earth sign, ruled by Mercury, whose airy influence, intellectual as it is, does not harmonize with the humble earthy influence of the innate sign-character.

This conflict of personality blends remarkably well in the average Virgo person, who may have a great deal of intellect and a small amount of earthiness, or just the reverse.

The average Virgo person is quiet, industrious, painstaking and modes. Almost a slave to this work, the Virgo native rules those who work for him by the same exacting standards. He gives and demands “measure for measure.”

Generally respected, these humble people excite no envy as they progress, partly because of the modesty of their demands, and the insignificance of their personality.


Virgo 2023 Horoscope


As a practical, Mercury-ruled earth sign, you’re proud of your logical, precise perspective on life. As things become more unpredictable in the world this year, will you have to adapt new techniques to deal with the chaos?

If we look at your ruler Mercury as it heads through four instead of three retrograde periods this year, Virgo, the short answer to that question is no. Because all of the retro cycles happen when your leader is in grounded earth signs, you’ll still have a calm demeanor as you deal with the potential negative effects.

Structured Saturn is feeling rebellious during its placement in air sign Aquarius and your house of routine as the year begins, highlighting your attention to detail and bringing out your ability to work hard in order to complete personal and/or professional tasks, assignments and projects. Your hard work doesn’t depend on immediate gratification because you’re totally happy with delayed rewards. Receiving that sense of accomplishment and pride in your work is enough for you now.

Like every year, you’ll be celebrating your birthday at some point between the end of August and the end of September, when your analytical and organized nature should be most appreciated. If you plan a party for yourself, it will be important that every last detail is handled with precision! And as the summer months end, you’ll be more than ready to start thinking about fall and getting things back to “normal.” Cleaning, organizing and getting rid of unneeded things (in an environmentally friendly way, of course) will be high on your priority list now.


Love is often about being helpful and consistent for you, Virgo, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have some incredibly passionate encounters in 2023!

Romantic Venus partners with fire sign Aries and lights up your sexuality zone in late February, setting off some pretty enjoyable erotic fireworks. This is a “take no prisoners” kind of energy and not for the faint of heart. Everything about this transit is intense, so hang on and get ready for the ride of your life!

Loving Venus goes retrograde while in your sign between late July and mid-September, causing you to basically reconsider everything that’s happened in your love life up to this point. Your intuition is on high alert and can guide you in these difficult matters of the heart, so don’t ignore obvious (or subtle) messages from your subconscious. If you have any secrets, prepare for them to be exposed. And if your partner has secrets, they will be revealed. Try not to react quickly to bad news. Give yourself time to process it before making any rash decisions.

Money-focused Venus spends time in poised, charming Libra in the second half of November, so you’ll be able to tactfully talk about money issues now. You can be very blunt at times (especially with your criticism), so this will be prime negotiating time. If you want to change something in your couples’ budget or make a big purchase, speak up now. Once you combine your charm with your attention to detail (you aren’t above compiling a report about why your expenditures make sense!), your partner will have a very difficult time saying no.


There are always things that will try to distract you from focusing on your love life, but if you make it a priority this year, love will thrive.

You tend to be reserved and controlled when it comes to love, Virgo, but Luna’s new cycle in rebellious, nontraditional Aquarius and your house of routine in late January helps you shake things up a little. This off-the-wall lunation is an exciting time for you to experiment, get out of your comfort zone and think about (gasp!) making changes to that “like clockwork” dating routine of yours.

Romantic Venus links up with fiery, exciting Leo in early June, however, so you’ll be ready to turn up the heat in your love life to epic levels this summer. With passionate Venus transiting your psychic twelfth house now, you are extremely tuned in to a potential partner and instinctually know what they want (including their secret desires). Don’t second-guess your intuition. This intense, spiritual connection and emotional and physical chemistry can take you to extreme new heights.

The last Mercury retrograde cycle of the year in the second half of December can be tricky to navigate, and because Mercury is partnered with stable Capricorn and your house of leisure and entertainment, you struggle with the work/play balance. Can you really afford to blow off work (especially during the end-of-year crunch) to go on a date or spend time with someone you’re trying to get to know better? There’s a time for fun and a time for work, and not knowing the difference now could really cost you.

Money & Career

It would be beneficial for you to keep an open mind in order to get what you want this year, Virgo, and because serious Saturn is linked with eccentric Aquarius and your house of critical thinking to start the year, you might just get some benefit from that topsy-turvy pairing. Every time you think it’s important to stick to your routine (concerning both work and money), play devil’s advocate to see what might happen if you did the opposite. Being a rebel won’t work for you in every situation, but it might work enough times to make occasionally shaking it up worth your while.

Saturn moves into Pisces and your partnership zone in early March and will stays there through the end of the year, shifting into a retrograde cycle from mid-June to early November). This is big-time karmic energy, and what goes around definitely comes around. If you’ve made charitable contributions and invested your money wisely in morally acceptable places, it should come back to you and then some. However, if you’ve been less than honest in business dealing or involved with shady investments, scams or anything illegal, karma will indeed be that b*tch we always talk about!

Finally, Jupiter, the planet of luck, is spinning with Aries and your house of transformation early in 2023, which is a huge indication that your luck is about to change. You might have to endure some unfortunate news first, but things ultimately end up positive for you during this transit. Inheritances are often part of this transit too. Jupiter will be in your house of partnerships from mid-May through the end of the year, denoting growth opportunities when you pair up with other people. New business partnerships are strongly advised now, and they should have very successful outcomes as long as there is balance and equality.


tn_6-LEOVIRGLEOVIRG (LEO/VIRGO) – August 19 – August 25

Zodiac Position:  Approximately 27° Leo —3° Virgo  Season:  Late Summer  Elements:  Fire/Earth  Qualities:  Fixed/Mutable  Rulers:  The Sun/Mercury  Symbols:  The Lion/The Virgin  Modes:  Intuition/Sensation, Thought

Also called the Cusp of Exposure, LEOVIRG is an overlapping and admixture of the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo, and the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo.  LEOVIRG can be likened to the period around thirty-five years of age in the human life and also to the actual time of year at which it occurs – the winding down of summer in the northern hemisphere.  During this period of the year, grass must be cut to make hay for the winter, some vegetables harvested and others prepared for harvesting. The days grow shorter and the nights longer, fall approaches and vacation time is almost over.  In human development, at the age of thirty-five, adulthood is in full swing.  This is a period in which the theme of Exposure figures prominently—particularly in terms of personal development, career and family life.  At this time an individual may discover and perhaps reveal to others secret or undiscovered parts of his/her personality.  In doing so, new sources of power may be accessed while a sense of identity is strengthened.  Many women who have not as yet borne children think strongly about doing so, fearing to wait too long.  Both sexes reevaluate their marriages or ongoing relationships, and wish to bring hidden matters out in the open for discussion.  Unattached individuals may seek to define a more meaningful living situation for themselves.

The days which comprise the LEOVIRG cusp exemplify some of the manifestations of Exposure, where the fiery, energetic and aggressive nature of Leo blends or struggles with the rational, meticulous and often secretive nature of Virgo.

THE LEOVIRG PERSONALITY:  In some aspects of character, those born on this cusp are highly secretive individuals, in others, extroverts.  Of course these apparently contradictory elements are only two sides of the same coin.  In order to reveal what has previously been hidden, secrets have to exist in the first place.  Further, one might argue that one reason that things are hidden is so that they can be one day revealed, with maximum impact.  Fortunately, many LEOVIRGS have a good feeling for kairos, that is, the right time to do something.  Masters of effect, they know when to keep silent and when to speak.  Thus both their concealments and revelations can be used as means, techniques, even weapons, to help them achieve their ends in very subtle or dramatic ways.  Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  Fortunately here, an organic dynamic is set up where practical, earthy Virgo elements combine beautifully with intuitive and explosive Leo qualities.  Although intuitive-sensation types, LEOVIRGS also come under the influence of Mercury which promotes logical thought.  The earthiness of Virgo is somewhat mitigated by the influence, as those born on this cusp tend to be more discriminating and less overtly sensual.  The fourth mode, that of feeling, is the one lacking here, and therefore LEOVIRGS may be somewhat out of touch with their own deeper emotions and those of others.

ADVICE FOR LEOVIRGS:  Don’t blame the world for not recognizing you if you hide yourself away.  Be more transparent – let people see what you are really like.  Beware of keeping secrets even from yourself.  Allow others in, to share in both your joys and sorrows.

LEOVIRG ATTRACTIONS:  People born on the Leo/Virgo cusp are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly ARIFISH (Pisces/Aries) and TAURINI (Taurus/Gemini) cusps.


tn_7-VIRLIBRAVIRLIBRA (VIRGO/LIBRA) – September 19 – September 24

Zodiac Position:  Approximately 26° Virgo —2° Libra  Seasons:  Late Summer/Early Fall (equinox)  Elements:  Earth/Air  Qualities:  Mutable/Cardinal  Rulers:  Mercury/Venus  Symbols:  The Virgin/The Scales  Modes:  Sensation/Thought

Also called the Cusp of Beauty, VIRLIBRA is an overlapping and admixture of the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo, and the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra.  VIRLIBRA can be likened to the period around forty-two years of age in the human life and arrives at the beginning of Autumn in the northern hemisphere (September 23 marks the fall equinox, when the length of days and night are again equal).  Ideally, during the bountiful days of September the abundant harvest is in full swing and will soon be over.  Astrologically, this time marks the completion of one and a half Saturn cycles:  one revolution back to the point Saturn occupied at the time of a birth takes twenty-eight years, and Saturn in forty-two years has now come directly opposite that point.  This Saturn transit is paralleled by Uranus having also moved to a position directly opposite that which it occupied at the time of birth.  Because the human life is taken ideally to equal eighty-four years (one Uranus cycle), forty-two years may be regarded as the midpoint in the cycle.  At this time in life, a crossroads is often encountered (referred to as the mid-life point) where people can become taken up with the appreciation of beauty in a variety of forms.  Some at this time grow concerned with their own appearance (perhaps involving themselves in health or cosmetic treatments) and others seek to identify or associate with those who possess youth or physical attractiveness.  Still others are able to discover a new more mature ideal of beauty that is both profound and enduring.

Accordingly, the days which comprise the VIRLIBRA cusp exemplify some aspects of the search for Beauty, where the rational and discriminating elements of Virgo easily merge with the airy, social qualities of Libra.

THE VIRLIBRA PERSONALITY:   As mentioned, VIRLIBRAS are often taken up with the pursuit of beauty and sensuousness.  Perhaps they are drawn to attractive people, the arts, precious objects and the like, or desire to make themselves, their family members, living space or lifestyle in general more aesthetically appealing.  Not surprisingly, attentiveness and concern for details makes VIRLIBRAS excellent in managing the smooth, harmonious running of a business operation, project or family activity.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  In the case of the VIRLIBRA however, these differences can become fully integrated around the central theme of Beauty.  Both Virgos and Libras are concerned with matters of taste and aesthetic ideals.  However, as sensation-thought types, VIRLIBRAS can lack depth in the emotional and intuitive spheres, which may lead some to regard them as being superficial.  Undeniably, VIRLIBRAS are concerned with the outward appearance of things.  But often what those born on this cusp are seeking is a perfect outward representation of their own inner vision, which comes from a very deep place inside them.

ADVICE FOR VIRLIBRAS:  Don’t be overly concerned with appearances.  Keep alive in your search for beauty — avoid becoming jaded, trendy or compulsive.  Beware of neglecting spiritual goals or falling prey to excessive materialism.  Keep your nervous system under control.

VIRLIBRA ATTRACTIONS:  People born on the Virgo/Libra cusp are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly AQUARICORNS (Capricorn/Aquarius) and ARITAURS (Aries/Taurus) cusps.

Famous Virgos

Those with Sun in Virgo are constantly on the move, always trying to fine-tune their lives and relationships. They are filled with nervous energy, and a desire to make improvements, so they’re serene when fulfilling the steps toward a well-thought out goal.

Virgos are often compelled to serve others, and can find respect in fields where attention to detail and a responsible attitude are rewarded. They are natural healers, and are gifted at bringing an unhealthy situation back into balance. But they have to watch out for those that would take advantage of their natures and put them in subservient roles. Finding the courage to place the highest value on what they offer can take a lifetime for some Virgos.

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August 23

Virgos born on August 23 have a mercurial, kinetic charm that brings them great affection. Their graceful bearing combines with a light touch of sophistication. They are guileless, nice individuals. They are successful hosts because they’re constantly looking after the happiness of others.

You should avoid: Stubbornness, stress, burning the candle at both ends


Kobe Bryant [Basketball]

Scott Caan [Actor]

Barbara Eden [Actor]

Rex Grossman [Football]

Itcho Ito [Politician]

Sonny Jurgensen [Football]

Gene Kelly [Actor]

Bunny Lee [Musician]

Jeremy Lin [Basketball]

Louis XVI [Royalty]

Henry Lee Lucas [Criminal]

Jay Mohr [Comic]

Keith Moon [Drummer]

Chan-wook Park [Film Director]

River Phoenix [Actor]

Rick Springfield [Musician]

James Van Praagh [Paranormal]

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August 24

The great challenge for Virgos born on August 24 is to be themselves. Because they may not have a lot of confidence, they often look to others for validation. They have discriminating taste and are best able to show their true character when they are loved. The typical August 24 native is known for manners, a good disposition, and generosity.

You should avoid: Belligerence, selfish motives, pettiness


Yasser Arafat [Politician]

Anne Archer [Actor]

Dave Chappelle [Comic]

Gerry Cooney [Boxing]

Stephen Fry [Actor]

Carlo Gambino [Criminal]

Jean-Michel Jarre [Electronic Musician]

Duke Kahanamoku [Swimmer]

Craig Kilborn [Talk Show Host]

Marlee Matlin [Actor]

Vince McMahon [Wrestling]

Takashi Miike [Film Director]

Reggie Miller [Basketball]

Cal Ripken [Baseball]

Mike Shanahan [Football]

Karrine Steffans [Model]

Llewellyn E. Thompson [Diplomat]

Howard Zinn [Historian]

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August 25

Virgos born on August 25 have a complicated nature. They seem to derive a great deal of emotional sustenance from the approval of those close to them. Yet, they are not afraid to accept challenges. When these folks find their niche in life, they can be depended upon to make bold strides.

You should avoid: Regretting the past, finding fault, worrying


John Badham [Film Director]

Leonard Bernstein [Conductor]

Conrad Black [Business]

Tim Burton [Film Director]

Vivian Campbell [Guitarist]

David Canary [Actor]

Sean Connery [Actor]

Elvis Costello [Musician]

Niles Eldredge [Paleontologist]

Mel Ferrer [Actor]

Rollie Fingers [Baseball]

Frederick Forsyth [Novelist]

Althea Gibson [Tennis]

Rob Halford [Musician]

Monty Hall [Game Show Host]

Ivan the Terrible [Royalty]

Walt Kelly [Cartoonist]

Yasuzo Masumura [Film Director]

Jo Dee Messina [Country Musician]

Bill Nye [Columnist]

Regis Philbin [Talk Show Host]

Rachael Ray [TV Personality]

John Savage [Actor]

Claudia Schiffer [Model]

Wayne Shorter [Jazz Musician]

Gene Simmons [Bassist]

Tom Skerritt [Actor]

Mink Stole [Actor]

Blair Underwood [Actor]

Sir Thomas Francis Wade [Diplomat]

George Wallace [Politician]

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August 26

Virgos born on August 26 possess a strong sense of purpose. They have a great devotion to fairness and a desire to apply their energies for the benefit of others. They are quiet and introspective. They don’t make a show of themselves and prefer not to be put in the spotlight.

You should avoid: Transitory relationships, worry, prejudice


Prince Albert [Royalty]

Eddie Crowder [Football]

Macaulay Culkin [Actor]

Wanda De Jesus [Actor]

Geraldine Ferraro [Politician]

Peggy Guggenheim [Socialite]

Mark Mangino [Football]

Shirley Manson [Musician]

Branford Marsalis [Jazz Musician]

Keke Palmer [Actor]

Leon Redbone [Musician]

Tom Ridge [Politician]

Valerie Simpson [Singer/Songwriter]

Mother Teresa [Religion]

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August 27

Virgos born on August 27 are practical and use their creative abilities to advertise a point of view. They feel their responsibilities deeply. They often involve themselves in projects that teach or help others. They are determined and have a hard time taking orders.

You should avoid: Grudges, a wounded heart, jealousy


Yolanda Adams [Singer]

Paul Bernardo [Criminal]

Marion Berry [Politician]

Carl Bosch [Chemist]

James Henry Breasted [Archaeologist]

Downtown Julie Brown [TV Personality]

Alice Coltrane [Jazz Musician]

Willy DeVille [Singer/Songwriter]

Michael Farris [Activist]

Ed Gein [Criminal]

The Great Khali [Wrestling]

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel [Philosopher]

Lyndon B. Johnson [Head of State]

Ira Levin [Novelist]

Jonny Moseley [Skier]

Man Ray [Photographer]

Harry Reems [Pornstar]

Paul Reubens [Actor]

Jim Thome [Baseball]

Tsar Ivan V [Royalty]

Tuesday Weld [Actor]

Chandra Wilson [Actor]

Lester Young [Jazz Musician]

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August 28

Virgos born on August 28 have creative natures. They grasp the interdependence of nature and art — a sensitive side that’s complemented by inner strength. Although August 28 natives have a good self-image, they can be deeply hurt by the bad opinion of others.

You should avoid: Pretentiousness, cynicism, indifference


David Fincher [Film Director]

Ben Gazzara [Actor]

Goethe [Author]

Scott Hamilton [Figure Skating]

Richard A. Lerner [Biologist]

Kay Parker [Pornstar]

Lou Piniella [Baseball]

Jason Priestley [Actor]

LeAnn Rimes [Country Musician]

Roxie Roker [Actor]

Emma Samms [Actor]

David Soul [Actor]

Adolphus Staton [Military]

Shania Twain [Country Musician]

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August 29

Virgos born on August 29 have a strong life-force that’s expressed through their emotions. They have the potential to lead an extraordinarily spiritual life, though they must come to grips with their personal relationships first. They need to follow their own paths.

You should avoid: Insecurity, self-criticism, compliance


Richard Attenborough [Film Director]

Mr. Blackwell [Critic]

James Florio [Politician]

Elliott Gould [Actor]

Jean-Baptiste-Louis Gresset [Poet]

Carla Gugino [Actor]

Oliver Wendell Holmes [Author]

Michael Jackson [Singer]

Robin Leach [TV Personality]

John McCain [Politician]

Rebecca De Mornay [Actor]

Me’Shell NdegéOcello [Singer]

Charlie Parker [Jazz Musician]

Pebbles [Singer]

Isabel Sanford [Actor]

Joel Schumacher [Film Director]

Dinah Washington [Singer]

Stephen Wolfram [Mathematician]

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August 30

Virgos born on August 30 have an overwhelming urge to express their individual identities. They have a great love of learning, travel, and the written word. They are known for their discriminating good taste and good looks and always appear well dressed in public. Although August 30 people seem calm, they’re actually high-strung and excitable.

You should avoid: Ego issues, self-criticism, compliance


Geoffrey Beene [Fashion Designer]

Lewis Black [Comic]

Joan Blondell [Actor]

Shirley Booth [Actor]

Warren Buffett [Business]

Michael Chiklis [Actor]

Robert Crumb [Cartoonist]

Kiki Cuyler [Baseball]

Angelo Dundee [Boxing]

Théophile Gautier [Poet]

Fred Hampton, Sr. [Activist]

Guy Kawasaki [Business]

Lisa Ling [Journalist]

Peggy Lipton [Actor]

Huey Long [Politician]

Robert McClintock [Diplomat]

Tug McGraw [Baseball]

Michael Michele [Actor]

Paul Oakenfold [Music Producer]

Pedro the Cruel [Royalty]

Andy Roddick [Tennis]

Mary Shelley [Novelist]

Swizz Beatz [Music Producer]

Ted Williams [Baseball]

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August 31

Virgos born on August 31 have a showy yet tasteful personality and bask in the loving approval of others. Original and intelligent, they are often impractical. August 31 people often find themselves in unusual circumstances. This suits their love of adventure and also gives them the opportunity to try out some of their latent talents.

You should avoid: Confusion, domestic upheavals, hasty actions


Richard Basehart [Actor]

Caligula [Royalty]

Eldridge Cleaver [Activist]

James Coburn [Actor]

Commodus [Royalty]

Jerome Corsi [Activist]

Tom Coughlin [Football]

Richard Gere [Actor]

Jeff Hardy [Wrestling]

John Mendelsohn [Biologist]

Van Morrison [Singer/Songwriter]

Edwin Moses [Track and Field]

Clifton Powell [Actor]

Frank Robinson [Baseball]

William Saroyan [Author]

Chris Tucker [Comic]

Hermann von Helmholtz [Physicist]

Gary Webb [Journalist]

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September 1

Virgos born on September 1 have a practical approach to life. They take great pride in their ability to organize their activities, and although they keep up a steady pace with every project, they never hurry. They have the same philosophical approach when it comes to life: “Do your best and leave the rest.”

You should avoid: Overwork, being too serious, solitude


Mohammed Atta [Terrorist]

Billy Blanks [Fitness Guru]

Edgar Rice Burroughs [Novelist]

Yvonne De Carlo [Actor]

Alan Dershowitz [Attorney]

Gloria Estefan [Singer/Songwriter]

Vittorio Gassman [Actor]

Barry Gibb [Musician]

Padma Lakshmi [Model]

George Maharis [Actor]

Rocky Marciano [Boxing]

Cullen Murphy [Journalist]

Ron O’Neal [Actor]

Art Pepper [Jazz Musician]

Dr. Phil [Talk Show Host]

Don Stroud [Actor]

Lily Tomlin [Actor]

Conway Twitty [Country Musician]

Sunny von Bulow [Victim]

Boxcar Willie [Country Musician]

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September 2

Virgos born on September 2 need to feel that they’re in control in all aspects of life. They are practical, serene, organized. They have good leadership potential. They are devoted to their loved ones, although a quiet nature may give them the appearance of being somewhat unemotional.

You should avoid: Bad habits, lack of focus, mistakes in love


Nate Archibald [Basketball]

Hal Ashby [Film Director]

Terry Bradshaw [Football]

Eric Dickerson [Football]

Mark Harmon [Actor]

William F. Harrah [Business]

Salma Hayek [Actor]

Harvey Levin [TV Personality]

Lennox Lewis [Boxing]

Christa McAuliffe [Astronaut]

Keanu Reeves [Actor]

Robert Shapiro [Attorney]

Peter Ueberroth [Baseball]

Werner von Blomberg [Military]

Dan White [Assassin]

Katt Williams [Comic]

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September 3

Virgos born on September 3 are ambitious and may achieve their goals early in life. If they do, they cannot be satisfied until they also have an equally successful personal life. They have a great capacity for spirituality, which may not surface until later in life.

You should avoid: Loneliness, predictability, boredom


Lorenzo Bellini [Doctor]

Kitty Carlisle [Singer]

Albert DeSalvo [Criminal]

Diane de Poitiers [Aristocrat]

Frank H. Easterbrook [Judge]

George Hearst [Business]

Paz de la Huerta [Actor]

Jean-Pierre Jeunet [Film Director]

Alan Ladd [Actor]

Steve Schirripa [Actor]

Charlie Sheen [Actor]

Dominic West [Actor]

Shaun White [Sports Figure]

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September 4

Virgos born on September 4 often display extraordinary bravery in the simple act of living their lives. Though they have common sense, they are natural risk-takers. These unique, independent-thinking people possess a rare sort of charisma, which makes them appealing to everyone they meet.

You should avoid: Fixation, obsessive love, incompatibility


Khandi Alexander [Actor]

Richard S. Castellano [Actor]

Whitney Cummings [Comic]

John DiMaggio [Actor]

Dr. Drew [Radio Personality]

Nona Gaye [Actor]

Mitzi Gaynor [Actor]

Paul Harvey [Radio Personality]

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs [Actor]

Beyonce Knowles [Singer]

Blackie Lawless [Musician]

Albert Moore [Painter]

Mike Piazza [Baseball]

Ione Skye [Actor]

Damon Wayans [Comic]

Dick York [Actor]

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September 5

Because of their attitude and appearance, Virgos born on September 5 stand out in a crowd. Intelligent and composed, they are usually in control of their emotions. Their aristocratic bearing is something to behold. They’re not just physically attractive but also are composed and dignified.

You should avoid: Dependence, irrationality, mood swings


Jack Daniel [Business]

Bruce Davidson [Photographer]

William Devane [Actor]

Werner Herzog [Film Director]

Jesse James [Criminal]

George Lazenby [Actor]

Louis XIV [Royalty]

Rose McGowan [Actor]

Freddie Mercury [Singer/Songwriter]

Bob Newhart [Comic]

Al Stewart [Singer/Songwriter]

Jack Valenti [Business]

Paul Volcker [Economist]

Raquel Welch [Actor]

Darryl F. Zanuck [Film/TV Producer]

Dweezil Zappa [Guitarist]

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September 6

Virgos born on September 6 are not concerned for their physical safety and don’t hesitate to take chances. September 6 men and women have a strong spirit and a gentle nature. They have a great love of beauty.

You should avoid: Indecisiveness, impatience, emotional neediness


Foxy Brown [Rapper]

Christopher J. Christie [Politician]

David Allan Coe [Country Musician]

Jane Curtin [Actor]

Idris Elba [Actor]

Red Faber [Baseball]

Jeff Foxworthy [Comic]

Macy Gray [Singer]

Naomie Harris [Actor]

William R. Keating [Politician]

Marquis de Lafayette [Military]

Noreaga [Rapper]

Rosie Perez [Actor]

Billy Rose [Theatre Producer]

Jo Anne Worley [Comic]

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September 7

They may seem docile on the surface, but Virgos born on September 7 have a volatile inner energy. They believe in playing by the rules. They may clamor for their place in the spotlight yet are happiest when they’re part of a loving family.

You should avoid: Single-mindedness, self-praise, anger


Dario Argento [Film Director]

Laura Ashley [Fashion Designer]

Corbin Bernsen [Actor]

Susan Blakely [Actor]

William Easterly [Economist]

Eazy-E [Rapper]

Queen Elizabeth I [Royalty]

Angie Everhart [Actor]

Toshihiko Fukui [Government]

Gloria Gaynor [Singer]

Buddy Holly [Musician]

E. F. Hutton [Business]

Chrissie Hynde [Musician]

Kiyoshi Ito [Mathematician]

Elia Kazan [Film Director]

Peter Lawford [Actor]

J. P. Morgan, Jr. [Business]

Grandma Moses [Painter]

Peggy Noonan [Journalist]

David Packard [Business]

Sonny Rollins [Jazz Musician]

Jermaine Stewart [Singer]

Evan Rachel Wood [Actor]

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September 8

Virgos born on September 8 are searchers after truth. They may come to the deepest realization of self after suffering great pain or disappointment. They have a practical view of life, which allows them to withstand difficulties without losing faith. Knowing that they are better for having gone through their problems is a badge of honor.

You should avoid: Feelings of betrayal, destructive thoughts, brooding


David Arquette [Actor]

Sid Caesar [Comic]

Patsy Cline [Country Musician]

Kerry Kennedy [Activist]

Wiz Khalifa [Rapper]

Lyndon LaRouche [Economist]

Aimee Mann [Musician]

Georg Michaelis [Head of State]

Benjamin Orr [Bassist]

Pink [Singer]

King Richard the Lionheart [Head of State]

Peter Sellers [Actor]

Latrell Sprewell [Basketball]

Larenz Tate [Actor]

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September 9

Virgos born on September 9 are perfectionists — a fact that often makes their life difficult while infuriating everyone around them. Expect amazing physical stamina from them, but beware of the perfectionism that can cause emotional turmoil. This is their nature; it’s hard to change them.

You should avoid: Bickering, scheming, undue pride


Pamela Des Barres [Socialite]

Michael Bublé [Singer]

Angela Cartwright [Actor]

Jeffrey Combs [Actor]

John Curry [Figure Skating]

Hugh Grant [Actor]

Jimmy The Greek [TV Personality]

Rachel Hunter [Model]

Benjamin Kidd [Sociologist]

Mitzi McCall [Actor]

Sylvia Miles [Actor]

Billy Preston [Singer/Songwriter]

Otis Redding [Singer/Songwriter]

Colonel Sanders [Business]

Adam Sandler [Comic]

Dave Stewart [Musician]

Joe Theismann [Football]

Leo Tolstoy [Author]

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono [Head of State]

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September 10

Virgos born on September 10 have great personal flair and showy talent, along with magnetism and charisma. They prize intangibles — relationships, integrity, learning. Although they may have difficulty reconciling the disparate sides of their nature, they have a winning personality that makes them appealing.

You should avoid: Fear of change, making demands, irrational choices


Big Daddy Kane [Musician]

Chris Columbus [Film Director]

Siobhan Fahey [Musician]

José Feliciano [Singer]

Colin Firth [Actor]

Danny Hutton [Singer]

Amy Irving [Actor]

Clark Johnson [Actor, Director]

Charles Kuralt [TV Personality]

Karl Lagerfeld [Fashion Designer]

Louis IV [Royalty]

Bill O’Reilly [Talk Show Host]

Joe Perry [Guitarist]

Ryan Phillippe [Actor]

Guy Ritchie [Film Director]

Margaret Trudeau [First Lady]

Robert Wise [Film Director]

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September 11

Virgos born on September 11 need to believe in a cause or a mission. They may seem too emotional, yet they’re centered people who know where they want to go and what they wish to accomplish. Because their belief in themselves is generally strong, they can withstand even harsh criticism.

You should avoid: Temptations, ambition, dependence


Maria Bartiromo [Journalist]

Sonny Callahan [Politician]

Harry Connick, Jr. [Singer]

Brian De Palma [Film Director]

Lola Falana [Dancer]

Mickey Hart [Drummer]

O. Henry [Author]

Taraji P. Henson [Actor]

John Ireland [Religion]

Marie-Josée Kravis [Economist]

Tom Landry [Football]

D. H. Lawrence [Novelist]

Ludacris [Rapper]

Amy Madigan [Actor]

Virginia Madsen [Actor]

Ferdinand Marcos [Head of State]

Kristy McNichol [Actor]

Moby [Electronic Musician]

Tommy Shaw [Musician]

Eliezer Yudkowsky [Scientist]

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September 12

Virgos born on September 12 are much more jovial and relaxed than the typical Virgo. They are naturally happy and always look on the bright side. Whether they possess a great deal of wealth or only a nominal amount, they find a way to give something to someone who has less.

You should avoid: Showing off, need for constant approval, personal fulfillment at the expense of others


Nina Blackwood [TV Personality]

Bizzy Bone [Rapper]

Scott Brown [Politician]

Angel Cabrera [Golf]

Ben Folds [Singer/Songwriter]

Richard Jordan Gatling [Inventor]

Jennifer Hudson [Actor]

Yao Ming [Basketball]

Michael Ondaatje [Novelist]

Jesse Owens [Track and Field]

Joe Pantoliano [Actor]

Ricky Rudd [Auto Racing]

Jason Statham [Actor]

Ruben Studdard [Musician]

Paul Walker [Actor]

Barry White [Singer]

Hans Zimmer [Composer]

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September 13

Virgos born on September 13 are style setters in their own way. Their cool, collected attitude marks them as winners. They do not typify the usual Virgo traits of caution and conservatism; they’re more likely to walk on the wild side.

You should avoid: Conceit, envy, being overly sensitive


Fiona Apple [Musician]

Barbara Bain [Actor]

Jacqueline Bisset [Actor]

Nell Carter [Actor]

Peter Cetera [Singer/Songwriter]

Roald Dahl [Author]

Maurice Jarre [Composer]

Dave Mustaine [Guitarist]

Tyler Perry [Film Director]

Fred Silverman [Film/TV Producer]

Tavis Smiley [Journalist]

Mel Tormé [Singer]

Don Was [Musician]

Bernie Williams [Baseball]

Joel-Peter Witkin [Photographer]

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September 14

Virgos born on September 14 embody the spirit of Virgo perfectionism and criticism. These complex and demanding people can be difficult to live with, but no one can doubt their sincerity. They have a humanitarian streak and always like to make an important contribution to society through their work or life-efforts.

You should avoid: Stubbornness, fear of commitment, stress


Cornelius Agrippa [Magician]

Zoe Caldwell [Actor]

Tom Cora [Cellist]

Faith Ford [Actor]

Joey Heatherton [Actor]

Walter Koenig [Actor]

Melissa Leo [Actor]

Dmitri A. Medvedev [Head of State]

Clayton Moore [Actor]

Nas [Rapper]

Ivan Pavlov [Scientist]

Margaret Sanger [Activist]

Amy Winehouse [Singer]

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September 15

Virgos born on September 15 have a talent for communicating. They are truthful but need a dream world that lets them escape from harsh reality. They believe in putting their reputation on the line for a good cause but are not controversial. Their sensitive nature may hide a sparkling personality.

You should avoid: Inflexibility, being judgmental, pleasure-seeking


Roy Acuff [Country Musician]

Cannonball Adderley [Jazz Musician]

Robert Benchley [Author]

Edward Bouchet [Physicist]

Pete Carroll [Football]

Josh Charles [Actor]

Norm Crosby [Comic]

Sophie Dahl [Model]

Tom Hardy [Actor]

Prince Harry [Royalty]

Tommy Lee Jones [Actor]

Dan Marino [Football]

Jessye Norman [Singer]

Merlin Olsen [Football]

Jean Renoir [Film Director]

Bobby Short [Singer]

Henry Silva [Actor]

Oliver Stone [Film Director]

William Howard Taft [Head of State]

Trajan [Royalty]

Fay Wray [Actor]

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September 16

Virgos born on September 16 have a deeply spiritual nature that sustains them in times of trouble and confusion. Although they tend to be very “together,” they seem vulnerable, even fragile. They are often deeply religious. This is not merely a holdover from their childhood but a real belief that defines the way they look at the world.

You should avoid: Instability, unrequited love, solitude


Lauren Bacall [Actor]

Ed Begley, Jr. [Actor]

George Chakiris [Actor]

Lenny Clarke [Actor]

David Copperfield [Magician]

Peter Falk [Actor]

Anne Francis [Actor]

Allen Funt [Film/TV Producer]

Tamron Hall [Journalist]

Guy Hamilton [Film Director]

Orel Hershiser [Baseball]

T. E. Hulme [Poet]

Paul G. Kaminski [Military]

B. B. King [Musician]

Alexander Korda [Film Director]

Richard Marx [Singer/Songwriter]

Musiq [Singer]

J. C. Penney [Business]

Kyla Pratt [Actor]

Mickey Rourke [Actor]

Robert Schuller [Religion]

Jennifer Tilly [Actor]

Robin Yount [Baseball]

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September 17

Virgos born on September 17 are fighters and survivors. They take life seriously, approaching each obstacle as a challenge. It’s sometimes said that they are old in youth and youthful in old age. They have real grit and remain true to their ideals no matter what.

You should avoid: Possessiveness, superficial relationships, fatalism


Anne Bancroft [Actor]

Nate Berkus [Designer]

George Blanda [Football]

Elvira [Actor]

Flo Rida [Rapper]

Doug E. Fresh [Rapper]

Phil Jackson [Basketball]

Jimmie Johnson [Auto Racing]

Bobby Lee [Comic]

Baz Luhrmann [Film Director]

Roddy McDowall [Actor]

Dustin Nguyen [Actor]

John Ritter [Actor]

Rita Rudner [Comic]

David Souter [Judge]

Rasheed Wallace [Basketball]

Fee Waybill [Musician]

Hank Williams, Sr. [Country Musician]

William Carlos Williams [Poet]

Malik Yoba [Actor]

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September 18

Virgos born on September 18 have great self-control and use their energies for valuable achievement. September 18 people are serious and mysterious and go about their lives with quiet precision. They only trust those closest to them and may discreetly promote themselves as enigmatic, even eccentric.

You should avoid: Passivity, deception, secrecy


Lance Armstrong [Cyclist]

Frankie Avalon [Singer]

Robert Blake [Actor]

Rossano Brazzi [Actor]

Jack Cardiff [Cinematographer]

James Gandolfini [Actor]

Greta Garbo [Actor]

Samuel Johnson [Lexicographer]

Calvin Lockhart [Actor]

Alison Lohman [Actor]

Tim McInnerny [Actor]

Dee Dee Ramone [Bassist]

Jada Pinkett Smith [Actor]

Jason Sudeikis [Actor]

Aisha Tyler [Actor]

Jack Warden [Actor]

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September 19

Few people possess the charming personality and physical elegance of Virgos born September 19. They are elegant, classy individuals. Although they like being the center of attention, they can never be called egotists. They are lifelong students who never lose interest in the beauty of life.

You should avoid: Aloofness, isolation, excessive practicality


Mama Cass [Singer]

Brian Epstein [Business]

Jimmy Fallon [Comic]

Frances Farmer [Actor]

Jeremy Irons [Actor]

Leon Jaworski [Government]

Sanaa Lathan [Actor]

James Lipton [TV Personality]

Randolph Mantooth [Actor]

David McCallum [Actor]

Soledad O’Brien [Journalist]

Cheri Oteri [Actor]

Nile Rodgers [Musician]

Mike Royko [Columnist]

Duke Snider [Baseball]

Twiggy [Actor]

Adam West [Actor]

Paul Williams [Singer/Songwriter]

Trisha Yearwood [Country Musician]

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September 20

Virgos born on September 20 are the ultimate professionals. Practical and organized, they are “doers” not “watchers.” September 20 natives are so frank and earnest about achieving their desires that they may appear opportunistic, but they’re just being honest. These men and women possess exquisite manners and good taste.

You should avoid: Blunt speech, emotional bullying, disapproval


Asia Argento [Actor]

Jon Bernthal [Actor]

Joyce Brothers [Psychologist]

Maggie Cheung [Actor]

Gary Cole [Actor]

Anthony John Denison [Actor]

Guy Lafleur [Hockey]

Sophia Loren [Actor]

George R. R. Martin [Novelist]

Juan Pablo Montoya [Auto Racing]

Debbi Morgan [Actor]

Fernando Rey [Actor]

Henry Taub [Business]

Slappy White [Comic]

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September 21

Virgos born on September 21 are quiet and personable. They may be extraordinarily shy in youth, but they learn to overcome this. Once they blossom, they are something special. They have a tremendous fear of failure and so may sometimes hold back their enthusiasm and commitment.

You should avoid: Procrastination, easy answers, self-indulgence


Jerry Bruckheimer [Film/TV Producer]

Ethan Coen [Film Director]

Leonard Cohen [Singer/Songwriter]

Don Felder [Guitarist]

Cecil Fielder [Baseball]

Liam Gallagher [Musician]

Henry Gibson [Actor]

Lloyd Gough [Actor]

Larry Hagman [Actor]

Faith Hill [Country Musician]

Chuck Jones [Cartoonist]

Hamilton Jordan [Government]

Stephen King [Novelist]

Ricki Lake [Talk Show Host]

Mark Levin [Activist]

Arie Luyendyk [Auto Racing]

Kwame Nkrumah [Head of State]

Alfonso Ribeiro [Actor]

Nicole Richie [Socialite]

H. G. Wells [Author]

Luke Wilson [Actor]

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September 22

Virgos born on September 22 have a powerful personality. Although they may be drawn to scholarly pursuits, they almost always find themselves in demand to fulfill more worldly aims. They are brainy and can deflate the pomposity of others. They have a stylish, even elegant, appearance.

You should avoid: Shiftlessness, abandonment issues, a need for validation


King Sunny Ade [Musician]

Scott Baio [Actor]

Toni Basil [Singer]

Shari Belafonte [Actor]

Andrea Bocelli [Singer]

Michael Faraday [Physicist]

Tom Felton [Actor]

Bonnie Hunt [Actor]

Joan Jett [Musician]

Ingemar Johansson [Boxing]

Tommy Lasorda [Baseball]

Paul Le Mat [Actor]

Typhoid Mary [Chef]

Paul Muni [Actor]

Mystikal [Rapper]

Billie Piper [Singer]

Ronaldo [Soccer]

Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. [Publisher]

John Woo [Film Director]

Jeremiah Wright [Religion]

Shigeru Yoshida [Head of State]

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