By Danny Fredricks

Q: What are the advantages of speaking to a psychic on the telephone versus seeing them face to face? Aren’t phone readings a bit less accurate, or less professional than seeing a spiritual professional in their place of business or home? And doesn’t distance… or the phone itself make it more difficult for information to come through?

A: The funny thing is, many people think that a psychic who prefers to do readings on the phone is a sign that they aren’t as accurate or impressive as a reader who works face to face.

The truth?

In many respects… it’s actually the reverse.

Some of the best and most serious psychics, and quite often, the scientists who study them, insist on phone readings, for the very fact that done properly, they provide far better evidence than in person readings.

A quick example?

A few years ago, I went to see a very well known local medium in South Florida, with a very close friend of mine who had recently lost a spouse.

The medium, someone we both were aware of, but had never met… was incredibly empathetic, accurate and for much of the reading, provided what I would say was EMPIRICAL evidence of some sort of contact, or communication with my friends deceased husband… simply due to the specificity of the information that she provided during the reading.

(it was only us in the room with the medium, and much of what she said was completely unknown to me, and quite simply… blew my friend away to boot)

She walked out of the reading completely convinced that her husband was “okay”, 100% at peace where he was, and that one day, she would have the opportunity to see him again.

Of course… what happened thereafter is completely natural as well, and unfortunately… not quite as healing or helpful as the reading itself.

My friend, after sharing the experience with others in her family close inner circle of friends, began to doubt the experience.

She started hearing the skeptical thoughts of others… and started to wonder how much “cold reading” was possible, due to what her well intentioned family and friends suggested was possible.

After all…

  1. She looked at about the age where she may have lost a husband unexpectedly (and was wearing her ring during the reading)
  2. She was with a friend (me) who was NOT a sister, (as my friend is from another ethnicity… making the chances we were “sisters” very unlikely) thereby, according to her friends and family, making it less likely she was there to see a father or mother who had recently deceased.
  3. We pulled up in a nice car (hers making it at least somewhat likely that she came from a family of means, and that there were financial considerations involved in the sudden passing that were a bit involved and complicated… something that the medium spent a fair amount of time on during the reading, and something that happens to be 100% true. (and quite stressful for my friend as well)

In short… the idea that seeing a person face to face, EVEN if the mediums intentions are good and pure and completely honest, human nature is what it is… and information bleeds through even in the best of circumstances.

On the phone…
NONE of this would have been an issue… and the very same information, shared with the benefit of having an anonymous connection between us, would have made much of the cynical comments about cold reading a moot point.

In my experience, the phone is always preferable to seeing a psychic or medium in person, simply because when the reading is ACCURATE, it offers some of the most compelling evidence that the information is coming from an alternative source than the people in the room.

And most of the best psychics or mediums that I know don’t find that the phone diminishes the quality of the reading as well – instead, it helps them get hyper focused and intensifies the illumination and information that comes through.